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Desma Winstrol Tablets

Desma Winstrol, a chemical name Stanozolol, is a popular oral steroid used by male and female bodybuilders. Originally desma tablet was designed to support osteoporosis, breast cancer, and patients in a severe catabolic state due to trauma.

Due to Winstrol’s ability to improve muscle mass, it gained popularity among athletes and bodybuilders. Stanozolol is associated with more strength, which helps athletes win against their competitors. It also enhances their body composition.

Why Do Women Prefer Winstrol?

Winstrol is an effective gaining steroid for women. It enables sportswomen and female bodies to gain more muscle mass and strength. Desma Winstrol tablets are also helpful in burning excessive fat from the body. That is why women also use Winstrol for weight loss. Women prefer Winstrol because it has minimal androgenic activity and maximum anabolic activity. Therefore it does not behave like the masculine hormones in the body.

Winstrol is not the ideal steroid for the sole purpose of building muscle. That is why it is not considered a bulking steroid. However, it is a powerful compound that helps women (and men) transforming their bodies within a brief period. We can attribute it to the steroid’s dual-action, which allows it to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. Most steroids are capable of either building muscle or burning fat – but do not perform both functions.

Winstrol is commonly taken by women competing in bodybuilding contests and women who want to cut off their stubborn fat and replace it with muscle mass to enhance their physique.

Is Winstrol Safe for Women?

Steroids have their side effects; therefore, we cannot label them as “completely safe.” Mostly when used without the prescription of a doctor, they possess certain risks. The significant side effects of Winstrol are its strain on the liver and heart. Therefore, it should be used in moderate to low doses and in short cycles to reduce the risk of developing long-term side effects.

However, most women are concerned that Winstrol may make them look like a man. There is a strong possibility that you may have virilization, which manifests itself as deepening of the voice, unusual hair growth on the body and face, enlarge clitoris, hair loss from the scalp, and menstrual irregularities.

This is because Winstrol does not convert into estrogen. After all, it does not aromatize. When there are high exogenous testosterone levels and low estrogen levels in the body, male hormones dominate, resulting in a masculine appearance.

Can Women Take Winstrol while avoiding Masculine Appearance?

Winstrol is a powerful hormone, and even small quantities are enough to elevate testosterone (the male hormone) in the body. However, shallow doses of Winstrol are safe for women who do not want to develop masculine characteristics. In this case, they must not exceed the daily dose of more than 5 mg/day.

However, female bodybuilders require at least 15 -20 mg of Winstrol per day to make their body fit for competing in their contests. This high dose is likely to produce masculinity in females. If the amount is reduced to 10 mg, the side effects will be milder and appear slowly.

Winstrol Cycle for Women:

If you want to take Winstrol for solid gains without having undesirable masculinization, you can follow this cycle of Winstrol;

Week Stanozolol
1 5 mg/day
2 5 mg/day
3 5 mg/day
4 5 mg/day
5 5 mg/day
6 5 mg/day
7 5 mg/day

This cycle is a restricted one and has a shallow dose. This amount is not likely to cause intense virilization in women. You can achieve lean muscle gains with this cycle, as it is a long one.

For optimum results with this cycle, take 2 x 2.5 mg Desma tablets per day. If you have the 5 mg Desma tablet, cut it into half with the help of a cutter. The tablet shall not be taken with food as the dietary fat may reduce its absorption.

Is Winstrol Best Steroid for Female Body Builders?

Winstrol may be a suitable choice for female bodybuilders who do not mind having masculine features for wining their bodybuilding competitions. However, there are exceptions, and Winstrol may not be appropriate or effective for every woman.

How Fast Does Winstrol Works?

With a half-life of 9 hours, Winstrol works very fast, and you can notice visible gains within a week. The system quickly takes Winstrol, and it does not remain there for more extended periods. Therefore, it is accepted as a more frequent dose.

The Diet and Exercise when taking Winstrol:

Most of the women use Winstrol to get lean. Though Winstrol is a potent fat-cutting drug, you still need to decrease your diet’s caloric intake. Eating calorie fatty snacks, drinking too much wine, and poor dietary habits can nullify the fast cutting effect of Winstrol.

It is essential to consume a diet enriched with lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs, fresh fruits, and vegetables. While bulking, you have a provision of adding up a few calories as a treat. But it is essential to cut out junk from your diet. A clean, healthy diet will produce better results.

When you are trying to increase your lean mass, Cardio is essential. It is the best way to burn extra calories and getting wasted. You can go for a walk, run, swim, cycle or use cardio machines. In the gym, make sure to lift the weights and work for all your muscles regularly.

The Final Verdict:

Winstrol is suitable for sportswomen and female bodybuilders because it has an intense fat cutting and muscle-building action. However, like other steroids, it also causes hormonal imbalance and virilism due to male hormones’ domination in the body. Secondly, Winstrol may have long-term side effects on the liver and heart. It may also cause hypertension.  To minimize the side effects, it is advisable to restrict the dose of Winstrol up to 5 mg/day, which you can take as 2 x 2.5 mg Desma Winstrol Tablet.

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