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What’s better Cialis or Viagra? And why?

Before we gonna talk about this I want to point that I’m not a doctor. I’m not recommending that you take Cialis or Viagra without basically telling your doctor about it and asking them.

Basically people take testosterone and steroid cycles or even Sarm cycles is something that not many people talked about but there is a huge number of people that have problems getting erections when they cycling steroids. It’s not something that everybody gonna talk about. Because how cool is it? Oh, yeah I can’t get hard on now. People just don’t want to share this information. So I’ll tell you why. Basically why it happens.

You started your testosterone cycle and your test levels are huge, crazy and it’s like you want to have sex 3 times a day or all the time. It’s like you are feeling like 17 years old again. It’s crazy. Then it’s kind of platos you are halfway through your cycle and it’s not a big deal and you are good to go. Sex once a day. Then you go off steroids. You do your PCT all thing but your test production is suppressed. Your testicles use to shrink, not like grains but smaller like a grape for an example. It takes time to get back to normal and without testosterone being produced you will not going to be able to get erections as well you used to, you won’t be horny as you used to, you will not gonna have enough energy and the list is going on. A lot of negative side effects. That’s why coming off from steroids sucks. So if you haven’t done steroids before and you are going to or thinking about doing that, be aware it’s something that a lot of people don’t want to have to deal with. Eventually, your body starts making the testosterone again and then you get back to normal, your sex drive comes back. But for 2 or 3 months it can be a hard goal. And literally, you can’t get hard or you can’t get hard enough or you can get hard but it doesn’t last. I had all these things happen in the off-season period. On HRT never my sex drive was gone. I wanted to have sex every day all the time. And these were from my doctor by prescription 120 mg per week. My testosterone levels were around 600 if you are in the USA or if you are in Canada it’s 18 – 20. You know it’s somewhere in the middle. So normal testosterone levels. And I felt horny, I felt great, I slept awesomely. So you don’t need a thousand testosterone levels to feel good. So many people write to me and say: “My testosterone is so low. I’m at level 500, 600”. That’s exactly where I am. Low is 200, 300, or I was low as 50. So when my testosterone levels were 50 for the USA or Canada 1 to 2, my sex drive was low. And to have sex twice a week was a challenge. So I’ve tried Cialis and I tried Viagra.

So what is the difference?


We gonna start with Viagra, active substance Sildenafil. Your standard dose is 25 mg to 100 mg. So it’s a big range. Why? Because you should take the least amount, you can take and get the desired effect. If 25mg is enough to have good sex then take 25mg. If you can’t get hard on 25 mg then try 50 mg if 50mg doesn’t work then try 100mg. That’s probably what your doctor will say anyway. The higher is the amount the more percentage of people can get erections. And it only works with about 2/3 of people. So there is still 1/3 of people who can take Viagra or Cialis and not to get an erection. So just because you are taking it doesn’t mean it will gonna work. So if you give your body Cialis and Viagra and there is something else wrong it’s not gonna give you an erection. Steroids are risky. It’s not safe! It isn’t. HRT from your doctor and you need it, it’s medicine. But just to randomly do it? It’s crazy. You might not be fine. You made get damaged. You might everything doing right and you still might die. So steroids can cause erectile dysfunction. Plain and simple.

Viagra lasts for only about 4 to 6 hours. You have to take it about an hour before you intend to have sex and then it’s gonna last 4 – 6 hours. So, here’s a problem. A lot of men doing Viagra with girlfriends. They do it before they go to the bar and get wasted and then they hope to pick up. So, you can end up not picking up. So you end up wasting it. So that’s the negative of Viagra. Does it work? Yes, it works for me, it works fine.


Same thing as Viagra. You want to take it about an hour before. It’s like fully kick in. It’s gonna start working a little bit sooner but you want it to work in. It won’t just make you hard. You have to be like into it. If you are already normal like you don’t have a problem and you take Cialis you gonna be like twice as hard, you gonna be like ridiculously hard. So a lot of guys using these two things without needing it.

So, why Cialis for me is better than Viagra?

It last forever. Even two days later it’s still awesome. So Cialis you can take and then the next day you can have sex and it’s still is amazing. So, a huge difference. One is lasting like 4 to 6 hours, other is lasting like for 1 to 2 days.

Dosing of Cialis

You can take Cialis 25 mg per day for erectile dysfunction and you just can go for your day, go for your business and it just works for most people. People also like it to get a better pump in the gym. I’ve never used it for this purpose and not going to. More typical dosing is 10 to 50 mg. If you taking 50 or you need 50 mg it’s insane, that’s an overdose. Like it’s a lot. For me, 10 mg was enough. And even that was when I had low testosterone. So for me, if you need 50 mg, you got issues. So 10 to 20 mg is usually enough and then the higher you go it’s just going to work longer. Basically a 30 mg dose I can go for 3 days without it and be good. So that’s just to give you an idea. Some people combine Cialis and Viagra and take about half of the dose of each. All individuals are different. For one can work Viagra better for another can work Cialis. Talk to your doctor experiments, see what is better, and take the low dose.


If you want to have a good or great sex Cialis or Viagra can help. If you are on steroids watch out it’s not gonna last forever, eventually what’s go up must come down literally. When you get off the gear and you do PCT at first you are fine. Testosterone doesn’t go out from your system for 6 weeks. But 2 or 3 months later then you start worried about. So be careful and stay safe.