Growth Hormone Cycle Therapy

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Growth hormone (HGH, STH – Somatotropic Hormone) – is a hormone of the middle pituitary gland. The active stage of GR production ceases by the age of 20 and its content steadily decreases with age.

Excessive production of HGH may be a sign of the pathology of the pituitary gland (benign tumor), as well as a violation of the thyroid gland.

The history of the creation of GH, written in many sources, so as not to waste your time, we will dwell only on some of its points. I just want to say that in the 80s they began to synthesize it using normal methods, and not as before, from cadaveric hoods. Subsequently, the drug became popular in the treatment of various dystrophies, with physiological retardation.

Many people believe that he can solve rejuvenation issues. This is one of the strongest misconceptions, since growth hormone has never exerted positive dynamics in the aspects of slowing down the body’s natural aging processes. This myth was inflated in the press, in one of the American publications, since there was a banal confusion between GH and stem cells, therefore, many people still believe that growth hormone can rejuvenate the body. A lot of research was conducted on this subject, where it was proved during experiments that a reduced amount of HGH and, as a consequence, a decrease in the amount of IGF – 1 (an insulin-like growth factor that exerts all the effects that arise from taking STH), the longer the lifespan. No rejuvenation from additional intake of growth hormone occurs, but on the contrary, it leads to premature aging, causing apoptosis (cell death) due to premature wear of DNA.

Therefore, for these purposes, it is not used, but it has established itself quite well in the arsenal of sports pharmacology at various cycles. It can act as the main drug on the course, or be an add-on for almost any course. As a rule, it is always used in conjunction with anabolic steroids.

IMPORTANT! The HGH cycle “Solo” does not lead to most of the declared effects that it is supposed to implement in the body. For the full realization of its potential, the environment of application exogenously should correspond to that in internal processes i.e.:

  • the use of growth hormone itself, taking into account the cycle of sleep and wakefulness;
  • use of insulin;
  • the use of thyroid hormones.

Many people think that it is enough to do HGH Solo cycles, for example, at 5 i.u daily, this supposedly contributes to:

  • anti-catabolic processes (prevents the destruction of muscle mass);
  • fat burning;
  • muscle mass gain.

They sit on such cycles for about one month, then do a pause, so that the sugar level does not increase. In fact, this is a huge misconception.

Let’s try to figure it out.

GH itself, in reality, depends on many factors. There are situations when in one person all the expected effects of growth hormone manifest themselves quite actively, but there is a case when with the other person, at the same dosages, nothing like this happens.


  • the big difference between HDL and LDL (in favor of LDL);
  • insulin resistance or diabetes;
  • a large increase in glucose that is not related to diabetes (nutrition);
  • severe depression of the central nervous system (serotonin);
  • hypothyroidism;
  • hypogonadism.

This suggests that there are certain nuances when using it, namely, it must be used with anabolic steroids, it is very desirable to include insulin in the courses with GH, and for thyroid-burning courses (simultaneous burning of fat and gaining muscle mass) – it is necessary to use thyroid hormones glands.

On some people, provided that they have everything perfect in terms of the pancreas, in terms of hormones, for example, this is a novice, even “solo” will work on it, though it will not be some super effects, but still.


  • muscle growth – hypertrophy, not hyperplasia, as previously thought;
  • utilization of body fat (total loss of fat, not local);
  • improvement of the psychological state.

True, it can give the opposite effect – a depressed state, if such were observed before the start of the STH course.

I must say that the mechanism of the drug is rather complicated in terms of homeostasis and internal regulation, so that it performs both of these tasks simultaneously.


  • tunnel syndrome (CTS – Carpal Tunel Syndrome);
  • increased plasma glucose;
  • swelling, increased creatinine;
  • pain in muscles and joints (usually knees);
  • depression, irritability;
  • hypoglycemia;
  • temporary phenomena of numbness of the toes (with jumps in glucose).

Tunnel syndrome – numbness of the fingers. In our case, as a rule, the little finger and the nameless. It can occur as a rule immediately after waking up in the morning or after lunch, in some more protracted cases it can occur at night. It occurs due to the fact that with an increased level of GR in the body, it corny interferes with full blood flow in the elbow joint. The ligaments located in this joint are most sensitive, as a result of which they pinch nearby nerves and, as a result, these two fingers are numb. The same syndrome can manifest itself for other reasons, but there is a different etiology (for example, mechanical squeezing from prolonged holding of a computer mouse by the hand – no matter how ridiculous it sounded, but it is a fact, or other reasons), respectively, the course and treatment of the process are different. As a rule, in our case, this phenomenon manifests itself symmetrically and is removed simply by lowering the dosage.

