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HGH Somatropin Cycle

Pro bodybuilders and regular users often take different steroids as a solo and in combinations to improve the formation of muscle relief and different performance indicators. As a fact, the human body produces its own growth hormone, but the older we become the less GH our system produces. With the HGH cycle, you will definitely increase strength indicators and will look more athletic. We will point to some main positive properties of growth hormone that is listed in our online pharmacy in a wide range.

The growth hormone is the most effective peptide in terms of muscle mass gains (the proper somatropin cycle accelerates hyperplasia). Muscle tissue cells have an oblong shape and are called fibers.

As it is known nowadays-such processes as hypertrophy and hyperplasia influence Muscle fibers to grow. During hypertrophy, the fibers increase their transverse dimensions (grow in thickness). When you are using different types of pharmacological steroids, including growth hormone, it speeds up the process of hypertrophy. The hyperplasia works as a follow it is activating the process of satellite cell division.

Somatropin is now the only peptide that can uncover and increase your genetic potential in terms of muscle gains due to the acceleration of the hypertrophy process. You will get muscle relief that you might not even have dreamed of if your diet is proper and you have chosen the correct workout scheme!

Somatropin is the best in terms of weight loss and cutting due to the natural way of speeding up metabolism. Scientifically is proven that the body uses carbohydrates or body fat as an energy source.

How to store HGH?

As a liquid form, GH can be stored for 5 years. Bio-engineers from all over the world in different laboratories, make a stable new generation liquid form. As a result, modern HGH can be stored for 30 days without damage at a bit more than room temperature. This is more than enough to deliver it without special cold boxes around the world without quality and property loss. Once you will receive your GH it must be placed in the fridge and stored there only. Our warehouses receive growth hormones from the manufacturers in special refrigerators. Within an hour, we move it to our corporate fridges and store there. When you order growth hormones in our online pharmacy store, you can relax and be confident that you will get 100% original, working somatropin.

Insulin is the controller of carbohydrate metabolism, and somatotropin is a fat controller.

HGH Properties

Bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, and athleticism are the best fields where Somatropin potential can be unlocked. Due to the strengthening of ligaments and bone tissue thickness, the opportunity to get injured is minimal. In addition, the athlete’s strength performance becomes more stable and increases. Below we will highlight the positive effects of HGH.

Using human growth hormone, you will feel:

  • Strong anti-catabolic effect.
  • Increased blood glucose concentration.
  • Substantial strengthening of the immune system.
  • Acceleration of regenerative processes, rapid healing of wounds (even those that are inaccessible to the human eye).

Increase in quality muscle mass

Yes, we are talking about high-quality muscle mass, without water retention! When using Jintropin, Ansomone, Hygetropin, and other HGH, happen the adipose tissue burning effect as quickly as possible. Somatropin strengthens the bones, which is also very important.

HGH cycle improving your look and allows you to achieve the desired result as well as make your training more effective.

Most GH brands are Chinese and by the way, Asian somatropin quality is really good. If you tried at least once the original Asian HGH you know what I’m talking about! The main advantage of Somatropin from other pharmacological steroids is the absence of side effects. Using HGH at the same time, you are able to burn body fat, build quality muscle mass, and improve relief.

Using HGH in combination with steroids allow you to achieve incredible results!

How to take HGH?

Buy any insulin syringe at the pharmacy or online store. Fill it up with the required dosage and inject it into the abdomen fat. Without pain and discomfort, nothing complicated. As well, you can inject intramuscularly in deltas, biceps, triceps, calves. The needle from an insulin syringe is so thin that an HGH injection can be compared to a mosquito bite. To use GH is always easy!

The growth hormone is included in the work not earlier than after 4 weeks, but its full effect will be noticed only after a month and a half.

HGH Solo Cycle

As a solo cycle HGH should be injected every day at the recommended dosage of 5 i.u. If over 14 days there are no negative effects, then safely increase the amount up to 10 i.u (in this case divide your daily dosage into 2 equal).

To get the best of GH it should be injected on an empty stomach, half an hour or an hour before a meal. Somatropin cycle duration is a minimum of three months up to six months and more. We recommend using HGH as it is written above. It is also can be used in combination with any other steroids without any worries.

HGH mixed cycles with steroids

The best-bulking cycle combo with GH will be testosterone enanthate or Sustanon at the dosage of 500 mg – 750 mg weekly. Also can be used Equipoise at the dosage of 800 mg – 1000 mg weekly. If you want to use GH on the cutting cycle then it will be perfect and less harmful to combine it with Stanozolol or Anavar at the dosage of 50 mg daily.

Two or three months will be enough for the steroids combo cycle.

human growth hormone

Fat burning HGH cycle

The combination of growth hormone together with such steroids as Winstrol or Anavar together with growth hormone on a cutting cycle can bring an excellent result. However, the best fat burning option is the combination of GH with Cytomel (T3). This medical drug is a synthetic thyroid hormone that significantly intensifies the fat-burning effect.

Cytomel is taken at the dosage of 100 to 200 μg daily. For the best effect, the daily dosage should be divided into three equal doses and the last dose should be administered in the evening until 6 p.m. Somatropin is used at the dosage of 10 i.u daily.

At the beginning of the cycle thyroxine should be used at the dosage of 50 μg daily and then slightly increase. After a full month of admission, it is necessary to reduce the dosage (every day, until the cancellation). As an alternative to thyroxine can be used Clenbuterol or Ephedrine.