Primobolan depot

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What is Primobolan?

The use of “soft” drugs (oxandrolone, boldenone, Masteron, Primobolan, etc.) in bodybuilding can be compared with the search for a philosopher’s stone, which was the goal of crazy experiments and the meaning of the life of ancient alchemists. But if the “scientific” activity of medieval thinkers was to find a way (recipe) for converting lead into gold, then modern users of sports pharmacology are breaking their minds on a more realistic task. To find an absolutely safe and effective anabolic agent that would not cause problems with a natural hormonal background, would not have a toxic effect on internal organs, and would not be subject to aromatization. The Primobolan solo cycle was a kind of philosophical stone solution in sports pharmacology, a “philosophical steroid drug” if so can be said, the use of which has overgrown with a huge number of myths and fables. In this article, I will make an effort to talk objectively about this mysterious steroid.

Primobolan Depot

Primobolan is available in two forms: in tablets (Methenolone acetate) and in injection form (Methenolone enanthate). I will not review the oral form of Primobolan in detail. Methenolone acetate is almost useless for athletes doing bodybuilding, but the injection form must be considered in more details…

Methenolone is a derivative of DHT (in fact, dihydroboldenone (DHB), the 5-alpha reduced derivative of the boldenone steroid). It can be said that Primobolan is a close relative of Equipoise. Like boldenone, Primobolan is a prolonged-acting steroid. Enanthate ester is added to the active substance (Methenolone), which allows the drug to slowly and gradually enter the bloodstream from the injection site. Thus, the half-life (duration of activity) of Primobolan in the body is approximately 14 to 16 days. To achieve good results, Primobolan can be injected once a week, but much better will be to make more frequent injections.

Chemical Structure of Methenolone

Primo can be described as a weak anabolic, which has insignificant androgenic properties. The Primobolan effect is difficult to compare with other AAS, most of all it is similar to equipoise in terms of its action on the athlete’s body. It can also be said that prima in its performance characteristics is close to the Masteron. In comparison with the great and terrible Nandrolone, Primobolan Depot may seem like a small child, although with a working dosage greater than 600 mg per week, this child can be quite good for activating the body of any pharmaceutical user. Methenolone Enanthate does not aromatize, which is its main advantage, but Primobolan Depot causes water retention, although not a lot, so bodybuilders approximately 3 – 4 weeks before the tournament cancel this “soft” anabolic and switch to other steroids such as Winstrol.

Primobolan Depot, like any other AAS, affects the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicle arch, even with relatively small dosages (200 – 300mg weekly). The athletes notice reduce in their own testosterone production. That is why the idea of ​​a “bridge” between cycles using Methenolone Enanthate is unsuccessful. The endogenous testosterone completely depressed during the cycle cannot be fully restored, and such a scheme for taking steroids (course – bridge – course) is nothing but one of the so-called options “Eternal” cycle.

The risk of side effects when taking Primobolan injectable is minimal. Usually, side effects appear only in particularly sensitive athletes in the form of small acne, a decrease of the voice timbre, accelerated hair growth on the body, and baldness process for pharma users prone to these. Prima is not toxic to the liver and bad test results of this organ are only possible with significantly large dosages (600 – 800mg weekly). Blood pressure does not enhance. Only “bad” cholesterol level still increases, but after discontinuation of the Methelonone, this indicator quickly returns to normal.

Methenolone Enanthate

Use of Methenolone Enanthate and Cycle Combinations

The gained muscles during the Primobolan cycle are always an excellent quality, which distinguishes methenolone Depot from other steroids. The range of working dosages is very wide, from 200mg per week to those values ​​that you can afford, i.e. depends on the size of your wallet. Bodybuilders and powerlifters use 400 – 800mg Primobolan per week. Representatives of other sports disciplines may use more moderate 200 – 300mg per week.

