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Continuing review of “soft” pharmaceutical steroids is impossible without mentioning such of them as Drostanolone Propionate. Like many other soft AAS such as Equipoise, Masteron is very popular. Not only bodybuilders but also representatives of other sports disciplines love this steroid, for its property to increase strength, speed, and endurance progress without significant changes in the body weight. Ultimately, this progress should not give a positive result during the doping test. Professional baseball players, weightlifters, swimmers, runners, rowers, and fighters use Masteron. Let’s review below exceptional properties in active substance of Masteron which excite such a huge number of professional athletes.

What is Masteron?

Masteron is an injectable steroid containing short ester form propionate of the active substance Drostanolone. Masteron is not subject to aromatization, and as a result do not convert to estradiol, due to the elimination of the double bond between 4 and 5 positions. In addition, studies show that drostanolone has sufficiently anti-estrogenic properties. This is not strange cos steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that directly weakens the activity of estrogens in tissues (estrogens attach to the corresponding receptors, but do not activate them). Masteron has significant anabolic and moderate androgen properties.


Now, especially for those who are not very familiar with organic chemistry and pharmacology, I will try to translate all of the above into a common language… Drostanolone Propionate can be called a “safe” (weak!) form of testosterone, which does not have many disadvantages of testosterone while retaining some androgen advantages.

Masteron is very similar in its performance characteristics to everyone’s favorite testosterone. After several Masteron injections, the athlete will definitely feel a significant anabolic effect, that is, an increase in muscle mass. Drostanolone same as testosterone, affects the nervous system, removing the feeling of tiredness and raising the general tone and mood. Masteron is not a universal, base steroid as his older brother testosterone. This is a highly oriented steroid created to solve specific and same tasks. Masteron cannot be replaced in bodybuilders’ pre-competition period due to its feature of no aromatization and a zero conversion to estrogen. The last 3–4 weeks before the competition is the most important. For the athlete it’s the final stage of drying using a low carbohydrate diet, work is done on the “weak” spots and the final body relief. Masteron, like no other pharmaceutical product, allows you in the shortest time and with maximum effect to prepare well for the stage. Masteron is able to make the muscles look “full”, elastic, solid, and with maximum sharpness of outlines; show the strong points of the athlete and hides the weak. The skin becomes thin, veins show up, the separation of dried muscles becomes perfect, even the buttocks are split. Drostanolone Propionate is a weak steroid and is not able to give such a result by itself. So it is usually used in various combinations with other AAS. For the best result, taking Masteron is followed by a difficult carbohydrate-free diet for the body and the use of various fat burners (thyroid hormones, clenbuterol, etc.), all of which negatively affect the athlete’s well-being and very often provoke a “collapse” of muscle masses. Drostanolone Propionate allows you to train with such extreme conditions without noticeable loss in stamina and mass, helps to maintain a high training intensity with the possibility of decreasing the calories to critical values. This moderate androgen provides the necessary mood in the last weeks of preparation for the competition, preserve muscle loss during the “carbohydrate-free diet”, fight against the catabolic hormone cortisol in the blood of dehydrated bodybuilder, etc.

The second main reason for Masteron use is various sports disciplines that are not possible without constant passing the doping test before competitions. Since drostanolone removes fast from the system and finding its metabolites in the urine is extremely hard, this “safe testosterone” is ideal for professional athletes. The proof of this statement is the fact that over the past twenty years, athletes who failed the test on using the forbidden derivative of DHT are very few, although it can be said with confidence that many records were achieved with the help of Masteron over this long period. However, athletes using Drostanolone Propionate should attend that methods of detecting doping are constantly progressing and that taking this prohibited drug should be stopped at least four weeks before the doping test.


Masteron can be used not only by athletes who compete and are focused on a sports career but also by athletes of any level, even those who work out only “for themselves.” There are three reasons why I often recommend for fitness and bodybuilding lovers to include Masteron in their cycles:

1) Masteron, no matter how strange it sounds, is a great mass gaining steroid if you will mix it with testosterone. Drostanolone in combination with testosterone on the bulking cycle has a synergistic effect and helps to build the body, gaining high-quality muscles without water excess (if proper diet is followed).

2) Drostanolone propionate is an effective analog of Winstrol but safer. Many fitness lovers all year have only one problem: how to gain “lean” muscles and at the same time constantly keep their “ideal” body in proper shape. Such a goal dictates certain rules that must be followed at all times proper nutrition, a proper workout, and correctly selected AAS. Moreover, as usually happens any fitness follower along with various non-aromatizing steroids has an injectable Winstrol. Few users know that Winstrol is a potentially dangerous steroid and often causes many health issues, due to high levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and “dehydration” of ligaments and joints. A simple replacement of Stanozolol with Masteron can change the situation and make the cycle safer because Drostanolone does not have the disadvantages of Winstrol.

