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Oral Primobolan Tablets UK Genesis

Primobolan is also known as methenolone. And it is one of the most popular steroid for cutting cycles. Let’s say trenbolone is probably the only more popular in cutting cycles consistently, maybe Winstrol but Primobolan is extremely popular. One of the reasons why it’s so popular because of Arnold Schartwneger. Primo is clearly of his favorite, it’s not a big secret, he’s talking about it in the interviews. Old-school bodybuilders used Primobolan a lot on cutting cycles and they even used it during bulking cycles. There is no bad way to really use it. Obviously, you won’t bulk with it but it’s nice to add it into a bulking cycle to kind of keep clean, to keep things gradual and lean going on with it but that’s everybody’s different what they prefer.

What is Primobolan?

Primobolan is considered fairly week to comparison with other compounds which I do understand. If you will try to compare it with Dbol, Anadrol, or Tren or Deca, of course, it’s gonna appear to be weaker. Primobolan has a low anabolic-androgenic ratio and it’s just one of the weakest steroids with you will focus on paper. But it is stronger than Masteron so that’s something you need to consider as well. Since Masteron is always related to cutting cycles and on paper Primobolan is stronger. So if you are looking in that avenue or facet Primo is gonna be considered stronger.

It has a huge advantage though over many steroids. Primobolan is stronger than testosterone in this aspect, it’s stronger at binding to the androgen receptor. So with most DHT (dihydrotestosterone) related steroids. It’s a good aid for fat loss. Don’t consider that with weight loss as a complete weight loss drug. Don’t mix the sense here, please. Fat loss and weight loss are two entirely different things.

Fat loss is focusing on certain areas and helping with stubborn fat and suppose to dropping 30, 40, 50 pounds with the use of steroids to get yourself into shape. Two completely different things.

Benefits of using Primobolan

Primobolan does not aromatize. So you won’t gonna need an aromatase inhibitor. Primobolan is extremely dry you don’t have to worry about gynecomastia or issues related to it. Everybody’s different but most people don’t prefer to hold water on cycle and Primobolan is the best option for that.

Since Primobolan does increase nitrogen retention, it’s been touted as anti-catabolic and somewhat anabolic. So in simple terms, it helps you keep your muscle mass while you’re dieting. And that’s one of the biggest reasons it’s been used on cutting cycles. Evidence out there shows that using Primobolan during a low-calorie diet maybe 20 – 40 % below your BMR allows you actually to keep your current lean muscle while gaining new muscle tissue. This seems to be against the basic understanding of nutrition, I get that but we kind of throw this out to the magic of steroids. Obviously, with Primobolan, you do a lot in this regard than you would be able to do without them.

You are not going to become a mass monster with Primobolan.

Profile of Primobolan

There are two versions of Primobolan. The injectable, obviously the most popular version and there is also oral. Both esters of it have benefits. Oral Primobolan is more attractive for females to use on a lower dose but for males, you have to use a lot of it and it’s very expensive.

Side Effects of Primobolan

This is what makes Primobolan so desirable to use than other steroids despite its high cost. It’s still a steroid and it is suppressive. All steroids are suppressive aside from something like Proviron. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you don’t need Post Cycle Therapy with Primobolan. That’s ridiculous, absurd, and is not true. Scientific studies have shown those glycoprotein hormones and those are the hormones responsible for FSH and LH are decreased by almost 65 % after using a small oral dose of Primobolan daily. In addition, the oral version is hard on the liver as well, so you gonna be aware of that. It is a DHT derivative so it can be harsh on the hairline but mostly if you’re prone to male pattern baldness if not chances that you will have any issues with your hair are pretty low.

Dosage of Primobolan

My recommendations for dosage are moderate. However, there are few compounds out there Masteron, Primobolan, Equipoise that need to be used at a little bit higher than traditional values you might see on the other compound, especially harsher ones. I have seen people running primo at 400 mg and they were good out of it. I say that you probably want to keep it at 500 to 600 mg at your low end and up to 800 mg weekly if you are an advanced athlete. Generally, 12 to 14 weeks of 500 mg weekly is the range that you want to be to get the most out of it. It’s never gonna be drastic but you’re gonna see that vascularity. You will get a small boost and endurance which is something people generally don’t talk about. So there is a lot of value there if you care about low side effects, nice results of the cycle where you actually feel good most of the time and can get some nice lean gains. Primobolan is not for everybody, it’s expensive, it’s faked a lot. But to a lot of people, it’s the best out there. It’s not the strongest but the strongest doesn’t always equate to the best.

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