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High Winstrol Injection Dosage – Stanotrex 150

Stanotrex 150 from Concentrex is a high-quality Winstrol with a high concentration of the active substance. It can be good as a solo cycle and in combination with other AAS depending on your goals.

Concentrex is a pharma company based in Belgium. Concentrex labs gained good feedback for its superb quality products for years being on the market. Users like it for its smooth and good effect.

Stanotrex comes as a Winstrol injection. The dosage is higher than the regular brands do. Concentrex is very famous for making its injectable steroids overdosed. More dosage is very convenient for those who already had conducted a few cycles ago and came up to the next level. High Winstrol dosage in 1 ml will help you to use less of the product and to save some money on it. Instead of buying 20ml or even 30 ml of Winstrol injection, you will get the same amount just only in 1 vial (10ml).

Stanotrex was designed mostly for advanced athletes. It will help you to accelerate all of your achievements in a very short period. Stanotrex obviously is a cutting agent. With the proper diet, it will make you shredded. Winstrol not only cut but also increases strength indicators. But Stanotrex is not the best choice in such kinds of sports as weightlifting, boxing, cycling, wrestling, and others. The reason is that Stanotrex like any other injectable Winstrol will dry out the water from your joints and will make them very fragile.

Possible Side Effects

Winstrol is considered a very pure steroid. This means that he is very anabolic and very less androgenic. So why to not use it all the time or why it’s not recommended for female athletes. The answer is very simple. Because it’s a DHT derivative. So females will get all the negative side effects very quickly and some of them might be unreversible. The same rule applies to men as well. All the side effects which are related to DHT like baldness, acne, body hair growth, and others will occur. So when you are using injectable Winstrol especially in a high dosage you should be very careful.