This syndrome should be treated carefully and not ignored, since it is often a manifestation of diabetes. Therefore, it is necessary to take all the tests before the course.

The phenomenon of water retention. It occurs as a rule with improper nutrition. Knowing that the drug is able to build muscle and simultaneously burn fat, an athlete can ignore all diets, while not limiting salt, fast carbohydrates, or abusing slow carbohydrates – water accumulation will occur in any case. In this case, the kidneys are loaded, there is a delay in Na and, as a consequence, a delay in fluid. The athlete, while using growth hormone, thinks that he gained pure muscle mass, but in fact, he gained water…

Mood swings. They arise as a result of the indirect effect of HGH on the exchange of serotonin, it can inhibit these processes. This situation is also associated with hypo- and hyperglycemia. With growth hormone injection, at its peak, this occurs after about 4 to 5 hours, a sharp rise of sugar in blood begins. At the level of 4.7 n / mmol, there is a rise to 9.7 n / mmol. What is considered normal for HGH, since this is a manifestation of a natural compensatory reaction? After this, a regular sharp release of insulin occurs to stop the high level of sugar. The reverse reaction can also be observed – hypoglycemia. Which is accompanied by nausea, irritability, a strong increase in appetite, etc., up to a state of stupor.

Of the other side effects, one can also note an increase in blood pressure, vasospasm, convulsions – but these are all indirect mechanisms of manifestation and not the fact that you may have them.

As we can see, side effects are not so significant and this is one of its advantages.


Consider the classic cycle with a long testosterone ester as an example

Day Deca Test Propionate Test Enanthate HGH Dianabol
1 100 mg 5 iu
3 100 mg 5 iu
4 100 mg
5 250 mg 5 iu
6 100 mg 20 mg
7 100 mg 5 iu 20 mg
8 100 mg 30 mg
9 100 mg 5 iu 30 mg
10 100 mg 5 iu 30 mg
11 400 mg 5 iu 40 mg
12 500 mg 5 iu 40 mg
13 5 iu 40 mg
14 5 iu 40 mg
15 5 iu 40 mg
16 400 mg 5 iu 40 mg
17 5 iu 40 mg
18 5 iu 40 mg


Let’s take a look. We can use 10 i.u every other day, but we can take 5 iu everyday. The first 10 days it is advisable to put 5 iu every other day, to check local reactions. It often happens that HGH gives a local inflammatory reaction in the area of the injection site – redness, swelling, soreness, and an increase in local temperature, so it can be general. Therefore, the first 10 days is better to put 5 iu every other day, and then you can 10 iu every other day, or 5 iu daily, which is preferable, since this drug has a short half-life.

In some courses, you can use the following scheme: put 2 times a day for 5 iu HGH, with an interval of about 6 to 7 hours, i.e. with a decrease in the concentration of the hormone in the blood, we put another injection. Thus, the only period when the body does not have additional support from outside of growth hormone is the night. But as you know, at night, during sleep, the body produces HGH on its own. This option is the most optimal. The duration of this course can last up to 2 months, if for a longer time, then stimulation with insulin will already be required, if you have not used it before. This is a bulking cycle. Ideally, it looks like this:

Day Test Enanthate Test Propionate HGH
1 100 mg 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours)
2 100 mg 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours)
3 100 mg 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours)
4 100 mg 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours)
5 500 mg 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours)
6 100 mg 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours)

The course on fat burning may look like this:

Day HGH Insulin
1 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours)
2 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours) 4 iu
3 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours) 6 iu
4 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours) 6 iu
5 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours) 6 iu

Or so:

Day HGH Insulin Thyroxine
1 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours)
2 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours) 2 iu 50 mcg
3 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours) 4 iu 50 mcg
4 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours) 4 iu 100 mcg
5 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours) 4 iu 100 mcg
6 5 iu (with an interval of 6 hours) 4 iu 100 mcg

There are many cases when people spent a lot of money and did not get the expected result due to the fact that they were not afraid to use Growth Hormone, but they were afraid of insulin. It has been experimentally proved that GH most effectively manifests itself by interacting with insulin, creating a synergistic effect.

The use of Growth Hormone as “solo” is possible, but as we noted above it is not always justified, then we will tell you under what circumstances it is possible to get a positive effect from this.

