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Created by Holland Company “ORGANON” and includes 4 esters of Testosterone, forming a substance called Sustanon. The drug got its name from the name of the first brand of these testosterone esters. In other words, the following can be said about him – Testosterone in polyester form.

The drug was created like all steroids, purely for medical purposes. His task was to help with the rehabilitation of male impotence. Because all the esters that makeup Sustanon act differently, they have a longer and more equal effect on the hormonal background of the body. Thus maintaining at the right level the reproductive system in men.

There were other attempts to use Sustanon 250, such as the treatment of iron deficiency anemia (like all anabolic steroids), and also experimented with the steroid in the field of veterinary medicine, with the goal of more productive cattle raising.

Experiments with Testosterone and its esters were carried out continuously, starting from the 60s, especially in the 70s and 80s. Thus, we thought of a combination of 4 testosterone esters for their prolonged action.

So what are these four esters?

  • Propionate (with a half-life of 4 days);
  • Phenylpropionate (with a half-life of 5 – 6 days);
  • Isocaproate (with a half-life of 4 – 5 days);
  • Decanoate (with a half-life of 15 days).

Thus, a harmonious connection of esters with different absorption rates were obtained. What these esters are and how they work can be read in other articles of our site, because they are used separately from each other, we will consider them only briefly.

Propionate – is the most popular anabolic steroid. Its popularity lies in the fact that it almost immediately after the injection, literally after 2 – 3 hours, is included in the work and is acting for 4 – 5 days.

Phenylpropionate – synthesized in 1957, entered in mass production in 1959. Originally used in the treatment of severe burns, fractures. It was also used in diffuse conditions in the absence of mechanisms in the body for the full absorption of proteins.

Isocaproate – its creation was motivated by the fact that it was necessary to stimulate the release of its Testosterone. This is a hormone with a more elegant effect, which allowed to stimulate their secretion of the hormone to maintain it in more natural norms for people who have a problem with it.

Decanoate – synthesized in 1959, and 1962 was launched into mass production. It was initially developed like all previous testosterone esters for medical purposes – for the treatment of dystrophy, bone apparatus diseases and the prevention of osteochondrosis, etc. But since over time, other, more advanced drugs were developed for these purposes, it remained relevant only to athletes, in general like all AAS.

What, in action, is this mixture of esters? This is a single, integral substance, which is designed to close the hormonal pits, or in another way, a steroid plateau.

Even if you are on a solo cycle with oral steroids, you have every chance for 2 – 3 weeks to “fail” in the concentration of hormones “down”, then again rising “up” and go in waves throughout the course. While on Sustanon 250 this probability is extremely reduced because esters of different lengths stop these dips on a hormonal background. This is its main plus. This saves you on the cycle of the same Enanthate to put additional Propionate, to smooth the hormonal background. This leads to the unambiguous conclusion that polyester forms can keep hormone levels in a relatively equal background.

What do all sellers promise us, and what do we really get?

You can hear that Stanozolol is something new, unlike any of the Testosterones. The essence of Sustanon 250 is the same as any Testosterone. Therefore, most of the effects that promise us, they are not plausible. In particular, a pronounced increase in muscle mass, almost the largest, a huge increase in strength indicators, a huge appetite, sexual activity. Which, even differently, is easier to breathe, because he has the miracle of transporting oxygen. This is all true, but all Testosterones possess these properties. Therefore, for marketing purposes, the properties of Sustanon 250 are always embellished.

And without exception, we can say that the steroid is really worthy, but with all this requires some attention to yourself, as well as practice to use.

The real effects, like any Testosterone:

  • muscle growth;
  • growth of power indicators;
  • strong pumping;
  • the minimum frequency of side effects.

So, in reality, with adequate approaches to training, the absence of various diseases associated with the hormonal system and proper nutrition, we observe an increase in muscle mass.

Strength indicators increase during training aimed at the growth of these indicators.

Increased endurance, but with the effect of water retention at maximum pump reps. Not even water, namely pumping. Naturally, with an increased concentration of carbohydrates, it will be poured with water, like from any other Testosterone ester.

This is the real range of effects that Sustanon 250 has.

It is not always suitable for “bringing to condition” and drying. It is possible to dry on Sustanon, but this is not very pleasant, because it is on the drying that stagnation phenomena that are very similar to hormonal pits will be observed.

And they apply it just so that the hormonal background is always smooth and the progress is stable.

Where is it better to stab?

There is an opinion that Sustanon 250 should be injected in the shoulders. This is completely absurd because the digestibility of the substance that you deliver to the muscle through injection is broken down in the following order:

1st place – the glutes;

2nd place – deltoid muscle;

3rd place – pectoral muscle;

4th place – biceps, triceps.

And the last place – the toughest muscles – these are square muscles, where the drug is very poorly and long absorbed, and also very painful. There generally does not make sense to prick, so you essentially prolong the action of the steroid, reducing its concentration and the amount of released substance. Therefore, it is best to put it in the gluteal muscle.


In general, the same as Testosterone, namely

  • increase in blood pressure (as a result of nosebleeds);
  • gynecomastia;
  • increase in cholesterol (with prolonged long courses);
  • shortness of breath (with an excess of carbohydrates);
  • depression (with hormonal pits);
  • violation of vascular tone;
  • aromatization;
  • testicular atrophy (with protracted without control courses).

As a rule, the entire side effect happens with improper and/or without control use. With proper use of the steroid, this can all be avoided. The most important thing is not to get stuck on this, to take tests on time and observe statistics, how often these or those effects are manifested. But blood pressure rises in any case, at all and always, from any drugs of Testosterone series. Also carefully control the aromatization, as a large number of branches of smaller side effects grow from it.

Sustanon 250 is especially suitable for any start. If you decide to choose an injection and have already had experience with any other Testosterone esters, and understand the difference between them, you can safely try Sustanon, which works more stably, evenly. In this way, you will protect yourself from the many undesirable effects that, in theory, may occur in such courses.

How to apply:

Sustanon cycle is simple. It is similar to the course of Enanthate and Cypionate. The weekly dosage is 500 mg, which is divided into 2 times, i.e. with an interval of 3 days. It depends on what tasks you set for yourself. Since the drug works for a long time, beginners should put it once every 2 weeks, some advice even once every 3 weeks, but with this scheme, the effect of injections will be very insignificant.

Perhaps this is all that we wanted to present in a short course review of Sustanon. As you can see, the effects that it gives are inherent in all esters of Testosterone. After all, Testosterone is everywhere Testosterone and the effects are approximately similar. All these can be found in other sections of our site and, as we see, with skillful and competent use, the effect of them is only positive. A distinctive feature of Sustanon 250 is a more even hormonal background throughout the course.


Before you start using AAS, discuss the appropriateness of using a particular steroid with your healthcare provider.