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British Dispensary Androlic 50 mg

Androlic is a brand name of the British Dispensary pharma company. The active substance is Oxymetholone. It’s also known as Anadrol 50. Androlic from British Dispensary comes at the standard dosage of 50 mg per tablet. British Dispensary is famous for its quality products and Androlic is not an exception. Everyone who has ever tried the Androlic 50 mg doesn’t buy anymore Anadrol from the other brands. So superb is the quality. Also, the price is an average market price.

Dosages of Anadrol in Bodybuilding

Dosages of Androlic 50 mg are very different. It depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the goal of the athlete. Oxymetholone is a very interesting steroid due to its properties. It’s one of the most potent oral steroids in the world. It’s used on the mass gaining cycles. It’s the most favorite steroid of strongmen and powerlifters. Except for huge gains in muscle mass, it also tremendously increases the strength indicators. Usually, the dosage starts from one tablet daily and goes up to 4 and sometimes 6 tablets. So it will be from 50 mg to 300 mg per day. But taking high dosages of Androlic you should consider that it’s very toxic and has a lot of side effects which we will review below. In general any steroid or drug the more powerful it is the more side effects it has.

Androlic Side Effects

Liver and GI is the most toxic aspect of Anadrol for sure. It is 17 alpha-alkylated, we know that. So inherently it’s gonna run through the liver and as it runs through to maintain circulation into the system it’s gonna be toxic to the liver. The toxicity in the liver is going to be on a spectrum from increasing transaminases when you start the drug and then you come off, the go back down. If you stay on the Androlic too long you get what’s called cholestatic (an increase in bilirubin). You just damaging, increasing those transaminases, you causing those sites to be damaged and strained and at a certain point it’s either gonna be permanent (which is rare) or it’s going to see a period where you’re gonna see some bilirubin increase, you gonna be jaundiced.

In the end, which has been seen at least with Androlic more than any other steroid similar to Dbol because they’ll use it and it works well and they’ll stay on it too long, you will see peliosis hepatis which can cause blood-filled cysts in the liver. Severe disease.

The toxicities are related to the dose and of course in the duration of using the drug. The studies showed that one to two a day even up to three a day was a therapeutic range and in the studies, not to mention in the underground that’s what’s used one to two a day, maybe three a day, and men will feel well. It increases appetite, everyone knows this but there are reviews of athletes using up to seven a day and then they get sick. They feel terrible and they feel like they have nausea and vomiting. Strong men all over the world use Anadrol because they love it with testosterone, maybe with trenbolone and they get to the point where they’re coming up to the competition and they feel nauseous, they even throwing up, they are taking too much Anadrol. Be very careful with the dosage.

Cardiovascular Side Effect

This is devastating to the lipids usual even with just one tablet a day over the course of a few weeks you’re gonna increase the LDL, you’re gonna devastate the HDL and if you have a potential for heart disease or you have heart disease you might get a heart attack. Androlic will increase water, puffiness, hypertension, and at the end of the day this a severely cardiovascular toxic drug because it’s just skyrocketing water and blood pressure, affects the lipids and it’s destabilizing effects on the endothelial tissue without question.

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    Donnie Bass

    Androlic impressed me. I consider any Thai brand as the top quality. No need to trust my words just try it once and you will know. I remember British Dispensary for two decades already. Their core steroid always was dbol. So Oxymetholone is the same bulking steroid. But honestly, I retained a huge amount of water. I believe more than half of my gains was water. So be careful. Any anti-estrogen should always be with you.

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