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Group Anabolic Steroid
Aromatization Moderate
Prolactin Exposure Strong

Trenbolone is not cheap (compared to other steroids of this group), but is effective and is used by athletes mainly for relief.

Knowledgeable people call him the “king” of androgens, and for good reason because he is as much as 5 times superior to Testosterone, which in turn is 4 times stronger than Nandrolone. The only drug that at least somehow approaches the strength of Trenbolone is Anapolon.

Trenbolone is a steroid of the Nandrolone series, but it has differences from Nandrolone Decanoate, even though they have almost the same changes in the molecules. For example, Deca cannot be used as a SOLO cycle because it has high prolactin activity. In Trenbolone, this activity is also increased, but unlike Deca, it can be used as a solo. However, it works more actively and does not cause side effects so quickly. Of course, prolactin jumps, but not in those parameters as in Deca.

The use of Nandrolone Decanoate as the only steroid on course leads to strong activation of the pituitary gland, which triggers the secretion of prolactin. Trenbolone as the SOLO cycle doesn’t have so strong effect on the pituitary gland and prolactin secretion is more delayed.

History of Trenbolone

1959 – 1965 In this period, all the most significant nucleations of derivatives of Testosterone structures took place, which is still used today. Trenbolone is not an exception. It was created in 1963 and was used exclusively for veterinary purposes. Namely, to increase the appetite in animals, so that they would have an intensive index of absorption of useful nutrients during intensive feeding, which would allow them to build up additional muscle mass. All steroids are based on this principle. Their main task is to restore and increase the absorption of nutrients. Only this principle makes muscle mass to grow actively.

Subsequently, steroids moved into the category of sports pharmacy. Unlike the same Deca, Trenbolon has several advantages. If Deca Nandrolone is considered among the “advanced” bodybuilders a relic of the past, then Trenbolone, on the contrary, is considered the flagship in drying tasks. Using Deca on cutting is extremely problematic. But Trenbolone is usually used only on cutting. Since for weight loss, as a rule, it used two forms: Acetate and Enanthate. There is another form – Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate.

The most popular is Trenbolone Acetate. But it has one big minus, which is a very short half-life, so the user has to inject it frequently (daily or every other day, depending on the dose of the steroid). Otherwise, everything is fine.

Trenbolone Enanthate is also quite popular. It differs from Acetate in the half-life, which is about 10 days. Accordingly, you should put it 1 – 2 times a week.

Hexahydrobenyl Carbonate (Parabolan and other names depending on the manufacturer). The half-life is also about 10 days.

As we see, they differ from each other only by the half-life, that is, the duration of the action.

Trenbolone Enanthate is a long-playing broadcast. The frequency of injections, as already mentioned above, is 1 – 2 times a week. It can give muscle growth, but in comparison with Testosterone Enanthate, less pronounced. The set on it will be too long, and the set of muscle mass is not productive. You need to dial on Testosterone Enanthate, for example, while the set will be faster and better.

Trenbolone Acetate is a short ester. On it, as well as on Testosterone Propionate, it is mainly dried. It is used for pronounced “grinding” of the mold on drying. Excellent anti-catabolic (retention of muscle mass). Injection frequency: 100 mg in one day. In professional sports, it is used in a dose of 200 mg. Under constant medical supervision, since the risks of side effects increase significantly. Professionals in bodybuilding and powerlifting, love to use it before the competition in combination with other drugs that do not cause aromatization. Because no other steroid gives such an effect. He copes with its tasks very well. At least better and faster than if were used combination, such as Test Propionate + Stanozolol.

What do sellers promise us?

The most that there is an increase in strength, endurance, and increase in muscle mass and almost all the happiness that you can get from anabolic steroids. It does not have such properties and a way to increase its effectiveness, this is only a combination with the same Testosterone or Stanozolol, as well as with other testosterone esters and some kind of tablet drug, this is at your discretion. Therefore, use it only for drying tasks, if you do not want to simply spend a certain amount of money and ultimately remain dissatisfied with your meat-gaining result. But even if you decide to use it for these purposes, then it is better to use Enanthate, since Trenbolone Acetate is not suitable for these purposes.

It has a more pronounced effect as anti-catabolic and the effect of the drug to increase muscle density and muscle strength.

Real effects obtained from Trenbolone.

  • retention of muscle mass;
  • increased digestibility of food nutrients;
  • accelerated fat utilization in compliance with the diet;
  • increase in power indicators;
  • moderate growth of muscle mass;
  • increased libido at the initial stage of the course (followed by a decrease).

What side effects can we observe when using Trenbolone? These are mainly the effects of the prolactin series. These are such as reduced libido, temporary impotence, and prolactin gynecomastia, which can be observed with prolonged courses and overdosing. The weekly dosage of Trenbolone is 300 – 600 mg. It is recommended to put 300 mg per week, but, frankly, these dosages are recommended by SPORTS WIKI by most doctors who simply play it safe so you don’t hurt yourself. But, as we have already written more than once if you keep the process under control and correctly do aromatase inhibitors and prolactin blockers, then side effects can be completely avoided throughout the course. We will write about this in the following articles on the combination of drugs and PCT, but for now, we are considering the steroid itself.


  • increased prolactin levels with no control use;
  • decreased sexual desire (as a result of high prolactin);
  • impotence of a psychic nature;
  • testicular atrophy. With prolonged use, it may be irreversible.
  • gynecomastia;
  • increased growth of adipose tissue.

Also, from the increased prolactin activity, it follows from us: water filling, female type obesity, depression. If you go deeper, then you should increase blood pressure, cholesterol jumps, which in turn will cause vasoconstriction, destruction of small peripheral vessels, which leads to numbness of the fingers, redness of the face. Thus, delving deeper into medical terminology, we can enumerate for a long time and get to the worst. This is what they usually write in annotations for any drug, just being safe.

In fact, most often exactly what we have already mentioned in this article more often appears – this is prolactin activity. Which can be elementarily avoided with proper use of the steroid and constantly passing tests.


We can say that the steroid is worthy and at its time caused a real sensation in the anabolic industry. There are many schemes for its combo use with other drugs. But more about that we will talk in another article.

Legally, the steroid is prohibited for use in many countries. Our article is for guidance only. We do not urge anyone to use it, so it’s up to you. In the case of application, all responsibility lies on you, so you must remember and know this.