Boldenone Undecylenate | Equipoise

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Group Anabolic Steroid
Androgenic Activity Low

History of Boldenone

Ciba reportedly patented Boldenone in 1949. It subsequently developed several experimental esters of the drug in the 1950s and 1960s. One of these was boldenone undecylenate, which was introduced for clinical use under the brand name Parenabol and saw some use in the late 1960s and early 1970s. However, it was discontinued before the end of the 1970s. Subsequently, boldenone undecylenate was introduced by Squibb under the brand name Equipose for veterinary use, most commonly in horses. (Wikipedia)

The steroid industry began its development initially in the military direction for the tasks of increasing the aggressiveness of soldiers. Then she migrated to veterinary medicine and sports, firmly entrenched in it. Initially, there were no prerequisites for using it for a “download”. This is only later, the athletes borrowed these drugs for themselves, for their quality.

Brand Names

Boldenone Undecylenate is sold or manufactured under several trademarks, including Boldan, Equipoise, Parenabol and Webonol and others. (Wikipedia)

Boldenone is a very interesting steroid.

In its structure, it is very similar to Methandienone.

The differences between Methandienone and Boldenone are in the absence of a methyl group in the 17th position (the same one that is responsible for the long delay of the substance in the liver).

In terms of effectiveness, it is similar to Nandrolone Decanoate.

Similarly, Nandrolone Decanoate has a somewhat delayed period of inclusion in the hormonal system.

But in general, this is something in between, all this and Testosterone, only slightly weaker in terms of androgenic effect, since it has a lower androgenic index.

Therefore, it can be argued that the drug is the safest of those that can be found on the market. Its cost is slightly higher than Testosterone and it is applied a little differently. As mentioned above, Equipoise is similar in its effect to Deca, which means that it is included in the work much later. But, and the “effect” from it is much larger, which makes it a drug of prolonged action.

Effects that Boldenone has

Muscle growth. The effect, however, will be somewhat delayed (see above). It can be felt at 3-4 weeks, in the form of changes in measurement indicators. It grows gradually and gives a long “effect” after the cancelation of Boldenone.

Anticatabolic effect. The effect of Boldenone is pronounced to a fairly high degree. If the dosage of the steroid is less than 400 mg per week, then the result of such a “course” will only be an anti-catabolic effect.

Fat reduction. The cycle of Boldenone is due to its properties to enhance the absorption of all nutrients. At the same time, the rate of this assimilation increases, which in turn raises the basal metabolic rate. As a result, you more easily create a state of calorie deficiency.

Thus, you also get a drying effect. Of course, subject to all the conditions that the diet suggests.

That is, regardless of which of these three effects you choose, it will work. Boldenone is a very versatile drug.

In drying tasks, it will, of course, be secondary, like any anabolic steroid. This means that when it is taken, the fat will not “burn” by itself.

An increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood. – This is his next property.

Red blood cells are a component of the blood that is responsible for transporting oxygen to all body tissues.

This property is most pronounced in Nandrolones, long esters of Testosterone and Boldenone.

This process is called erythropoiesis and boldenone is the only steroid that can increase it so much (absolutely all tests show it) that a doctor who sees your test results, who does not know that you are on hormones, might think that you are already dying and you either have cancer or something is wrong with your bone marrow and you need to transplant it.

The norm of hemoglobin in a man: from 120 to 170 grams per liter.

Average jumps in red blood cell counts using anabolic steroids:
Nandrolone Decanoate from 180 to 210 gr. per liter
Testosterone Enanthate from 160 to 190 gr. per liter
Boldenone from 190 to 240 gr. per liter

In terms of endurance, the drug did not strongly recommend itself. In any case, in those experiments that we conducted on CrossFit, this was not shown. But in terms of muscle strength and muscle hypertrophy, at CrossFit, after 2 – 3 months of admission, there were certain results. True, it depends on what you mix it with. What course you will conduct – Equipoise Solo, or with Testosterone Enanthate + Oxymethalone, or with Winstrol – this will depend on what tasks you set for yourself.

In the above case, it was Winstrol and people felt on it the muscle growth and endurance that Winstrol actually gave.

From Boldenone “Solo” there was no such effect.

Side Effects

If we take into consideration the fact that Boldenone has low androgenic activity, then, when used normally, without overestimating the dosage and duration of the course, we can immediately discard a number of side effects associated with aromatization (gynecomastia, enlarged prostate, acne, etc.).

200 mg per week:

  • unproductive dosage;
  • causes increased libido at the 3rd week.

400 mg per week:

  • minimum dosage;
  • may cause irritability, redness of the face, possibly more frequent urination.

600 – 800 mg per week:

  • standard dose;
  • arrhythmias may occur, possibly a drop in blood pressure in the evening;
  • from 4 to 5 weeks, mood jumps and unexpressed fluid retention can be observed.

In dosages from 400 to 800 mg. per week, the only thing you can feel is certain metabolic disorders, like from any other anabolic steroid. And these conditions are as follows: flushing, red face during training, stuffy nose, high blood pressure – intracranial, intraocular; some may have migraines. This is simply a violation of the tone of the vessels, as a result of the fact that the hormonal background changes. This is comparable to menopause in women.

1000 – 1200 mg per week:

  • high dosage;
  • from the 2nd week fluid retention;
  • from 4 – 5 weeks, itching was observed in the nipples;
  • facial swelling;
  • high blood pressure in training;
  • increase / decrease in appetite;
  • manifestation of depression;
  • from 4 to 5 weeks, a manifestation of acne is possible.

As we can notice, no serious side effects, with proper followed dosages recommendations (400 – 800 mg/week as “solo” cycle), are not observed. And with combined courses, it already depends on which option to stay, then we can talk about several side effects. But we will talk about this in cycles about combined courses of anabolic steroids.


In general, the drug is very good. Although many do not feel it. Especially those who already had experience taking anabolic steroids. For example, after Testosterone Enanthate, in dosages of 1 gr per week, you are 400 to 600 mg Equipoise “Solo”, do not fully feel in any way, especially if you are going to do a mixed cycle. That is, switch from one drug to another. The only place where you can fully experience the effect of taking Boldenone is after the Deca course. If you have completed the Deca-Durabolin course, then in a month, you can continue it on Boldenone and the effect as per feeling will be about the same.