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A Guide To Oxymetholone

Oxymetholone is a synthetic steroid. It is used for several purposes, primarily to strengthen and enhance muscles. This makes it a choice among athletes and people associated with sports.

Like any drug, oxydrol comes with many specifications. It has various uses as well as side effects. To make sure you use it in the best way, you must be equipped with this knowledge. Take a look at this guide to oxymetholone to know all about it.

What is Oxymetholone?

Oxymetholone is a synthetic steroid that is categorized as an androgen and anabolic steroid. The brand name for this drug is British Dragon. It is also called several other names like oxydrol, oxydrol 50, oxydrol British dragon, and British dragon Anadrol 50.

Oxydrol has many medical uses. Among these, it is most prominently used to increase red blood cells count in anemic patients. It is prescribed to patients with many different types of anemia. However, oxydrol is mostly suggested to be used simultaneously with other treatment measures.

Oxydrol 50 also helps in muscle growth and enhancement. It also helps with endurance during rigorous exercise or games. Nevertheless, oxydrol might not be appropriate for everyone, especially for children under the age of 21. You must also always be mindful of the correct dosage, which we will soon discuss.

How to Use Oxydrol

To get the best benefits of oxydrol 50, you must know how to use It right. It is best to get a consultation from your doctor before you start using this drug and follow their instructions diligently.

Communicate any underlying condition you have, especially if you plan to take oxydrol for non-medicinal purposes. It is also because oxydrol may interact with other drugs that you may have been taking.

Oxydrol comes in the form of tablets. You can take oxydrol tablets with water, milk, or food, particularly if you have a sensitive stomach. It is best not to take it dry as it can cause discomfort or even make you throw up. The effects of oxydrol are usually seen after three to six months of use.

Dosage for Oxydrol

The dosage of oxydrol 50 might vary from person to person. This is because it can depend on various factors like your age, purpose, and any pre-existing conditions. Your dosage will be fixed by your doctor according to these factors and also according to how you react to the drug.

This is why in the initial stages of taking this drug, you should look out for any unusual reactions from your body. Especially look out for signs of fatigue, nausea, and stomach aches.

In general, the daily dosage of oxydrol in both children and adults is suggested to be 1 to 5mg per kg of their body weight. However, 1-2 mg per day has also been seen to be effective. Since immediate results are not seen, you have to wait for them.

Depending on how the patient reacts, the doctor may change the dosage. However, it is important that only the doctor does this. Do not try to increase or decrease your dosage or frequency of taking oxydrol on your own. It can lead to withdrawal or overdose, both of which have severe repercussions.

Prolonged use of this drug is said to have certain adverse effects, especially on the liver. The administration of oxydrol 50 is done in a gradual and graded fashion. Low dosages are given to the patient before stopping it completely. This is to prevent any withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms, as well as taking more than your recommended dose, can have adverse physical as well as psychological effects.

Skipped Dose of Oxydrol and Overdose

When you take drugs like oxydrol 50, which usually go on for long periods, forgetting to take a dose is a common mistake. If this does occur, check the time to your next dose. If it is too close, just take the next one.

Do not take a double dose as it can have adverse effects. Misuse or abuse of oxydrol can lead to heart or liver problems as well as psychological problems.

Take caution, not to overdose. In the case of such an incident, make sure to immediately call your nearest emergency room or even the poison control center.

Uses of Oxydrol

Here is a compiled list of what oxydrol 50 can do. Take a look at some of the purposes for which oxydrol is used.

  • In the treatment of plastic anemia and congenital aplastic anemia
  • To treat osteoporosis
  • To treat myelofibrosis
  • For muscle growth and enhancement
  • Increases strength and endurance

Side Effects of Oxydrol

To prevent any adverse effects and to get the best from using oxydrol, know about its side-effects too. Well-rounded knowledge of everything that this drug is the key to using it.

  • Misuse of this drug can lead to heart attacks.
  • Prolonged use can lead to liver problems.
  • Addiction and withdrawal symptoms
  • Skeletal atrophy, especially in young adults
  • Allergic reaction to ingredients present in oxydrol tablets
  • Fatigue, nausea, and signs of depression
  • Menstrual irregularity in women
  • Unusual change in libido
  • Genital atrophy in both men and women
  • Irritable bladder
  • Impotence in men

What are the Benefits of Buying from Us?

Drugs like oxydrol should always be bought from reliable and authentic sellers. We guarantee you this service. Here are some other benefits you can expect when purchasing oxydrol 50 from us.

  • Excellent customer support
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Oxydrol is, therefore, useful for multiple purposes. It is efficient in its work too. Although the results are not immediate, they do show effectively. Careful administration and use is the key to using this drug in the best. However, ideally, it should not be used for too long as it can harm your body.

Always remember to check in with your doctor in case of any doubts or queries. We hope this guide has been able to provide you a comprehensive knowledge of Oxydrol.


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