ATTENTION! The above diagrams are the average designations for wedging HGH into your course. They are presented for general presentation and are not instructions for action.


In fact, there are quite a lot of them, consider only the most common ones:

1. Rejuvenation.

We mentioned this at the very beginning. GH does not rejuvenate. On the contrary, in large doses, there is a significant acceleration of the aging process.

2. The work of GR without insulin and anabolic steroids. Is it possible. But at the same time you will not get the desired effect. Those who argue that nothing needs to be added are deeply mistaken. Even as an anti-catabolic at the PCT stage, GR without additional stimulation of the general reproductive hormonal system will not fully work.

3. Blown stomach in athletes. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to use prohibitive dosages of the drug from 5 or more years in a row. During this time, it is necessary to achieve growth of the intestines and internal organs. It takes at least 3 years to reverse the natural processes occurring in the body and start the processes of tissue growth in the internal organs. As you know, for one course of GR, this is not possible.

Somatotropin is able to accelerate the recovery processes of damaged joints.

Important! We are not talking about chronic inflammatory processes of a traumatic nature. GR also does not have a positive effect on old and chronic injuries.

Growth hormone at a dosage of 5 units. causes positive dynamics in pain in the joints. This applies to injuries and chronic inflammation, but this does not apply to hernias and protrusions. You will not succeed in removing a hernia or protrusion with growth hormone. During rehabilitation of compression fractures of GR, it is also impossible to achieve positive results.

But recently received injuries, sprains, mechanical damage to the joints, healed quite well with the use of STH.

The optimal dosage is 5 iu per day. The injection time in this case does not matter.

In order to remove the inflammatory processes, any chronic joint pain associated with injuries, it is necessary to take a course with GR for at least 2.5 – 3 months, at a dosage of 5 units. daily as follows:

Prevention of injuries on the course
Dosage 5 units daily.
Duration 2 to 3 months.
Additionally Glucosamine – Chondroitin – 1000/800 mg. (respectively) daily.
Treatment of fresh mechanical injuries
Dosage 5 units daily.
Duration 2 months.
Additionally Glucosamine – Chondroitin – 1800/1200 mg. (respectively) + Collagen daily.

The most optimal use of GR is to prevent injuries during the course of anabolic steroids, when the adaptation of the ligaments to the rapid growth of muscle strength is impaired.

If an inflammatory process is observed, then everything is combined additionally with diclofenac. In the absence of contraindications, such as increased urea creatinine, pyelonephritis and other kidney-related problems.

Treatment of old mechanical injuries accompanied by inflammation and swelling, lymph stagnation
Dosage 5 units daily.
Duration 2 months.
Additionally Glucosamine – Chondroitin – 1800/1200 mg. (respectively) + Collagen + Diclofenac daily.
1-10 day HGH 5 iu daily + Diclofenac 1 injection every other day.
11 – 20 day HGH 5 iu daily.
21-30 day HGH 5 iu daily + Diclofenac.

This diagram is given for recovery from fractures, or in other serious situations that could occur during training or in a normal life situation.

Auxiliary therapy for HGH in fractures
Dosage HGH 5 iu daily
Duration 15 to 20 days.
Additionally – Testosterone short or long action: long 250 mg – 1 time in 7 to 10 days
short 100 mg 1 time in 3 days.
An approximate scheme for the implementation of HGH in PCT
Day 1 – 5 Tamoxifen 40 mg. + Zinc 100 mg. + Yohimbine 10 mg. + Vit C 2000 mg. + HGH 5 iu (daily).
Day 6 – 15 Tamoxifen 20 mg. + Zinc 50 mg. + Yohimbine 10 mg. + Vit C 1500 mg. + HGH 5 iu (in one day).
Day 16 – 25 Tamoxifen 20 mg. + Zinc 100 mg. + Yohimbine 5 mg. + Vit C 1000 mg. + HGH 5 iu (in one day).

This PCT Cycle with HGH was done after courses using Testosterone and DHT derivatives. There were no Nandrolone or anything else serious.

It was: Testosterone 750 mg + Masteron 400 mg + 1 time per week Testosterone Propionate (wedging between injections of Enanthate).

HGH is really a serious anti-catabolic and if you start PCT with HGH, then continue GH after PCT, until the next course, then in this case, there is a high probability of maintaining a large percentage of what you typed, even when using SOLO, without insulin In this case, it works.