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Turinabol Tablets – Tbol 10mg

Things to Know About Turanabol

Balkan Pharmaceuticals Turanabol is an oral AAS very similar to the compound of extremely popular Dianabol. Another remarkable feature is that Turinabol leaves the body very quickly. This feature makes athletes embrace this steroid, especially in those disciplines where drug testing is imposed. Users stop taking Tbol tablets five days before the test having no concerns they would be caught up. The absence of aromatization is another bonus. However, if you violate your Turinabol cycle by taking more or often than recommended, you may experience some water retention and gynecomastia.

As to power and muscle mass increase, nothing is superior to Turanabol, a unique non-aromatized steroid. It turns into testosterone once injected into the body. Tbol tablet is a derivative of the above-mentioned Dianabol and has the same effects as the legendary Dbol.

Here are the main effects of using Turinabol 10mg tablets:

  • Increases power and stamina;
  • Increases lean muscle mass;
  • Fat burning effect;
  • Anti-catabolic effect.


If you’re hoping to give your muscles some weight, a well-composed Turanabol Balkan Pharmaceuticals Cycle will make you win quickly. However, this weight gain is not the type of bodybuilder’s weight gain, but of the sprinter. Modest mass gain means more power and speed increase. Satisfactory body mass means you will not notice the difference as fast as you expect. This is the main reason why people don’t see Turanabol as a fast steroid for muscle growth.

Liver damage

Turanabol takes a very short time to half-life, so it doesn’t challenge the liver too much. However, since the Tbol tablet is a 17 α-alkylated AAS and has toxic potential, the long Turanabol Balkan Pharmaceuticals cycle would cause problems for your liver. It is important that you use Turanabol tablets after you check with your doctor before use. Signs of liver damage include jaundice (skin and eyes yellowing), fatigue, and pain in the lower abdomen. Hepatitis is one of the many conditions that can be worsened by taking Turinabol pills.

Turanabol 10mg Dosage

It is easy to determine the appropriate dosage when you use pills. Sure, there will be one dosage for athletics and much more different for bodybuilding. So, boxers and runners can take approximately 10 mg of Turanabol tablet per day. Turanabol Dosage in bodybuilding ranges from 50 to 75 mg. This is the optimal amount for a 100 kg athlete without any side effects. Considering the half-life of 16 hours, the daily dosage should be divided into 2 parts in order to constantly maintain the peak content of the active substance.

Turanabol Cycle

If you are a beginner and want to start taking just Tbol solo, your Turanabol Cycle of only 20-30 mg per day would be sufficient.

A basic blend in Turanabol Cycle for mass gain and strength may look like this:

  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Turanabol: 20 mg per day
  • Testosterone Enanthate: 250 mg per week
  • Sustanon: 250 mg per week.

After that, a PCT treatment with Tamoxifen is recommended.

How to Purchase?

Since it is an easy-to-find AAS, you can buy Turanabol tablets, at drug stores, or even right in the gyms. But not all countries tolerate free trade on anabolic steroids, so buying online is the most popular way of getting steroids these days. There are different brands of Turanabol steroids to choose from and you don’t need any prescription to purchase it. This is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. A regular person thinks that if no prescription is required to buy Turanabol online, it means some infringing product is being manufactured and sold out there. It is a harsh truth that there are tons of counterfeit anabolic steroids and thousands of unscrupulous dealers who want to earn extra money selling them, but some vendors jump through hoops to sell authentic steroids only.

The best way to protect yourself from widespread counterfeiting is to check with online AAS communities and forums. You can also take look at the reviews of specific stores. Sharing experiences is another way to know the quality of anabolic drugs sold online. People share their experiences on steroid forums, so try to read some to find out where to go for the best prices and best quality. This will also be your chance to get some knowledge on where to buy Turanabol tablets and what are other steroids that can be used in Turanabol cycle. Especially, if you are a newbie to the gym and want to get the most out of Turanabol tablets, you will need the one who would advise you.

We recommend buying Turanabol tablets in online steroid stores that offer secure payment options and offer product checks. Make sure you read all the information thoroughly and are aware of the side effects and recommended the Turanabol cycle for beginners and advanced users.

Although it is easy to buy Turanabol tablets, it is in relatively high demand and this ensures that the price remains steadily high. Our advice regarding this product, – if you are about to try it, – would be to limit your choice to Balkan Pharmaceuticals or the British Dragon versions.


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