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Stanozolol tablets – Winstrol 10mg

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid. It is also known as Winny. It is legal in Canada. A lot of people are thinking it’s illegal. They’re illegal to sell, but they are legal to buy and use. So you can have Winstrol in your house and you can use it and you’re not breaking the law. It’s a class 4 drug. In the USA it’s class 3 and it’s illegal. So if you are found with Winstrol you are breaking the law. Take note of that. Depending on the country because I’m not suggesting you do anything illegal.

It’s banned in Sports. Don’t use it if you are a drug-free competitor or you will fail a drug test. It will probably stay in your system for a month. There are liquid and oral forms of Stanozolol. So if you will inject Winstrol it would last for a few months.

Anabolic vs Androgenic vs Estrogenic

Anabolic is for example how much muscle it’s gonna put on your body. Androgenic would be the kind of side effects, the masculinizing or virilization. So getting a deep voice, your hair, clitoral growth for females. Those are like the kind of side effects from that. An estrogenic would be like as like making you have a gyno, which for men is that breast tissue development or basically just holding a lot of water.

Winstrol doesn’t build a lot of muscle. It’s not like super strong, it’s not like testosterone or trenbolone or Deca or Dbol. Stanozolol is not super anabolic. You are not gonna get Winstrol and get jacked. You are not gonna notice a huge change in muscle mass.

For women you probably could because it’s so much stronger. It’s basically ten times stronger for a female than a male for any drug. For example for women taking 10 mg of Winstrol that’s like for men taking 100 mg. So you can imagine 100 mg of Winstrol that’s a strong amount for a man to take. So the females are gonna feel a lot.

Winstrol is good to make you look awesome for a show or to look shredded on the beach or vacation if you are already peeled. So if you are fat and you take Winstrol you will see zero effects on your physique. You are not gonna like:” Ohh man look at this vein coming out now and look at how cut I am”. Nothing is gonna happen. You need to be lean to see that. You will get stronger, you will be building some muscle so that’s good. But it’s not gonna make you cosmetically. You’re not gonna be like looking shred, it’s not like some magic fat burner or something that’s gonna make you like a peel.

Winstrol is probably twice as androgenic as Anavar. In other words, the same dose of Anavar as Winstrol, the last gonna give you twice as much masculinizing effects. If you’re a female this is really important because if you think why to use 10 mg of Anavar in my last show and I looked great but my coach wants me to use 10 mg of Winstrol because it will dry me out more. Well, you might end up with side effects. Because it would be like taking 20 mg of Anavar. It’s just gonna make you have more side effects in terms of virilization. There is more chance to get a deep voice, put it that way. So be very careful with Winstrol.

Estrogenic none. No water retention, no gynecomastia, no bloated kind of look. If you’re trying to keep your weight down to a certain class or something it’s really gonna work for you. It’s like the opposite of Dbol in a way.

Negative Effects of Winstrol

Cardiovascular problems. Winstrol is very bad for cholesterol. Your HDL is gonna go down and the LDL gonna go up. So you will change the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol in a not good way for you. Your cholesterol gonna be more shitty. Just think of it like that. You will possibly need cholesterol medication from your doctor. And if you already have a cholesterol issue this is not even a possible choice for you. So it’s not something to take. Make sure you take your Omega-3 fatty acids, eat a high fiber diet, don’t eat a lot of sugar. The more fit you are, the more healthy, the more chance is that you could handle Winstrol without screwing your body and taking years of your life. If that makes any sense.

Male vs Female. What are the differences?

For men, it’s awesome to use Winstrol for a show, and aside from that if you want to look good for a beach, photoshoot. But it won’t gonna put a lot of muscles. It’s not something you want to take if you want to look like a bodybuilder.

For women Winstrol gonna make you put in a lot of muscle but at the expense of do you really want to look like a man? If you don’t care then go for it. Winstrol is awesome, it’s gonna do it. But if you don’t like shaving and you don’t want to grow down something there, it might be not the best choice for you. If you are a smart female steroid user and you are not abusing it then fine, you can probably get away with it. What do I mean by that?

