Mesterolone | Proviron

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Everything you can imagine that you need to know about this drug for men and women.

Before we get into that I do not encourage you to break the law. Always follow what your doctors say I’m just giving you information and all the info below is for educational purposes only.

Background of Proviron

It can be used to help with infertility which is kind of unique for steroids cos usually steroids are known from “preventing” you to having kids. It doesn’t do that very much, most people who are on steroids have kids with no problem. But anyway it’s just a little of something out there that can improve sperm effectiveness.

Estrogenic Effects

That’s how much gyno and stuff you can get on water retention. None. So this is fantastic because who in the world wants gyno formation, bloating, water, crappiness? This is a dry, lean, hard product. Similar to say Halotestin but much weaker and less harmful for the body. So good pre-contest type drug.

It is androgenic on a scale compared to testosterone which is a 100 but it’s a 30. But don’t let this mislead you. This very much androgenic as in that’s why we gonna use it before the show to harder the muscle, the androgenic part of it.

It can give you acne, it can cause hair loss, and it can make to grow hair on your body. And for women all the bad stuff like deeper voice, the clitoral enlargement, etc. Proviron is not safe for women. I’m pointing this out because half the girls who had coaches in past had Proviron for 6 weeks in high doses and they all wonder why they had deep voices. Because the coaches just don’t care.

Anabolic Effect

It is anabolic as testosterone it has a ratio like a 100 or a bit more than a 100. However it will build no muscle, really like almost nothing. Mesterolone is not a muscle-building steroid. So somebody took testosterone and somebody took thousands of Proviron and the little bit of test will beat the Proviron person. Similar to Halotestin. Halo is like 900 androgenic ratio score but yet it’s hard you up and gets you angry, rip looking kind of. It does no build muscle so don’t just thinking that you going to get like huge gains of it.

Will it make you go bold? Yes, if you have a predisposition genetically to it. And also you can get hairy back. Two different types of things. It is minimally suppressive. I would pick that steroid as the least suppressive steroid in the world. Suppressive means when it decreases your natural production of testosterone. It’s not gonna decrease it by much. Probably even less than Sarms do. It’s very much a good steroid in that regards because it won’t “shut you down” big time.


Hepatotoxic meaning liver damaging. It is minimally as in hardly any as in more Sarms will be more damaging then Proviron. Often you hearing people saying: “Oh Sarms are much safer than steroids.” It depends on the steroid. Comparing LGD to Proviron at the same dose, LGD is the way worse for you. Proviron is not dangerous at all comparing to this Sarm. So you can’t just compare on to another you have to say like is this specific steroid what’s gonna do specifically for me not just “all steroids are bad”.


This is the negative part. If it wasn’t for this I would be taking it year-round for high doses. It is going o lower your HDL and raise your LDL. HDL is the good cholesterol that you want. It can lower it 20 – 30 % not a lot but some. LDL can go up by 50%. So it will screw out HDL and LDL ratio which is not good because this is a predetermining factor for heart disease as you get older. So people with “screwed out” cholesterol when they get older have a higher chance to die of the heart attack. So be careful!

If you are on Proviron or you do have cholesterol problems it’s very important to eat healthily. Lots of fiber. That’s usually what’s in vegetables, fruits. Eat a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids. Don’t eat a lot of saturated fat. That’s what in animal fats. And exercise. Because the fitter you are the better your cholesterol will be. Start bike riding, sprinting and swimming and all this good stuff and exercise and be fit and your cholesterol will get the way better.

What about blood pressure?

It won’t affect any. Mesterolone even will better it. Because it’s decreasing your water retention so using a Dbol you take a Proviron with it then if you lose 5 pounds of water your blood pressure is likely to go down. So it might even improve it. The kidney you should worry about it either.

How does it make you feel?

Horny? Who doesn’t like that? But aside from that it does make you feel good and it puts you in a good mood and it’s a positive of steroid in that. It just gets you feeling young again. So it’s not a shitty feeling like you want to kill someone as on Halotestin, trenbolone kind of feeling. It’s a good, positive one.

What goal can you have when taking Proviron?