Primobolan depot is one of the safest steroids that are currently available on the black market. Methenolone enanthate can be recommended to people who are afraid of health problems and avoid taking the so-called heavy steroids.

Cycle Example:

8 weeks cycle. Primobolan Depot 300 – 400mg per week + 50mg Oxandrolone daily + Testosterone Enanthate 200mg weekly. The possible cycle results: 3 – 4 kg of quality muscles (subject to the proper diet) and a minimum of side effects. The only negative of such a course is its cost.

Methenolone can not be considered as a steroid created only for the needs of the young generation. Primobolan is well suited for users with pharma experience. Moreover, the use of this mild anabolic is justified not only by athletes who have 3-4 courses done but prima can also be a good helper in bodybuilding and for experienced pharma users who have been experimenting with sports pharmacology for decades.

For experienced pharma users, I can offer several options:

1) Cycle for 10 – 12 weeks. The first 8 – 10 weeks: Primobolan depot 400 – 600 mg weekly + testosterone enanthate 500 mg per week + Dianabol 50 mg daily. The last 2 – 3 weeks of the course: testosterone propionate 100mg EOD. This cycle is designed as a classic combination of androgen + anabolic. The use of methenolone enanthate is justified by the fact that many athletes with distrust and even some fear (for their balls) the use of nandrolone, which is a traditional bulking steroid and in most cases is included in such “cycles”. Those athletes who suffer from high blood pressure, which is a side effect of testosterone use with its irreversible aromatization, often use Primobolan in their androgenic courses. So, in order to reduce the androgenic component of the course without reducing its effectiveness, they combine testosterone with Primobolan depot.

2) 8 weeks cycle. Methenolone 300 – 400mg weekly + 100mg testosterone propionate EOD + 300 – 400mg trenbolone acetate per week. This course goal is an active mass gain with a minimum of water retention. Here, Primobolan is included in the classic cycle using testosterone and trenbolone. The use of methenolone enanthate in this cycle is explained by an attempt to reduce the number of androgens and to increase the anabolic ratio, and therefore to change the direction to the best quality.

Primobolan Injectable

I have mentioned all main methenolone use, but there are still many different schemes for using Primobolan and its combination with other steroids, which seem to be inappropriate. Some gurus from sports pharmacology recommend such ridiculous combinations as Primobolan + Winstrol, methenolone enanthate + boldenone, Primobolan depot + nandrolone, etc. I don’t see much sense in such schemes and do not advise anyone to use them!

Other aspects of using Primobolan

1. Some athletes, when choosing a steroid for the future cycle, stop their choice on Primobolan because someone has inspired them that this drug has no negative effect on the arch of the hypothalamus-pituitary – testes. Such views are untrue, because unfortunately, until today, mankind has not invented such a miracle; – a drug that would help an athlete to improve his conditions and performance and at the same time to not inhibit endogenous testosterone.

2. Professional bodybuilders have used Methenolone Enanthate for many years as a bridge between androgenic courses so that the body fully filled with exogenous testosterone and heavy anabolics, has rested a bit, and recover strength before a new massive cycle attacks. Primobolan injections for some time allow the athlete not to lose the mass gained on the course and recover the body a bit after the exhausting and long months that have passed in pursuit of mass and strength results. However, for such purposes, regular testosterone is a better choice, which not only helps to take a break and bring the body to a certain “natural” balance but also eliminates androgen deficiency. Obviously, there can be no question of any complete recovery of the hormonal background with the above strategy…

3. It is not a secret that doping is used in absolutely every sport. And in almost all sports disciplines on a more or less serious level, there is a doping control. I don’t know the exact statistics, but I can strongly say that 80 percent of all active athletes take steroids. The fact of using prohibited drugs, of course, is not advertised and it is trying to be hidden in any possible way. There are many ways to cheat on a doping test. One of these methods is the use of those drugs, the risk of detection of which is minimal. That is why prima is popular among representatives of absolutely all sports disciplines.