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High-quality musculature, strength, and speed … this is probably for anyone who has spent at least a week communicating with iron. Most want to get everything at once, and as quickly as possible. To make their bodies fit, dry and powerful. But in reality, not everything is as simple as it seems, on the way to achieving your goal you will have to work hard and even harder. And to move towards your desired goal will help steroid called Turinabol. Why exactly Turinabol, you ask; the answer is simple, this drug is optimal for both the newbie for steroids and experienced athletes who already knows what are they doing. Turinabol does not aromatize, which means it does not cause water retention in the body, which makes it attractive both for gaining quality mass and for “drying”. Turinabol also improves the speed-power qualities of an athlete, which makes him attractive in other sports.

Turanabol British Dragon gives a small increase in muscle mass, but it will be an increase more in the quality of your muscles. It increases strength and increases in strength lead to a load on the muscles that adapt to them and as a result, makes them grow.

British Dragon Turinabol is a cross between Stanozolol and Methandienone, if Stanozolol, with practically identical effects, is quite toxic for your liver and, in addition, negatively affects your joints and ligaments, then Turinabol is not so toxic to the liver and does not have a negative effect on the joints and ligaments. Methandienone is quite strongly aromatized, that is why water is retained in the body. But all three drugs have one thing in common – they increase muscle mass, increase strength, and Turanabol is the safest of them. That is why Turinabol is a very popular drug in bodybuilding. Turanabol from British Dragon even in solo use is a fairly good typesetting drug, and in combination with testosterone, the synergism effect just works wonderfully.

Turinabol does not aromatize, which means it does not cause water retention in the body, this suggests that such side effects as high blood pressure, gynecomastia, a drop-in libido, etc. just bypass you. Turanabol lowers SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin).

Oral Turanabol Side Effects

Side effects – when using oral Turanabol British Dragon are extremely few and rare. Since British Dragon Turinabol is an oral drug, it has a negative effect on the liver, but this is only when using unreasonably high dosages of the steroid. Turinabol inhibits the production of its own testosterone, but absolutely all AAS possess this property. Negatively affects the lipid profile. Rarely, alopecia, temporary sterility might happen. That’s probably all of the main side effects.

And after the track-and-field athletics Turinabol was tested in other sports disciplines. But especially sprinters loved oral Turanabol from British Dragon because it gives not only speed but also explosive power. Turinabol is such a universal drug that there is a place for it as part of any AAS course.

Recommended dosages are from 20 mg per day to 50 mg per day. More experienced athletes take 70 mg per day. But do not forget that more does not mean better.


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