I mean if you are taking 5 mg of Winstrol a day split up into 2 or 3 doses so say 2.5 mg twice a day, the chances are you fine with this for several months. If you’re using 10 mg a day, chances are you probably are going to get some side effects, and here’s the problem women will use way more. They’ll use 25 or 50 mg like what men use and that’s when you get the bad stuff. When people think girls use steroids and they always talk about it, they think that bikini girls don’t use steroids when in fact most of them do. Don’t think that if you use steroids well you’re gonna have a beard and you gonna look like a man. No. If you abuse steroids, yes that’s what gonna happen. Especially eventually. It doesn’t happen overnight.

One thing with Winstrol. If you do get these side effects and you stop right now they go away. So if you screw up and you listen to your coach and say take 25 mg of Winstrol per day cos I want you to win your first figure show. Well in a week once your voice starts to change and you stop, no reversible damage was done. You’re good to go. At least there’s a safety net. If you taking something your voice is changing you have the chance to stop. It’s not permanent. So if you screw up and you get permanent side effects, that’s your fault because you decided to keep doing it.

Winstrol will help testosterone you’re already taking work better. So if you’re in your first cycle all you do is testosterone, for example, you don’t need anything else but say you’re in your second cycle, you want something to work a bit better. If you have let’s say your 500 mg test cycle and add Winstrol on top of that let’s say 25 mg, testosterone that you’re using is gonna work better. More of it’s going to be used. Winstrol will decrease SHBG and so it frees up more testosterone to be used by the body.

Adding Winstrol to the cycle is good because it’ll free up more testosterone and you’ll be able to grow faster from the test. And don’t think I better run Winstrol cos a lot of steroids do that. Anavar is doing that, Tbol is doing that, so it’s not just like one thing. But that’s one common benefit of these oral. That’s why you stack steroids together, to make them work better.

What about shutting you down?

Winstrol is kind of gonna shut you down. Not a lot, it’s not like Deca or Tren or test. So if you’re on the Winstrol only cycle you still should do a PCT to get your body back to normal quicker. But I would never do a Winstrol without doing testosterone as a base anyway because every cycle should really start with testosterone for men and then add other drugs to it. So basically Winstrol will shut you down but not a lot. Not like crazy, not as much as other steroids, more than Anavar but not like a crazy amount. So you don’t have to stress out too much. It’s a mild steroid overall. Do plan to use a PCT especially if you are doing high doses of Winstrol. If you are only doing 10 mg per day as a man then don’t even bother, that’s nothing. But like if you’re into heavier doses then you do a PCT and you should be on testosterone.


I would give it a 6 on 10 ratings. Anavar like 3 on 10 twice as safe. Where 1 would be perfectly safe. Winstrol not like Halotestin, it’s certainly safer than Dbol or Anadrol. But it’s not safe like Proviron or Anavar for example. It does have some dangers. It does have some side effects. Particularly your HDL, it’s very toxic to your liver so those are the problems that I see. I can’t do it for several months. Maybe 2 months or so. Not too bad if you’re doing as a man maybe 50 mg. I’ve seen crazy doses, I’ve seen 400mg per day. It’s shocking to me. I don’t understand how a person can take that much, cos it’s so much more than I would ever dare do but people do that. I’ve seen 400mg once, 200mg a few times, 150mg often, and 100mg all the time. People do crazy things. If you’re using it because you just want that really hard, dry look, well just use it for a week. You don’t need to use it for two months.


Winstrol is hardly ever fake because Winstrol is very cheap. Unlike Anavar which is a lot more expensive. Anavar is often more fake. So you might be buying Anavar but you’re actually taking Winstrol which can cause problems mostly just for women. But you have to be aware of that. A safety rating in terms of buying what you’re looking for chances is good that it’s gonna be what you want and overall I’d give Winstrol a good rating for men to use in short periods. For women, I don’t think you should take it but I’m not saying that you don’t. I’m just saying I wouldn’t suggest you take it because there are other safer drugs you could take.


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