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Parabolan 100 from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Parabolan 100 is an injectable anabolic steroid with the active substance hexahydrobenzyl carbonate ester. It is a very powerful anabolic with moderately strong androgenic properties: 400% and 200% of endogenous testosterone. This is a long-acting steroid: the duration of tren hex can reach one and a half or even two weeks.

Tren Hex has a wide spectrum of action and is effectively used in almost all disciplines requiring high physical fitness, including powerlifting, martial arts, and of course, bodybuilding.

Tren Hex is a quite strong androgen and is recommended only for experienced athletes for competition purposes. For beginners and female athletes, there are high risks of side effects, which can overlap the benefits of using Parabolan 100. For female athletes, the biggest danger is the side effects of virilization, like hair growth, acne, or male voice.

The main effect of tren hex is an increase in muscle mass, increased endurance with strength, therefore the steroid is used mainly in bulking cycles as a solo or in combination with other anabolic and androgenic steroids. But the effect of the Parabolan is not limited to this. Also, athletes highly appreciate actions like fat burning effects due to increased secretion of Somatropin (growth hormone), increasing the level of IGF-1 to 200%, decreasing the level of the main catabolic hormone Cortisol. Also can be noted an increased libido (sexual activity), increased appetite, and aggression of the user. You can buy PARABOLAN 100 from Balkan at our online pharmacy store at a discount price.

Parabolan Side Effects

Parabolan Side Effects can have a pronounced androgenic or progestogen character. Possible: strong suppression of testosterone synthesis, decreased libido (tren-dick), testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, acne, oily skin, baldness (androgen-related), increased aggression (which is considered positively by many athletes), and others.

Tren Hex is mostly described positively since the steroid results are excellent. With the correct built cycle and the selection of additional steroids, side effects can be easily eliminated or are mild.


Parabolan cycle is usually long, on average from 4 to 10 weeks. A high frequency of injections, as with short esters, is not required. Due to the duration of the half-life of about 2 weeks, tren hex needs to be injected once or twice per week, to maintain a maximum and stable concentration of the substance.

Tren Hex dosage is selected individually in accordance with the need and level of experience. On average, recommended doses are 100 to 400 mg per week (1-4 ml per week, respectively). For most users, such a steroid dosage is considered optimal in terms of strength and risks of side effects.

Tren Hex Cycle is usually mixed with other AAS but Parabolan is powerful enough to be used as a solo cycle with excellent results in muscle growth, performance, and strength. Tren Hex is a perfect anabolic that can be mixed with any steroid. Depending on the goals is compatible with testosterone, stanozolol, methandrostenolone, methenolone, boldenone, Turinabol, and other analogs, depending on the tasks, experience, and tolerance of the athlete.

Mixed cycle examples: with Dianabol – for the rapid increase in strength and muscle mass; with stanozolol – for relief (without fat and water retention); with testosterone (cypionate, enanthate or a blend of esters, like Omnadren or Sustanon) – for a mass gain and increase strength in a short time.

Parabolan Cycle upon completion requires PCT (post-course therapy) in order to prevent consequences and to save the results. During the tren hex cycle, due to progestogen activity might be required, the use of cabergoline (Dostinex is a prolactin inhibitor). And also might need HCG to be used on the tren hex cycle due to a decrease in the levels of gonadotropic hormones and endogenous testosterone.


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