Testosterone Cypionate | Test Cyp

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Group Anabolic Steroid
Half-life 8 days

Testosterone Cypionate appeared as a result of interference in the ester group by modernizing existing drugs. The drug was synthesized in the late 50s. Cypionate is an extended-release of testosterone ester. It was a kind of reminiscence on Testosterone Enanthate. It is almost the same hormone and it works on almost the same principles. The only difference is a change in one atom, due to which it is more prolonged, that means Cypionate works a little longer than Enanthate.

Objective differences between Cypionate and Enanthate.

Drying on Testosterone Cypionate is pretty bad. If you can focus on Enanthate in the direction of gaining muscle mass during the drying period and at the same time grow something, then on Cypionate it is almost impossible to do. This is because it is a longer ester and not all users are correctly use it as a steroid. Wrong made injections. It turns out that on drying a large amount of water accumulates, even though the amount of carbohydrates is limited. This is due to its longer duration.

Testosterone Cypionate has a longer half-life, which prolongs its effect. If you use the generally accepted recommendation to inject once a week, then the steroid almost has time to go through a half-life cycle, reducing its effect on drying. To prevent this from happening, at least 2 injections per week are required.

You may reasonably ask so why then was created Cypionate? The drug was developed in the United States and was initially used for medical reasons, like almost all anabolic steroids.

The main purpose at the time of release: treatment of anemia, increased cardiac output, treatment of hypoxic conditions.

Before it came into the everyday life of bodybuilders, Testosterone Enanthate was already in full use, and Cypionate was then considered as some kind of distant medicine, and not as an anabolic steroid. Later, much later, he reached a more decent level. And now, mainly overseas usually use Cypionate, because there it is more affordable than Enanthate. In Europe, the situation is exactly the opposite. The use of Enanthate is more.

But as we wrote above, you must be very careful with Test Cypionate use. At elevated dosages, up to 750 mg per week, the risk of side effects increases, exceeding that of Test Enanthate.

So we come to the side effects. It should be noted that the manifestation of side effects is an extremely individual indicator and depends primarily on the initial state of your hormonal system.


Side effects such as aromatization when using Testosterone Cypionate appear faster than on Enanthate background, due to a longer release of ester and as a result of exposure to endogenous Testosterone.

As a result of aromatization, blood pressure rises significantly, the roots of this phenomenon are there. Since a large amount of fluid accumulates in the tissues, including fat, you get arterial hypertension – this is an increase in pressure. Do not confuse with hypertension, hypertension is already a disease. Moreover, it rises to values of 160/100 mm Hg. It is worth noting that on the Enanthate, with the same weight, with the same water-salt balance, the same workouts, an increase in blood pressure to 140/90 mm Hg was noted.

Raising blood pressure at rest on different esters of Testosterone in a “healthy” person at a rate of 120/80 mm. Hg:

Jumps in blood pressure – an individual indicator. The above data were obtained in the gym on the controlled group.

The phenomena of fluid retention on Cypionate are much more pronounced, like all other side effects. This is due to the fact that it is usually used at 500 mg dosage for one injection (according to the encyclopedia), in other words, you have to put 500 mg. at a time and wait 1 – 2 weeks before the next injection. And this is supposedly considered correct.

Side, undesirable moments can be characterized as follows:

  • aromatization;
  • coarsening of the voice;
  • itching in the nipples (a hint of the onset of gynecomastia);
  • water retention in the body;
  • increase in blood pressure.

On bulking cycles, in any case, there will be increased pressure due to the abundance of salty foods, because many people on a set of muscle mass do not comply with the diet, using fast food as food. With this kind of nutrition, in conjunction with Cypionate, your pressure will “go off the scale”.

Some athletes believe that the transition from Testosterone Enanthate after 2 – 3 months to Testosterone Cypionate is more correct. Ostensibly because the Cypionate has a longer exhaust and therefore it can be more smoothly exited. This is partly true. Such people are convinced that when you change one ester to another, which is based on Testosterone, in particular, it is Enanthate with Cypionate, you get a fundamentally different course. In fact, there are no significant differences. You can only notice an increase in the frequency of side effects. This is what we talked about above.

In conclusion, I want to say that there is no fundamental difference that you will use on the course, Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate. Testosterone Enanthate is safer from the point of view of side effects, it is easier to control and standard estrogens work fine on it. Testosterone Cypionate, however, may give some resistance in this regard. Standard estrogens will hardly be included in the work due to the longer and more constant release of the long ester.

The half-life, as was noted at the very beginning of the article for Testosterone Cypionate, is 8 days and it can be in your body for all 15 – 18 days. And all this time it will be fully working. If you start injecting more often, the effect builds up and exhaust at the end of the cycle can be up to 40 days. You understand that doing PCT after 40 days from the last injection is not entirely advisable. Since you simply begin to lose in the mass that you managed to gain, of course, after the release of water and the beginning of the restoration of the hormonal system.

Cypionate is a more American model of using the steroid because of its greater availability there than Enanthate, which is used in Europe. But in essence, he does not give a difference in comparison with Enanthate (except of course great side effects).