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How to choose a steroid cycle for a beginner?

Dear customers, I’ll try to explain as easily as possible how to choose the best first steroid cycle for a beginner in the pharma world. On our site you can find different combinations of popular cycles for beginners with detailed descriptions and instructions for use, but how to choose the best steroid cycle for you personally from all this? I hope that after reading this article, many questions will disappear and we will have less work with consultations and more time for the prompt formation and sending of your parcels.

If you are a pro, then you won’t find anything new in this article. I also do not recommend reading it to those who do not want to trouble themselves with a strict diet, training, and sleep disciplines, but want to receive miraculous pills that will give a gain of + 10 kg on the cycle without proper training and nutrition plan.

For whom is the first steroid cycle will be good:

Male persons over 21 years old with an experience of more than two years in the gym, an emotionally balanced, active lifestyle, and financially independent.

What needs to be done before the cycle? What do you need to know before your cycle?

Before the first steroid cycle, it would be good to know your body condition. For this you will need to pass medical tests.

Liver tests: ALT, AST, GGT, ALP, fractional bilirubin, total protein, albumin

Hormonal analyzes: FSH, LH, Free testosterone, SHBG, Prolactin, Progesterone, Estradiol.

What means each result for a healthy male, you can find in the network, I will not stop on this in detail.

You should understand what are the proper diet and workout on the cycle. Look through the right literature or thematic resources regarding these questions.

You will need to buy all necessarily sports nutrition such as amino, glutamine, protein, omega 3, etc. It will be necessarily needed on the cycle.

Depending on the chosen first steroid cycle and test results, you may need additional drugs for the steroid cycle and PCT (anastrozole, Dostinex, halosas, karsil, liv52, etc.). Better to get them in advance.

Refuse from any alcohol and drugs especially while on a steroid cycle.

Choosing a first steroid cycle for yourself!

For the beginning we will start only with the oral steroids cycle without any injection. Since many newbies do not like injections and often ask us to make a cycle only based on pills. In the future, we are planning to add injection-based steroid cycles for beginners, but at the moment we will talk about 6 oral cycles. I will try to briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of each cycle below and explain to whom it can be suitable. For a more detailed understanding, go to the description for each steroid cycle and read.

1) Oxandrolone Solo Cycle. This is the safest cycle of all possible and the only one that is allowed to use by the age group 18-20 years and women. And here is why: Oxandrolone does not aromatize (there is no risk of having gyno on the cycle), it slightly suppresses the production of your own testosterone and practically does poison the liver. At the same time, the Oxandrolone solo cycle is quite powerful and gives a significant increase in strength, endurance, and drying effect. Do not expect impressive weight gains; at maximum you can get 1-2 kg of high-quality muscles. At the same time, due to the fat-burning effect and good relief show up, you will look quite “pumped up”. Perhaps the only and main
minus of the oxandrolone cycle is the price. For it, you have to pay 220-230 $ per full cycle.

So, the cycle is suitable first of all:

  • adolescents 18-20 years old who want to start their first steroid cycle
  • women athletes
  • athletes in power / speed sport disciplines (athletics, martial arts, etc.)
  • to everyone who wants to start his first pharma experience and is ready to overpay, only to avoid the risk of side effects.

2) Turinabol Solo Cycle. Optimal for the first course of the drug in terms of price /quality. Turinabol does not aromatize, affects the liver moderately and a healthy person will have no problems with this. In fact, subject to the training regimen and a competent diet, you can get an increase in high-quality muscle mass of 2-4 kg (you are not flooded with Dbol and Anapolon), an increase in strength indicators, and endurance. The cycle is ideal:

  • athletes in power / velocity sports (athletics, martial arts, etc.)
  • everyone who wants to gain 2-4 kg of lean muscle mass and to increase strength performance

3) Stanozolol Solo Cycle. You should not expect a massive weight gain from stanozolol. It won’t be, the maximum you can count on from the solo cycle is + 2 kg of lean muscles. But there will be a beautiful relief, venous and an increase in strength. Stanozolol Cycle can be called so – a cycle of relief and strength. The steroid doesn’t have any water retention and drying it from the body which has a very negative effect on the joints and ligament, perhaps this is the most important side effect. Therefore, I do not recommend such a cycle for runners, jumpers, and martial arts athletes. The risk of injury is too great. The rest should be extremely careful when choosing a solo stanozolol cycle. For whom will be good such a steroid cycle:

  • who’s looking to build lean muscles body without big gains, get good venous and increase strength

4) Dianabol Solo Cycle. Methandienone solo cycle is often advised for beginners in order to feel what steroids are, and how do they work. Usually, Dianabol is considered as a steroid used in combination with other AAS but as practice shows even as a solo cycle the gains are good enough. With the proper diet and workout, you can gain 3-7 kg, but the muscle gains will not be as dry as on the Turinabol and especially stanozolol cycles. After the cycle, you will significantly lose some mass. Although everything is individual here, and what percentage of the gained mass you will lose depends on many factors. To whom Dianabol Solo Cycle is suitable:

  • for people whose budget is limited, but who want to try AAS and gain 3-7 kg of weight

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