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 Stanozolol (Winstrol Depot) is one of the most classic performance-enhancing drug known to mankind.

In this article, we will run through the history of Stanozolol, medical uses, pharmacology and structure, and unique features of this drug. Of course, we will discuss also side effects and the conclusion.

The history of Winstrol

Winstrol has first described in 1959 just like all other drugs at the end of the 50s into the early 60s all these anabolic steroids came out. It’s incredible. In that period when all those took place. Stirling drugs and Winthrop labs in 1962 brought this drug to the market in America by the FDA. Later it was produced and came into the American market as Winstrol V veterinarian and the muscular product aging. There’s no question that this is one of the top most popular anabolic steroids known to the world both an oral form and an intermuscular injected form, very unique. Both used by men and even more women just like Anavar. This drug is rivaled only by Dianabol and Anavar as far as popularity and the amount it’s purchased per year still to this day.

The historic perspective it’s an amazing Canadian originally Jamaican sprinter picked up a gold medal in the Seoul Olympics in the summer of September 24th 1988. Hours later he was disqualified and they found in his urine substance Winstrol.

Medical uses of Stanozolol

There were true medical uses for Winstrol. As other anabolic steroid appetite stimulants and the ability to increase lean muscle mass. Status post catabolic medical disease states of course. Relationship to being in the ICU intensive care unit with severe infectious disease, status post surgeries, and weakness after surgery, etc. And again like other steroids postmenopausal osteoporosis for women. This drug was classically used and marketed way back when for anti-catabolic agent status post prolonged cortical steroid use. These are drugs corticosteroids like prednisone still used today in a rheumatologic venue with chronic asthma and severe diseases of the gastrointestinal tract for example etc. Of course this alongside Anavar but more commonly Anavar used in the ICU Burn Center. Winstrol Depot was used for aplastic anemia for its amazing effect to increase red blood cells called erythrocytosis. Winstrol was proven in studies to speed up healing for ulcer healing. It was a drug marketed and used to some degree of success for speeding up and healing angioedema of the oral mucosal surfaces.

Through the 60s into the 70s into the early 1980s, Stanozolol went through different manufacturers and it was tossed around a lot as far as ownership and utilities and bantering back and forth with the FDA. But finally, in 1984 the FDA concluded there was insufficient data to continue the use and marketing of Winstrol in the US market. So that year it was discontinued. Of course, at that time and even up until today Stanozolol can be used generically off-label for these uses and other uses.

Pharmacology and structure of Stanozolol

Like Anavar and Primobolan Winstrol is a DHT derived drug.

N°1. It has its usual 17alpha alkylation of that carbon with the addition of a methyl group. This is for oral administration and abling Stanozolol to bypass the first bypass effect and be in taking out of the liver elimination. This is what renters this drug liver toxic.

N°2. The amazing structure of a unique feature of this and other anabolic steroids are these specific changes and in this case to the A ring of the DHT molecule itself. There’s an attachment of a pirosol group to this A ring making Stanozolol now a heterocyclic steroid and this is exactly where on this compound it enables and causes this drug to be so potent anabolically verse androgenically that anabolic androgenic ratio. And Winstrol Depot is 3 times or more potent versus testosterone. A very unique feature of Winstrol chemically as that it is very potent at suppressing sex hormone-binding globulin. I bring this to mind it’s been very interesting. The amazing effect is it does lower in this steroid Stanozolol verse and also oral Anavar, another oral steroid. It Will also significantly and quickly lower that sexual binding globulin and therefore liberating the free testosterone potentially at that time making a man feel better. But the problem is doctors and agents of the world and gurus of the world it doesn’t last and their side effects… So it works when you’re on it and therefore the agent you’re on the additional agents, for example, biologic extras of testosterone will work better or the man may feel better transiently but it doesn’t last. I’ve seen this, it’s doesn’t last and it’s too toxic. The underlying deficit or lesion physiologically for why he has an elevated sexual binding globulin is not addressed, it’s masked. So for that effect don’t use Stanozolol.

Winstrol’s Side Effects

Winstrol cannot be aromatized. It’s not an estrogenic steroid. Obviously, secondary to this it has minimal to very low ability to cause puffiness and water gain or minimal gynecomastia. So, therefore, aromatase inhibitors and selective estrogen receptor modulators are not used or minimally used with this drug. Winstrol is definitely a cutting steroid like Anavar. That’s why the likes of track field and strength sport that need to be super fast and strong with minimal added weight have picked this drug. Winstrol is a great cutting steroid and don’t kid yourself this is a strength steroid too.

Androgenic Side Effects

Being a derived DHT drug it already comes 5-alpha reduced. So there is no substrate for 5-alpha reductase and these are the androgenic effects so finasteride or dutasteride, classic DHT blockers are not effectual, are not needed, and won’t be used. There should be minimal to low male pattern balding or acne but because this is an anabolic steroid and it is potent we do see that those effects do happen for men and women although there are definitely less than classic steroids like testosterone or even tren or Deca-Durabolin. Of course, it depends on the dose of the person, the length of use, and the other steroids used.

Liver Effects

Stanozolol is a c-17 alpha-alkylated methylated drug. It’s metabolized by the liver like all the other oral drugs are steroids. But versus Anavar which it should be it’s really not metabolized so much by the liver, it’s the kidney. But Stanozolol is definitely potentially liver toxic but not so much as Dianabol.

Some people in the world have thought:” Wow, let me use Winstrol V (it’s an intermuscular form of Winstrol) and won’t damage my liver”. The truth is we are not sure why but this can be very damaging to the liver, an injectable form of Winstrol. It’s also severely liver toxic.


Winstrol among other anabolic steroids is an absolute miracle drug. It will build muscle incredibly, It will make you bigger, faster, and stronger. But you should know that there will be a price to pay.


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