Methenolone Acetate | Primobolan Enanthate

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Group Anabolic Steroid
Tasks drying the body, “polishing”

It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. It is considered a mild steroid, along with Anavar, Boldenone, Halotestin, Masteron.

It has two forms: Acetate and Enanthate.

It is believed that such a steroid is not able to cause any side effects. There are certain subtleties in its application, but we will dwell on them a bit later.


The drug entered the market in 1962, in the United States, under the name Nibal Depot. And indeed, the period from 1959 – 1968 was the most active in the development of the steroid industry, which developed very dynamically and quickly, looking ahead. All the main AAS discoveries were made at that time, and all that we use now is all echoes of the 60s. In the US, the drug was not produced for long, and then migrated to Europe under the name Primobolan Depot.

Initially, Primobolan was developed, like all AAS, against the background of those experiments that were conducted to treat iron deficiency anemia. But unlike other steroids, he could cope with more severe cases when the bone marrow was damaged directly, or during bone marrow transplant operations, since it stimulated its work well.

Primobolan, like Nandrolone Decanoate, contributed to a more active “launch” of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.

The critical values of hemoglobin drops to 40 – 50 grams/liter, safely rose to normal in a short period, which was enough to maintain a stable condition of the patient after surgery.

But of course we are now interested in his other qualities.

There are two forms of Primobolan:

Primobolan Acetate:
Form tablets
Packing 5mg, 25mg, 50mg
Sports Application MMA, Athletics, football, part of hormone replacement therapy

For power sports and where it is necessary to show the body relief, this form is less interesting, since it is extremely difficult and inconvenient to gain on Primo tabs or dry on it. Some tried to make “bridges” on Methenolone Acetate, but it does not give much. To get any result from it, you must take 200 mg. per day, and since the dosage of the tablets is small, it is very inconvenient to do this. Therefore, it is more advisable to take its other form – Primobolan Enanthate.

Primobolan Enanthate:
Form injection
Packing 100 mg/ml and 250 mg/ml
Application in sports Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, MMA, Weightlifting

But it also has its drawbacks. Primobolan Enanthate will not completely restore you and the “bridge” on it is completely pointless to do. Many try to make a “bridge” on it, but, in essence, this is a continuation of the cycle. It turns out an “eternal cycle”, which does not positively affect the restoration of the hormonal system.

Therefore, such a weak preparation, which has such a low androgenic index and relatively low anabolic, is used only for some narrow purposes. In particular, we can have a look on a tried and tested course on Primobolan Enanthate:

1 – 14 day

Testosterone Propionate 100 mg / per day;

15 – 90 days

Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg per week + Stanozolol – 40 mg / day;

from 3rd week

1 time per week of Testosterone Propionate.

The stage comes when you need to switch to PCT or another drug. And here, Primobolan Enanthate will be just the intermediate stage. That is, in the course, Testosterone Enanthate is replaced by Primobolan Enanthate while continuing to take Stanozolol at 40 mg, and gradually removing it. As a result, according to the results of analyzes, the load is removed from the hormonal system and it does not need to be restored afterward. So the body is unloaded and it is possible to more smoothly leave the course and switch to PCT or the “bridge” from simpler steroids, for example, Stanozolol. In this case, the rollback phenomenon is the most minimal.

Primobolan performs these tasks on a rating of “excellent”. Some people like it even more than Boldenone. But, on drying, it has the property of water retention. Therefore, before the competition, it is impossible to “polish” on it. It is better to switch to Masteron in smaller doses, or Boldenone, or to Winstrol, which would be a better option. Here, everyone already has their schemes, depending on what you took before that.

Properties of Primobolan

AAS courses, where Testosterone Enanthate and Primobolan are used at the same time, complement each other androgenic properties. From a harmless oil, Primobolan turns into a catalyst for side effects of the main steroid, without enhancing the effectiveness.

For the “mass gain” it is not suitable. Some sources claim that it can be wedged into the course with Testosterone Enanthate, supposedly this enhances the effect. This only enhances the incidence of side effects. Because, despite its conditional softness, it is still an androgenic drug. Accordingly, it affects the suppression of the axis of the Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Testicles, which in combination with Testosterone Enanthate exacerbates the severity of exit from the course. Therefore, we do not recommend putting it together with “heavy” steroids, as is claimed on certain resources.

As we wrote above, it is ideal for cutting. As for the first course. If you decided to take Primobolan for the first course, then this is the right choice, you definitely will not lose. On it, you will feel part of the effects that say, Equipoise or Testosterone Propionate, because, it seems, Primabolon is weaker than Boldenone, and that, in turn, is weaker than Testosterone Propionate. But at least you will get to know what will await you in the future if you want to get hooked on anabolic steroids. That is, the use of “SOLO” is justified only for the first cycle.

Such a drug can be recommended because you will not even find side effects. Especially if you follow the dosages recommended in the booklets and annotations, which, if necessary, can be carefully increased. The dosage can be different, from 400 to 2000 mg per week. Everything will depend on how much free money and free time you have to carry out such experiments.

Dosages of Primobolan for drying:

  • 250 mg per week – slight anti-catabolic effect;
  • 500 mg a week – “grinding” effect. Not suitable for total weight loss;
  • 600 – 800 mg per week – standard body drying at rates of up to 10% of excess fat.

In fact, increasing more than 1 gram per week does not make any sense, since you do not observe the effect of increasing the dosage at all. The number of side effects, while also not increasing, in contrast with the same Boldenone. Therefore, you can safely experiment with dosages and select them for yourself.

The first course will ideally be 400 – 600 mg per week and no more. You can add some other derivative of dihydrotestosterone, for example, such as Stanozolol, but then get ready for side effects on the joints that will be felt and need to be stopped.


  • acceleration of the effect of lipolysis;
  • increase in appetite;
  • increase in hemoglobin;
  • increased stamina.


  • slight increase in muscle mass;
  • moderate increase in power indicators;
  • a slight increase in libido.


By and large, you will not feel anything terrible on it. A slight increase in liver enzymes may be observed. This is because Primobolan, as a rule, causes increased appetite, thus, you overload the liver with abundant nutrition. At this moment, not pharmacology plays a big role, but nutrition. Therefore, it is simply necessary to keep a diet while on Primo, and all “muscle gaining” courses lose all meaning since the side effects climb just on those people who are trying to gain weight by increasing the number of calories, eating everything.

The next side effect that may occur while taking Primobolan is acne. This is either the predisposition of certain people, or a certain lifestyle effects, or part of the effects of dihydrotestosterone. But this phenomenon is very rare.

  • alopecia;
  • lowering the tone of voice (adolescents, women);
  • slight fluid retention;
  • spontaneous erection;
  • increase in AST and ALT of liver enzymes;
  • acne;
  • migraine;
  • violation of vascular tone;
  • violation of the ratio of cholesterol.

I would like to note that adolescents, under 18, and even better before 21 years of age, the use of AAS is strictly prohibited!

As a steroid for girls – a big question. Since in this case, it will be necessary to control virilization / masculinization, lowering the tone of the voice, hair loss.


Great choice for first cycle. Almost no serious side effects.

The preparation is flawless for drying.

Not suitable for muscle gaining courses.

For women, not the best steroid.