Oral form of anabolic steroids.

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We will list 5 top oral steroids that can be qualified according to various criteria as the best.

First, let’s talk about using oral steroids as solo courses.

This is a very painful question. I believe that you can use solo only Stanozolol or Anadrol. Especially if this is some kind of bridge between the courses (we will talk about this later), or in the case when a person does not want to use injectable steroids. Anadrol in its side effects is too exaggerated in terms of effects on the liver, but in terms of effects on the body, in terms of side effects of general androgenic, it is much less pronounced than the same dbol. Therefore, for people who do not want to take full courses on injectable anabolic steroids, Anadrol may well be suitable as a solo drug. The use of Oxandrolone solo is certainly justified, but a little in a different category, so when choosing the first course for a man, Anavar solo it does not fit. In the same way, Methandienone and Turinabol are also not suitable for the first course. Wow, this is a classic since the golden era of bodybuilding everyone ate Methandienone, everyone used it for 8-15 tablets when it was still in normal concentration and fully working, but today the use of such solo preparations I think not appropriate as they all are more diluted nowadays.

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