Test Propionate and Tren Acetate Cycle

tren ace test p cycle
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Test Prop and Tren Cycle

Trenbolone Acetate + Testosterone Propionate Cycle

This cycle is perfect for those athletes who decided the first time to try the tren. In case of individual intolerance or a lot of side effects, you can quickly quit the cycle (a short ester will quickly stop acting in the body, which is not the case with long esters). This cycle can be used both for drying and for gaining lean muscle mass.

Trenbolone Acetate (Magnus Pharma, Cygnus Pharmaceuticals) – 10ml

Testosterone Prop (Magnus Pharma, Cygnus Pharmaceuticals) – 20ml

Clomid (Genesis) – 100tabs

Cycle duration – 6 weeks

Tren Dosage – 150mg per week

Test Prop Dosage – 300mg per week

PCT after Test Propionate and Tren Acetate Cycle is included (we will use clomid to restore the natural hormonal background).

Injections should be done in the morning (the best places for injections are: gluteal muscles and quadriceps).

Tren and Prop esters need to be combined in one syringe to minimize “tren cough” (you need to take 50 mg of tren acetate + 100 mg propionate into one syringe).

Rest after the cycle – 6 weeks (you can do more and it’s not recommended to do less)

Week 2: Monday (50mg tren + 100mg test propionate) / Wednesday (50mg tren + 100mg test propionate) / Friday (50mg tren + 100mg test propionate)

Week 3: Monday (50mg Tren Acetate + Prop 100mg) / Wednesday (50mg Tren Acetate + 100m Prop) / Friday (50mg Tren Acetate + 100mg Prop)

Week 4: Monday (50mg Tren + Test 100mg) / Wednesday (50mg Tren + 100mg Test) / Friday (50mg Tren + 100mg Test)

Week 5: Monday (50mg Acetate + Propionate 100mg) / Wednesday (50mg Acetate + 100m Propionate) / Friday (50mg Acetate + 100m Propionate)

Week 6: Monday (50mg Acetate + Test Propionate 100mg) / Wednesday (50mg Acetate + 100mg Test Propionate) / Friday (50mg Tren + 100mg Test Propionate)

Week 8: Clomid – 50mg in the morning (every other day)

Week 9: Clomid – 50mg in the morning (every other day)

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    Cheap and effective! test prop and tren ace was exactly what I needed. Excellent cuts. Followed your recommendation on dosages and as a result, no negative effects were observed. Best price!

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