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Stanozolol 50 Magnus Pharma – Injectable Winstrol

How to use Stanozolol Injection and what is the dosage?
In the case of AAS, the total dosage of a particular steroid can vary significantly. For example, testosterone: the highest dosage of Testosterone Cypionate for HRT patients is usually 200 mg a week. Whereas, for performance-enhancing, 400mg per week of Testosterone Cypionate is considered to be a low dose and usually is increased up to 1000 mg per week and even higher.

17α-alkylated Stanozolol anabolic steroid, also widely known under “Winstrol” trade name, has doses that are not so dramatically spread.

For cutting-oriented individuals, the dosage is in the range of 50 mg-100 mg of injectable form per day or 10 mg per day for women. For those who use Stanozolol as a supplement for athletic performance, the dosage is even lower. For male athletes, doses of Winstrol may be as low as 20-25 mg per day, but for women, the average doses of Winstrol will still drop in the range of 10 mg every day.

Stanozolol is certainly not the most expensive, although not the cheapest anabolic steroid, let’s admit it. With all this in mind, the most obvious question is how to optimize our doses, what is the best place to buy Winstrol, so we will get the best effect for money. In this article, we will give some tips on how to plan total dosage and what is injectable and pill form difference so you can decide on what suits you the best.

Off-Season Dosage

Stanozolol is not the best off-season steroid simply because it’s not a mass gainer. However, due to the ability to reduce significantly the SHBG level and nice synergistic effect when combined with other steroids being used on bulking, injection Stanozolol is often included in off-season steroid cycles by many athletes. In any case, if you decide to use Stanozolol in your off-seasonal cycle, the dosage of Winstrol of 50 mg daily for about 4-6 weeks will be more than enough to create the effect you are looking for.

Winstrol for Cutting Effect

The fat-burning period is the best time to go for Winstrol. Actually, we would say Stanozolol is the best cutting steroid, so far. To really achieve a lean and granite-like physique, injectable Stanozolol can certainly be the response. Most athletes use Stanozolol 50 mg daily for the last 6-8 weeks of the steroid cycle. For competing bodybuilders, increasing the dosage up to 100 mg per day in the last 10-14 days before going on stage is not a bad idea. Although, this is not a dose you want to take for a long time as it causes huge stress to your liver for a few weeks in a row.

Increasing Strength

By its very nature, Stanozolol can increase strength significantly. That’s why it has been many athletes’ favorite for years. In fact, when it comes to sports, power, and speed is above all. For this purpose, 25 mg-50 mg of Winstrol daily would be almost tailor-made for most athletes. For athletes aiming for reinforcement, such a Stanozolol dosage will help increase the strength and speed they seek without gaining fat.

Injection or Oral?

As mentioned above, Winstrol is available in oral and injectable forms. Both forms contain Stanozolol and both are effective, but there are a few minor differences. The pill version has a half-life of about 9 hours, while Winstrol injection has a half-life of up to 24 hours. In addition, the injectable version of the same dosage is slightly stronger, but the difference is so unimportant that it can be neglected. In any case, the only difference worthy to note is the name. Stanozolol pills usually are simply referred to as “Winstrol”. The injectable version is referred to as “Winstrol Depot”. Again, for all intense purposes both Winstrol give equal results. Just like the pill form, Winstrol injectable is also a C17-aa anabolic steroid.


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