Anastrozole | Arimidex

Anastrozole commercial names: Selena, Arimidex, Anastrex, Axastrol – an aromatase inhibitor, an element of anti-cancer breast therapy.

The main purpose is to inhibit the growth of breast tumors, which are based on the influence of estrogen.

It is used during the course of anabolic steroids to reduce estradiol in the blood.

Questions that we will consider further. When to take Anastrozole? Should I take Anastrozole in a separate course? Do women need Anastrozole on PCT?

Some people replace the meaning of the word Anastrozole with a drug like Tamoxifen, even though these are completely different categories of drugs. First of all, Tamoxifen is an antiestrogen. Antiestrogens are the category of drugs that can block those receptors that work directly with estradiol. And in this way, Tamoxifen is not able to lower the level of estradiol that you will rise. That is if you have an estradiol level of 250 – 300 with a norm of 160, taking Tamoxifen on the course, in addition to slowing down the course itself, it will not give any additional reduction in this level of estradiol.

Aromatase inhibitors are a slightly different situation. The same Anastrozole, directly blocks the work of an enzyme such as aromatase. It directly reduces the level of estradiol in the blood and that is why it is useful to us. That’s the whole difference. I explain this to those who confuse these terms and so that there is no further confusion about what to use on the cycle and what to use after the course. By the way, Anastrozole can be used after the cycle, too, unlike Tamoxifen, which can be used on the course in extreme cases only if there is any manifestation of gynecomastia. In this case, tamoxifen is used, at a dosage of about 40 – 60 mg once at night.

Our anastrozole is used to reduce excess estradiol on the cycle to a value that will not cause side effects associated with low estradiol levels, such as reduced immunity, increased cholesterol, lack of overall course efficiency and increased bone fragility. And it will maintain a sufficient level of progress from the course because a strong decrease in estradiol in the blood can reduce this progress.

For those who use Boldenone on their course. In this case, the use of anastrozole is strictly contraindicated without analysis, in principle, if you have working boldenone in dosages of at least 600 mg per week. Thus, there will already be a low indicator, which will need to be adjusted using testosterone. Therefore, it is better not to risk using Anastrozole, but still, take tests and see how much it will be appropriate.

To properly use anastrozole, it is necessary to be guided by blood tests. First, you need to take a blood test for the estradiol level before the start of the cycle. View your usual value. If you are on short esters then after three weeks, if you are on long esters after four weeks you can make a blood test for estradiol again. And see how much in your personal case this reaction will be expressed. After checking the need for the use of anastrozole. If you take an average person, then an increase in estradiol by 2 times is permissible.

The use of anastrozole is possible cyclically with a long course. If you do not manifest any symptoms including flooding, high blood pressure, urine does not become more concentrated, if all this is not there, which indicates an overload of the kidneys, an overload in the cardiovascular activity. It is necessary to use Arimidex with an increased level of estradiol, at least 100% in a dosage of 0.5 mg every other day for 15 to 16 days. This is the standard scheme to use anastrozole every other day. After 2 weeks you take a short break. This is because anastrozole itself, although not mentioned anywhere else, has side effects, which are paid much attention to, but not many understand that this is precisely due to the use of Arimidex.

In fact, Anastrozole is a fairly powerful drug, and it can reduce estradiol levels in significant quantities. And the most important thing here is directly on the course of taking Anastrozole and two weeks after taking Arimidex, pass a control analysis, see how exactly in your case Anastrozole worked. Because we can assume that it reduces aromatization by 50%, 70%, and so on. But in your case, everything can happen in completely different ways. There are no identical people; there is no identical effect of the drug. Only the component may be the same, but its effect will always have some differences. From the smallest to the most critical.

Regarding the use of Arimidex by women. Female athletes do not need anastrozole. It is even written in the annotation that before menopause, taking Arimidex, for women who have no cancer, whose genesis goes from estradiol, that is, from estrogen (female hormones), is prohibited! Because the whole hormonal system is killed, the risk of giving birth is reduced, the risk in the principle of having someone to conceive is reduced, and the work of the cycles, the work of the central nervous system are certainly disrupted, the concentration of attention is reduced and all these pre-climax conditions are already on. It is not advisable to accept it in principle for women.

some believe that anastrozole should be used as a solo cycle. Some even eat it, explaining that I am now lowering estradiol, thereby increasing the proportion between estradiol and testosterone. But how much estradiol is needed for muscle growth, for immunity, for normal lipid, for cholesterol levels, such a decrease can simply deprive you of health. You need to take it only if you have a topology because of which you have it increased. This is a therapeutic use. Initially, Anastrozole was just created for this. And any cycle of it as a solo without any justified solution, without a justified task, it can only harm the health of the hormonal system. I’m saying this, not because I want to reinsure you from something there, I know that people, even after receiving all the information, will still do it their way. But I just want you to know the use of the Anastrozole solo course does not give an effect similar to the use of anabolic steroids, does not replace it in any way and significantly increases the risks of developing pathologies such as psychogenic impotence (because it changes the concentration of hormones and you may just not want to), increases high-density lipoprotein and may affect bone integrity. Crunches, dehydration, and other bad moments may appear. Well, of course, no progress can be made. This is in case if Anastrozole is used solo. So we reviewed briefly anastrozole.

From the side effects, anastrozole has

  • headache, redness of the skin of the face;
  • impaired concentration of attention;
  • drowsiness or vice versa – violation of falling asleep;
  • suppression of libido;
  • increased liver counts;
  • increased blood creatinine;
  • decreased immunity;
  • allergic reaction.

Taking anastrozole in short courses for 3 to 4 days to knock down any percentage of estradiol also does not make sense. This is about 2 weeks, then there is a pause of about the same. As such cycles can be taken. If you take it for 2 to 3 days, then you simply will not reach a peak in concentration, which reaches its maximum on 7 to 8 days. And in another sense, there is no reason to accept it. More yes, but less no.

Such a wonderful drug. Always needed, always must be at hand, always saves, helps, but there are nuances in which you must use it correctly.

Final Conclusions

What I do not recommend:

  • Do not use anastrozole throughout the course
  • Do not use it ‘solo course’ unnecessarily
  • Do not use in courses where there is boldenone
  • Prohibited to use by females athletes!
  • Do not exceed dosage 5 mg per week.

Anastrozole is a serious drug, the drug is very powerful therefore requires serious responsibility and a serious approach before its use.