Thyroxine and Triiodothyroxine

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The use of thyroid hormones for drying and losing weight is a very common practice.

TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone). It is produced by the anterior pituitary gland (such as FSH, LH, growth hormone, prolactin …) and is responsible for regulating the production of T3 and T4.

T4 (Thyroxine, Tetra iodothyronine) – T3 prohormone. It is produced in the cells of the thyroid gland.

T3 (Triiodothyronine) is an active form of the thyroid hormone, formed from thyroxine.


It is a thyroid hormone that is formed from thyroxine. Thyroxine is a prohormone. In the body, it is processed directly into triiodothyronine, which is a kind of analog of testosterone.

T3 and T4 work according to a scenario similar to testosterone. As well as testosterone, they have an active and less active form, similarly, there is both a bound and a free form (bound by albumin and globulin).

When using exogenous thyroid hormones, the production of their hormones is inhibited.

This model of hormones in the body is very sensitive to changes.

That is, we can say that the thyroid gland is like our second reproductive system, because, in most cases, its model of behavior in the body coincides with the model of testosterone in our body.

There is a prohormone and there is the main hormone, that is, it can be compared with what is dihydrotestosterone and there is the main hormone – testosterone. In our case, it is triiodothyronine, which binds to albumin and globulin – a binding thyroxine.

What circulates in our blood in the form of triiodothyronine is a hormone partially bound by globulin, partially bound by albumin and partially in free form. Its a smaller amount. That’s just what it is of interest to us, to increase its values, people take thyroxine or T3 on the course.

Trade Names: Tiros, Cytomel, T3, Citomed Liotiranini T3, L is thyroxine 100, Lyiotironin and others

Packing (in micrograms):

25; 50 and 100 mcg .;

Medical purpose:

treatment of hypothyroidism, HRT in thyroid cancer, in the treatment of goiter (Bazedova disease).

Non-medical use:

drying and weight loss;

as a precursor (in severe cases).

When you get acquainted with thyroid hormones, a very reasonable question arises. If we are on a course of anabolic steroids and inhibit the Pituitary-Hypothalamus-Testicles arc, can we additionally start a “second front” and act on the thyroid gland?

Yes, we can, but we must bear in mind that this increases the risks of side effects, increasing their negative impact.

Is it really necessary to use triiodothyronine on drying? Can this really help us in anything?

It seems that there are more minuses than pluses. We will try to explain why this happens:

The thyroid gland is a very important organ. Vital. It is controlled by the anterior pituitary gland. The pituitary gland, in turn, acts on the thyroid gland and controls it with the help of thyroid-stimulating hormone, which in turn regulates the production of triiodothyronine and thyroxine directly, which is subsequently converted to triiodothyronine.

Thus, the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland interact. Everything comes from the anterior pituitary gland, which also controls our entire reproductive system. The same model in the case of testosterone.

If you provide any external influence on this process, then the production of one’s triiodothyronine is undoubtedly violated until the complete cessation and the same situation occurs as with anabolic steroids. You exist on the hormone that you use from the outside.

To understand what processes will be affected with prolonged intake of thyroid hormones, it is necessary to identify its main functions:

  • work with metabolism, its control, speed and activation (including the effect on the absorption of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates);
  • regulation of autonomic nervous activity (due to imbalance in the hormones of the gland, mental abnormalities often occur);
  • effect on growth during maturation, on metabolic processes in all cells of the body, RNA synthesis, immunity;
  • regulation of cardiac activity through the mechanisms of the autonomic nervous system.

Side Effects

The use of drugs T3 and T4, entails a number of side effects, which can be exacerbated when used together with anabolic steroids:

  • myocardial hypertrophy and heart pain;
  • disruption of nutrient absorption;
  • heart rhythm disturbance;
  • anxiety, anxiety;
  • blood pressure rise;
  • increased liver enzymes due to increased production of GTS;
  • sudden weight gain or loss caused by hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis) or hypothyroidism.

To begin with, I would like to remind you once again that the thyroid gland and its hormones are responsible for almost everything in the body. Thus, when wedged into the work of the body that is responsible for everything, you can cause irreparable damage to your body.

