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Hepatotoxicity Extremely Weak

History: Synthesized by Raphael Pappo (currently Pfizer Inc.), USA. The drug was released in 1964, in the same place, in the USA, under the name Anavar. What is it like? At its core, it is an alpha-17-alkylated steroid. That is, it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, in which, in the 17th position, methylation is performed and the oxygen atom replaces the second carbon atom.

Many have heard about this steroid since it is distinguished by a rather high cost and an especially low frequency of side effects, which is typical inherent for all steroids, especially those with a high anabolic index. But at the same time, Anavar has a rather low androgenic index. Which suggests that female athletes can use it.

Like many steroid drugs, it was released for medical purposes. In clinical practice, Oxandrolone was used for rehabilitation and treatment for various dystrophic phenomena: with extensive burns to accelerate tissue regeneration, and a positive effect was found in the treatment of osteoporosis and various fractures, even in children. Also, there is an application for complex therapy with SIDA.

The company stopped production of Anavar in 1989. But, already in 1995, another American company General Corporation picked up the production of this steroid, but in a different wrapper, and it became known as Oxandrin. After further testing of the drug, it was also used in addition to the above pathologies in the treatment of alcoholic liver intoxication, treatment of Quincke edema (hereditary), anemia, Turner syndrome, etc.

This is only later, various “pitching” decided that you can also use this drug, but for their tasks. Even though at that time there were such giants as Dbol, Stanozolol, Turinabol, but for some reason, they decided to use Anavar as well.

Due to the widespread enthusiasm for the drug by athletes (who very often exceeded the allowed dosages, since they set themselves not therapeutic goals, and therefore the doses), the drug was removed from the list of publicly available ones. In this regard, at the moment it is rather difficult to acquire it. Therefore, in such a seemingly offensive drug, the price is not entirely adequate, this must be taken into consideration and understood.

Biological effects of Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is the most female’s steroid available. A low androgen index negates most of the side effects associated with aromatization (conversion of testosterone to estrogen). Toxicity to the liver is very weakly expressed, and when used correctly, it is generally nullified.

To get significant liver harm from taking Oxandrolone, you must use it at least 60 mg per day. And then, for 12 – 15 weeks, or even more. The drug is relatively weak and to use it to build muscle mass, like the Solo Cycle (used alone on the course), it is not suitable.

Regular women dosage 10 mg 2 times daily
Hepatotoxic dosage from 60 mg per day over 4 months
Regular men dosage 20 – 40 mg daily divided into 2 times
Hepatotoxic dosage from 50 mg per day over 4 months

The Use of Anavar in sports purposes

Oxandrolone is not able to give tangible results when gaining muscle mass.

The ability to hold muscles from destruction is weakly expressed.

Fat-burning effect – not seen.

And therefore, it is used mainly in bodybuilding as “resurfacing”, that is, if you already have a certain low percentage of fat and want to smoothly leave the course, while not getting caught when passing doping tests for steroid use, you can safely use Oxandrolone. The half-life is rather short.

Oxandrolone is also very popular with “bikinis”, in preparation for the competition and directly, for a better feeling of the pump. Since it does not cause virilization in women, it is natural if you do not exceed a dosage of 20 mg in a day.

Pre-competitive doses for female athletes:

  • 30 mg per day, for 2 months;
  • 50 mg per day, for 2 to 3 months (there is a stop of menstruation);
  • 70 – 100 mg per day, for 3 months (virilization phenomena, impaired liver fermentation).

Side Effects

As we see, if the steroid is taken in acceptable doses and to not exceed the duration of the course, then side effects are not observed. The drug does not have hepatotoxicity in principle. Mild indigestion may be observed since the steroid is considered very active for the gastrointestinal tract. Also, when taken in conjunction with food, heartburn may occur, but this does not apply to side effects, as a private observation.

The appropriateness of its use in men raises questions. But it is very suitable for you if you are a woman and preparing for the competition, or “polishing” the remnants of what you are missing to achieve that shape immediately before the competition.

In fact, the spectrum of side effects and contraindications ends there. That is, there are no contraindications for its use.

If you had any negative liver conditions before using Oxandrolone, then they can even get worse somehow, even though this is a rather mild steroid. Therefore, even if you use it, you still need to know the level of enzymes in your liver and how they react to a particular steroid.

The facts were proved that liver enzymes have a place to even reduce their ratio because the drug had an unloading effect on it. This was especially noted on drying when the diet was not rich with carbohydrates, and egg protein was mainly present in the diet.


Oxandrolone is not suitable for gaining muscle mass, as a Solo cycle. In combination with other, heavier steroids, it also makes no sense to use it, since it simply loses its visible and tangible effect.

Therefore, women or novices who, for one reason or another, are afraid to use “adult” steroids mainly use it.

I would also like to note that price and effect are completely unequal. Side effects from the combination of Turinabol + Stanozolol can be easily eliminated, while you pay 3 – 4 times less.