It wouldn’t be a pack on a lot of muscle. It will be to dry out for a photoshoot, fit in smaller clothing, to look lean, hard, grainy, shredded on the beach. These are the goals of Proviron. Also to improve your sex drive. So that is what I would use Proviron for and that’s what most people use Mesterolone for.

Also it does free up more testosterone so you know, you could bulk with it. You can take testosterone + Dbol and add in Proviron to free up more testosterone that you are using. It can also be used to lower your testosterone cycle. Because let’s say you are on HRT and your doctor’s putting a lot of HRT 250 mg and you like that feeling but you find it’s a lot of test and then doctor’s say that yeah you need an aromatase inhibitor. So he puts you on Aromasin or Arimidex and then your get water retentions and you are doing all these other drugs on the side. If you were to lower your testosterone dosage by half but adding Proviron you would probably have the same muscular results in the end with better sex drive and mood. So that’s a huge benefit. Why add more testosterone if you don’t need to? Of course, ask your doctor about this.


Let’s start with female athletes. Women should not take Proviron! Why? Because you gonna grow a beard, gonna get a mustache, your clitoris gonna grow an inch long and you gonna sound like a man. However, I coached ladies who used Proviron for one to three days before the competition. Some of the most hardcore like the bodybuilders for like a week to peak for a show. Not six weeks, not 12 weeks. Only one day to a week because it gives you an instant better look. Let’s say you compete in a bikini. If you take Proviron for one day in low doses, you are not growing a bear in one day. It’s a cumulative thing that happens over and over again. Like alcohol dangerous. If you drink one beer, you probably won’t gonna die of liver failure. But if you drink 15 beers a week, you gonna start getting problems. So Mesterolone is like that. Think of one day, getting drunk for one day. Probably your liver gonna handle it. But if you get drunk for six weeks straight, that’s a lot of drinking. So be careful.

Ok. A dose for a girl will be something 10 to 30 mg in terms of a safe dose for a short period to not turning to a man. And it’s better to split this dose into 3 times a day. Because it has a short half-life and if we are taking it all at once it kicks in like crazy and then it crashes. And the time when it kicks up you get the worst changes in side-effects. So it’s better to split this dose and to get more stable blood levels.

Doses for men are 50 to 150 mg per day. It’s not very liver toxic so your body can handle these higher doses. Half-life is 4 to 6 hours so you want to take it at least twice per day. Three or four times are even better cos you are getting more stable blood levels whenever you take it.

Negative Results

The expected negative results would be the fact that your cholesterol will not be so good. Not like crazy, not as from Halotestin. For women, it’s the virilization.

Positive Effects of Proviron

Positive effects are far away from the negatives overall. Mesterolone binds to SHBG and what that does is it free up more testosterone in the body which is the test that works. It’s useless to have a lot of testosterone if all that’s bound up and you can’t use it. So it’s better to have much less testosterone but to be able to use a lot of it. Hopefully, that makes sense for you.

So you take Proviron just like Anavar will do or Tbol or Winstrol for example it will free up more testosterone. And all test that you use will be available for your body. This is a good thing. So essentially it makes your testosterone work better and your steroid cycle work better.


Proviron can increase sperm production and sperm ability and overall quality. That’s impressive.

It can harden your body during the cutting cycle, to get that vascular grainy, hard, ripped appearance. That’s what you want. Less water retention. It can allow you to use less testosterone. Cos all testosterone that you take is working better. Also potential decrease in blood pressure.


It is counterfeited but not often. It is enough to make a difference. Why because it’s expensive and it would be cheaper to put Winstrol tablets and to add some Nolvadex to it. So that can happen.

If to compare with another steroid most of you are gonna guess that it’s a Masteron. Proviron is not as powerful as Masteron but it’s certainly comparable and it gives you that same quality dry look. Masteron as well an amazing pre-contest steroid. Testosterone is not because it gives you too much water retention and blows.

So. I hope you have learned something about Proviron. It’s too bad that Mesterolone is not legally prescribed by doctors in the US cos I know I’ll be asking my doctor: “Give me a prescription for Proviron because I want more free testosterone and I don’t need a lot of HRT dosage”. But other countries have different laws and different rules. In the USA they are always prescribing Deca all the time.