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Proviron Schering Bayer 25mg Tablets

Proviron Schering – is a brand name for active substance Mesterolone. It is coming only in oral form as a tablet. It is an anabolic and androgen steroid that is widely used in medicine. Mostly it is used for the treatment of testosterone shortage. And more rarely is used for replacement therapy of androgen. It was the first AAS introduced to the world for medical use back in 1934. It has quite low anabolic efficiency and even lower androgenic efficiency.

Mesterolone is not able to generate estrogen. Due to its structure, it excludes estrogen build up cos binds to aromatase enzyme quite strong. So it has a big benefit especially when it is combined with other steroids for decreasing estrogen and as a result no water retention.

Bayer is one of the most known brands in the world. Bayer is known for its healthcare product and nutrition. Bayer bought Schering AG in 2006 and later was renamed Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceutical. The headquarters of Schering AG is in Berlin.

Bayer Proviron 25mg

Proviron Bayer is coming at a dosage of 25mg per pill. The average dosage for Proviron usually is 50 – 75mg daily. Some of the athletes increase the dosage up to 150mg daily. Bayer Proviron 25mg should be taken in equal doses during the day 2 – 3 times. As Proviron is purely DHT it will make your muscles look much harder. Mesterolone is more effective than Nolvadex as an estrogen inhibitor. You can easily use it even after the cycle on your PCT to maintain your muscles and to prevent gyno.

Proviron Schering almost doesn’t have side effects. It’s stay in the same line with Anavar and Primo by safety steroid. It is better to use Bayer Proviron 25 on the cutting cycle. It also has some good results in fat loss. One of the pluses of Mesterolone is that it’s increasing libido. So it will be amazing to get the balance when you are using Deca Durabolin for its known side effect Deca-Dick.

Proviron Bayer has an anabolic ratio rate of 100 – 150 and an androgenic rate of 30 – 40. As per ratio, it is more anabolic than testosterone which rate is 100 in both. But in reality, it will show quite low anabolic traits. Same situation has Halotestin. It has a huge anabolic rating but quite low translatable anabolic activity. It is all because of transformation to metabolites which in fact reducing anabolic activity. Proviron from Schering can easily replace all anti-estrogen pharmaceutical products.

Buy Proviron Online UK

Proviron Schering was never approved by the US but you can easily find it in Europe. The good thing it is not counterfeit. The easiest and fastest way will be to buy Proviron Online in the UK. There are plenty of generic Proviron on the online market from UG labs and only big pharmaceutical companies like Bayer Schering produce genuine ones. To buy Proviron Online UK is not expensive compared to other steroids like Primo tabs or Anavar.

Our company sells only genuine products. We buy them directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers. Buying online from us we can guarantee you the quality of the purchased product. Buy Schering Proviron today and get some tips on how to make your cycle more effective to achieve the desired goal.

4 reviews for Proviron Schering 50tabs × 25mg

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    Never had any issues with the Bayer’s products in general. That’s what does it mean pharmaceutical grade! Don’t throw your money for UG stuff.

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    Bayer is Bayer. Always good always working.

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    don fefe

    Proviron from Baeyr is exactly what everyone whos on cycle must have. Very potent drug. I use for 6 months now and recommend! This guys sell real pharma.

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    Jamie Morillo

    Proviron is just something that everybody must have on the cycle. I personally use it all the time. It’s so mild with no side effects and a bunch of positive effects. From all that I have tried proviron from Bayer seems to be the best one imho.

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