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Primobolan is a classic anabolic steroid. Back in a day used by men and women.

Primobolan Enanthate used for cutting and show preparation also is used with other steroids for bulking extended phases. It comes in both inner muscular and in pills form. It’s thought to be one of the safest anabolic steroids in the world. We will discuss the amazing history and some of the politics of Primobolan that lends itself to be so expensive because it’s faked so often.

Limited Medical Uses

The course of pharmacology and structure of this moderately strong anabolic steroid that is non-estrogenic and mildly androgenic. We will discuss the amazing features and of course the side effects of this anabolic steroid.

The history of Primobolan

Methenolone Enanthate described in the 1960s by Squibb Pharmaceuticals. Marketed in the United States in 1962 as a medication brand name called Nibal Depot for a very short period of time. Also in 1962, the rights were transferred to Schering has known today as Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and marketed as Primobolan at that time. That was in the 1960s and 70s this steroid was not marketed in the United States. It was only marketed over in Europe. Now, during that time period, it was utilized for medical purposes only. Into the 1990s from pressure from the anti-doping agencies in sports, it was pulled off the market in Europe at that time in the 1990s. And currently, it is still available in brand-name in limited locations in the world Spain, Japan, Turkey, Paraguay, and Ecuador. And there may be some small countries in the Middle East.

It’s actually still a viable drug in America on the FDA list. But of course, it’s widely reproduced in the underground and that’s why you see so many fakes of this steroid.

Medical Uses of Primobolan 100mg

Just like other anabolic steroids, it is used to promote lean muscle tissue. Status post cachectic conditions of muscle wasting. Surgeries vary disease states and of course infectious disease states classically like chronic hepatitis. Because this medicine is anabolic and it is actually very weakly hepatotoxic if hepatotoxic at all, especially inner muscular form. Interestingly enough it was marketed to treat advanced breast cancer in women. The amazing feature was used in premature infants and children that had a failure to thrive and there were actually studies that indicated that it worked well and it had limited side effects. Another amazing medical use for this drug was, it was used to counter the adverse effects of people being on the corticosteroids for prolonged periods like prednisone. And that’s used for people that have diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, COPD and we know that when people use corticosteroids for a prolonged period they can have side effects secondary to the corticosteroids moon face, puffiness, malaise, fatigue. So using an anabolic steroid that is not estrogenic to lead to further weight gain and water gain from the cortical steroid would be brilliant. These are amazing features that I’ve found in my research on these drugs. I always wonder what happened to these studies and what happened to these utilities of these steroids way back in the day? Because these steroids have been damned for political reasons throughout the world. And you just have to wonder why couldn’t be used for people that are suffering some of these real medical conditions. An interesting feature is that apart from other anabolic steroids that increase red blood cell mass this medicine is not used for anemia. It, of course, will increase red blood cells but nothing like testosterone or some of the other anabolic steroids like Equipoise that we know.

Pharmacology and Structure

Methenolone Enanthate for inner muscular injection. This is a DHT-derived anabolic steroid by the addition of a double bond between carbon one and two. For the inner muscular form there is a carboxylic acid ester and in thought, acid attached to the 17beta hydroxyl group. The half-life of Primobolan Enanthate is similar to testosterone. It has a half-life of about five to eight days depending on the individual.

Side Effects of Primobolan Enanthate.

It is slightly less anabolic versus testosterone. It is not estrogenic because it’s DHT-derived. So it’s not affected by aromatizing. So in theory used alone as a solo cycle, you won’t see gynecomastia and no water gain. But of course, we know it’s not used alone. Often it’s used with other steroids. So with classic cutting cycle and other non-aromatizable steroids, you gonna see Primo with Halotestin and Primobolan with tren classically used. In the bulking cycles, you’re gonna see Primobolan Enanthate used with aromatizable steroids most commonly testosterone. Of course, Aromatize Inhibitors really won’t work for Primobolan by itself but of course, these medicines and PCT are used with cycles of men that are using this drug because they’re using it with other steroids with other aromatizable and non-aromatizable steroids.

Androgenic Effects of Primobolan Enanthate

Primobolan Enanthate is a mild androgenic steroid. About half that of testosterone. So used alone in men you would see minimal side effects like hair loss, acne even sexual side effects. But again it’s usually not used alone. Now, in women this is amazing. This is a classically utilized drug in women. All women that are in the bodybuilding world or the physique world they’re gonna use this steroid from time to time to different degrees with other steroids. So in women’s hair loss, facial hair, clitoral growth, this will depend on if they’re using it by itself with other agents and of course the duration and the dose. It also is a woman per woman. I have heard so many women say that they love it, they use small doses with other steroids like Anavar for an example and they suffer minimal side effects. But I think every woman gonna realize and the truth is it will change the voice of most women. Even if it’s small doses over time.

So another amazing fact and feature of Primobolan are that it’s used to increase the effects of testosterone. Why? That’s because anabolic steroids, all of them and particularly this drug will lower sex binding globulin. And when you lower sexual binding globulin you’re gonna increase the free testosterone in the circulation. And of course, with that, you’re going to get side-effects secondary to the increase of the free testosterone. Very interesting. And I do have to say that as people think this is not a very suppressive agent as it’s not very heavily androgenic, you will see different degrees of anabolic steroid-induced hypogonadism even when it’s used alone. So please be very careful. And this is regardless of using PCT or not.

Side Effects

Very interesting. Primobolan Enanthate itself is not hepatotoxic at all. And even in the oral form, the studies in children showed that it has limited liver toxicity. But please again be very careful with this steroid. Because we really don’t know this and there is not a bunch of studies that are very well done on this for adults certainly not to mention children. So in my practice, though I have seen that men are using over years this drug solo, it really hasn’t affected their liver function. Very amazing. But then I see men using it with other steroids and I can’t tell what steroid is causing in the liver enzymes and obviously, it’s gonna be usually an oral steroid.

The kidney

Most of the renal effects that I see are secondary to water weight gains, inherent issues in genetics for a man, and hypertension. So over the years and years of using steroids even Primobolan Enanthate steroids, you’re going to see the effects of hypertension damaging the kidney. Obviously, it’s not gonna be as renal toxic at all as trenbolone or other big doses of classically use steroids that are used constantly for years and there’s gonna be an effect damaging certainly over years and years. Please be very careful.

Cardiology Effects

This is a classic steroid it’s going to even use by itself which I have seen independently on lipid analysis for men they’re using this it will lower your natural HDL level. It will increase to different degrees the LDL level depending on how sensitive you are it can even increase hypertension. Despite it doesn’t have water retention properties and most of hypertension that comes from steroids is definitely from water gain. We definitely know this. But there is also an effect on vasoconstrictive effect on the smooth muscle in the arteries throughout the body. This is true.

In addition left ventricular hypertrophy, the actual muscle growth of the heart. You’ll definitely see this with all anabolic steroids. Primobolan Enanthate is less anabolic than Testosterone so you’d think it will be safer over years and years because it’s not gonna grow muscle so much and the hearts of muscle. Again we just don’t know there are no conclusive studies on this.

In conclusion

Primobolan Enanthate is an old classic steroid still widely used throughout the world. People think it’s safe and the truth is it’s not safe. It’s less toxic because it’s less androgenic, it’s less anabolic than the classic steroids. So Primobolan is used with other steroids. No one uses this drug really alone. Could you just use it alone? These are questions that are asked to me all the time and my answer always is please be very careful. I hope this helps.


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