That is, if with various testosterone and hormones, we can carry out control, additionally analyzing these hormones, replacing our hormone with injections and monitoring the regulation that occurs, then it will be much more difficult to do this with the thyroid gland.

Also, do not forget that if you are drying, on a course of anabolic steroids, then with an increased level of estradiol, you will also have increased levels of globulin, which will bind the thyroid hormones. If you lower estradiol, then your cholesterol level will increase and your globulin level will decrease. Accordingly, you will experience thyroid hormone growth. And if you do not know what level of thyroid hormones you have and will take them additionally, then there is a risk of getting hypertrichosis or the so-called thyrotoxicosis – this is a condition when there is an excess of thyroid hormones in the body.

In fact, to earn it by taking hormones from the outside is quite difficult, but possible.

There is a reverse situation, which most often occurs at the stage of withdrawal, it is hypothyroidism. This happens when you suddenly stop taking thyroxine, which was used on the dryer. Here you have every chance to get hypothyroidism, since the production of your hormone is impaired, and it can usually recover for quite a long time. Usually, 1 – 1.5 months are enough for restoration, but what and how will happen, how anabolic steroids will affect a specific person, no one will tell you this, only you, provided that you will be tested for these hormones. But, it should be noted that most people, unfortunately, do not …

Why use T3 on cutting, what does it give

The beneficial effects of triiodothyronine:

  • contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes due to the impact on the sympathoadrenal system (increase in heart rate, temperature, acceleration of fat burning processes);
  • burning fat, even with some violations of the diet;
  • dulling of hunger due to activation of the nervous system.

ATTENTION! In practice, both T3 and T4 are used for drying

The difference is that for the full work of T4 (thyroxine), it is necessary to take iodine with it, although even in this form, its concentration and conversion to T3 is difficult.

Therefore, it is most optimal to use T3.

ATTENTION! I do not recommend using the bundles listed below, despite the fact that some popular resources speak well of this practice. They are just an example of combining known drugs to achieve a faster fat burning effect.

T3 50 mcg. + Clenbuterol 100mcg. + Yohimbine 5 mg. (3 weeks).

T3 100 mcg. + ECA 20/200/200. (10 days).

T3 25 mcg. + Yohimbine 15 mg. (4 weeks).

It is not clear to me when people complain of an increased pulse and feeling unwell while being at similar courses that can put your heart out of action much earlier, in this mode of operation.

Such combinations cannot be used because each drug individually is able to work well when creating the right conditions. And such ligaments work for wear. There is not even a hint of health here. I do not think it is justified to get a cardiac pathology, against the background of hyperthyroidism, for the sake of a dubious result.

There is another interesting point – these drugs are able to burn muscle mass.

ATTENTION! To avoid strong losses in muscle mass when using T3, increased dosages of anabolic steroids and an increased amount of protein in the diet are necessary.

Particular emphasis is placed on vitamin C as a natural anti-catabolic (up to 4 grams per day).

The use of T3 on drying takes place only if you:

  • have a small fat layer with hints of a press;
  • you have a high metabolic rate;
  • want a high result with high risks for the cardiovascular system;
  • prone to breakdowns in the diet.

In general, using T3 for drying is not bad. It’s good if you don’t have a lot of water if you don’t have too much muscle mass, and if you need to grind. That is, to do what you cannot do when using Propionate or IVF.

But at the same time, you must be aware of how justified your risks will be, understanding that thyroid hormones are unsafe.

The hormone T3 course is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • duration from 2 to 5 weeks (a longer period can provoke the development of arrhythmic phenomena and impaired vegetative activity);
  • dosages from 25 to 100 mcg. A maximum of 7 hours before bedtime (insomnia occurs);
  • combination only with anabolic steroids (without them, T3 leads to the total destruction of the muscles).

The relationship between steroids and thyroid hormones.

There is such a connection. Those who believe that this connection does not exist are a little wrong since both come from the pituitary gland. These systems function through the pituitary gland and it controls them. And the activity of the pituitary gland can be very depressing.

Also, there is a connection with the production of thyroid hormones by the liver. For example, some amino acids that form thyroid hormones, in conjunction with iodine, the so-called eltirozin, are produced just by the liver.

Thus, disruption of the liver can also affect the thyroid gland. And we can kill the liver with anabolic steroids.

So everything is interconnected.