3) Masteron can be a reserve steroid for athletes with average pharma experience. If you already have two or three years of pharma experience behind you then most probably you have managed to try many available steroids. And your body has already developed tolerance to them and does not respond well even to constant increases in working dosages, so it’s time to buy Masteron … This moderate androgen will help your body to bypass the temporary effect of steroid tolerance and will push you to continue improving your body and spirit in the gym.

How to use it and with what to combine

The dosage range varies from 200 mg to 600 mg weekly, although some experienced athletes go up to 1000 mg weekly or even more to achieve certain goals. Masteron cannot be considered a completely safe steroid. For example, if to compare it with Primobolan, Drostanolone Propionate has some unpleasant androgenic type side effects, which we will discuss below. When you are planning a cycle, you have to consider these side effects and try to follow the recommended dosages.

Masteron’s half-life is 2-3 days the same as all other propionates do have. Usually, Drostanolone Propionate is injected in 100 mg dosage every other day. Also depending on the concentration of Masteron in a particular brand and on athlete’s individual characteristics, you can put it every day.

There are many different Masteron combinations with other steroids. Different sports have their own requirements for cycle compilation and the allowable weekly dosages. Below I will write some cycle samples and different combination options of Masteron with other steroids.

Drostanolone Propionate
  1. Beginner Cycle: Masteron 50 mg – 100 mg EOD + Anavar 30 mg – 40 mg ED + testosterone propionate 100 mg EOD. The cycle is very effective. The duration of a course is about 8 – 10 weeks.
  2. Option for fitness lovers: Masteron 100 mg EOD + Testosterone Propionate 100mg EOD + Turinabol 40 mg ED. The average cycle duration is 8 – 10 weeks. The main goal of such a course is to build good quality muscle without excess water. In addition to high-quality gained muscle, you will also increase strength performance by 20 – 40 kg in the bench press as an example.
  3. The combination for advanced users: 200 mg – 400 mg trenbolone acetate weekly + Masteron 50 mg – 100 mg EOD + testosterone propionate 100 mg EOD. The average course duration is 6 – 7 weeks. Cycle for extra dry mass, almost pre-competitive selection. With the right low-carb, the diet will give an increase of 2 – 4 kg lean muscles. But this is already quite a dangerous “mix” because you can “catch tren dick” during the cycle and then recover your male functions for a very long time after the cancellation of the cycle. Trenbolone is a progestin and if you don’t know how to use it in the right way, it can be harmful.
  4. Option for very safe users: Masteron solo 50 mg EOD + Testosterone Propionate 50 mg EOD. The average cycle duration is 6 – 8 weeks. Such a cycle is well suited for a newbie who just starts with combining different steroids and for those who want to avoid poisonous Dbol and explosive test. The result from such a Masteron cycle will be poor, but for inexperienced users whose weight does not exceed 65 kg, it will be just right!

Side effects

As we mentioned above, Masteron anabolic properties are quite weak, that’s why there is a fairly high possibility of androgen kind side effects like acne, alopecia, prostatic hypertrophy. However, such side effects occur extremely rarely. Only in a case with extremely high dosages and excess cycle duration.

Such side effects like water retention increased blood pressure and toxicity to the liver is not the case with Masteron. Typical Stanozolol problems with joints and ligaments are also absent in Drostanolone Propionate. Master never increases bad cholesterol in the blood.

Like all other AAS, Masteron has a negative impact on the arc “hypothalamus-pituitary gland – testes”. Drostanolone is a moderate androgen and if you are using it for a long period of time it will lead to inhibition of gonadotropic hormones and endogenous testosterone. Therefore, to restore hormonal levels after the Masteron cycle it is necessary to make proper post-cycle therapy.


In general, we can conclude the fact that Drostanolone Propionate, along with other pharmaceuticals steroids that are currently available on the black market is the most preferable in terms of safety and effectiveness. Its use in sports practice is justified and efficient. Drostanolone propionate will suit athletes of any level. Everything in this steroid is good, everything in this steroid is fine … except for two important aspects: high price and the huge number of fakes on the market. On average, one ml that contains 100 mg of active substance will cost you around $ 6.5. As for the second aspect, at present Masteron is produced exclusively by UG labs, so you never know about the quality.