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Bonavar Oxandrolone – Pharmaceutical Grade

Today we gonna talk a little bit about Anavar. Brand name Bonavar and drug name are Oxandrolone.

Now before we dwell on this I want to say I’m not promoting anything illegal that you do. If it’s not illegal in your country, if it’s legal and you want to give it a shot, go ahead.

Anavar was made to be a low side effect steroid. This is an oral steroid. Bonavar is most normally used to gain strength or before the competition as you are in the lean phase to make you look hard enough. Some people got these effects some people don’t.

Use of Anavar

Bonavar is also widely used by women. And for some reason, it’s got this “legendary status” as not messing up women’s as bad as other steroids do. To a certain point I agree with that but let’s get back a little bit. Anavar has been around for a long time and the original company was Searle that came out with it and actually had 2.5 mg tablets (same as Bonavar do). Now the reason why the milligrams so low is mg for mg is a very powerful steroid comparing to Anadrol which will be 50 mg per tablet and how it works with the body. And it does have liver toxicity as all 17α-alkylated steroids which still cause liver toxicity in high amounts. But you didn’t need much of this stuff to get great results. And I know this for a fact because let’s go back in a day when they had real Anavar. And people were taking 5 to 10 mg getting great results, getting bigger, getting stronger and that stuff worked. Nowadays I hear all these girls that are taking 15 mg – 20 mg and I’m actually saying to myself if you gonna take 15 or 20 mg of real Anavar you going to have some crazy side effects. You gonna have facial hair, deeper in voice, all kinds of crazy stuff going on. And guys are taking 100 mg of Anavar per day. There is no way guys that you are taking 100 mg of Anavar. First of all, you don’t need that much, you gonna be able of taking 10 mg and getting great results. Second of all that you don’t understand is that Anavar is very expensive to produce. Anavar and Primobolan are the two most expensive steroids in the world to produce. So if you are able to take a cycle of 100 mg per day you are looking for 10 weeks cycles over 1k dollars. And you are paying 150 dollars for 100 tablets of 15 or 20 mg tablets. Here is the thing. You don’t have real Anavar! It is not real. If it costs so much to produce then why you pay so little for it?

Where to buy a real Anavar?

I do remember there was a Signature pharmacy in Florida. A friend of mine was taking hormone replacement therapy. It’s only a few years ago. The doctor was prescribing him certain steroids. He sent him a list of what that pharmacy had. One of the steroids was Oxandrolone. That stuff for 100 capsules of 10 mg was 600 dollars. I doubt all these UG labs produce real Anavar. Except for Body Research Bonavar and Mexican Xtendrol. They both are 2.5 mg per tab of Oxandrolone. And they still make 2.5 mg tablets. Why? Because it’s real, powerful because it’s a legit pharmaceutical actual Oxandrolone in a product. Make math. How much you need to buy this stuff to make 10 weeks cycle. You gonna spend around 800 $. There is no way UG sells legit Anavar. So be aware. First of all, if you get the Anavar you don’t need that much if it’s real. Second of all, it’s expensive, it’s very expensive.

Now when I’m talking about women are taking it here is what usually happens. Some bodybuilder friend or some coach says: “Women must take Anavar. Anavar is safe.” If you giving are to your girlfriend hormones you should stop. Because it will screws her up. So when a woman taking 10 – 20 mg of Anavar there are 2 things that might happen. If there is any steroid in it at all she gonna get side effects. If nothing happens at all you spent your money on a sugar pill. Which doesn’t do anything. I was talking to some girls who were competing in figures. We were talking about the girls who were using steroids and the statement she made was: “They are pushing Anavar too far.” Now, pushing it too far depending on who you have different meanings. For me pushing it too far means you are taking too much of the actual drug. But these girls were actually taking the black market underground. There is no way everybody is going to Mexica or Thailand to get that real Anavar. The problem is that the black market Anavar has something else in it. Whenever it’s Dbol, methyltestosterone, or Anadrol 50 which is Oxymetholone or Winstrol or whatever is in their product. It is not Anavar. It’s causing girls to get a big muscular virilization effect in the jaw, making them look funky while they are taking this. So think twice before you will invest in your Anavar cause in most cases it’s not real. If it’s Bonavar or Xtendrol then you don’t really need it. 2.5 mg will be plenty for a female and 10 mg will be enough for a man.

3 reviews for Bonavar Body Research 50tabs [2.5mg/tab]

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    That guy who wrote the article is damn right. There are a lot of fakes in the market nowadays. It is easy to buy any stuff but what’s inside we don’t know. Each time we buy online like a roulette game. Yes, real Anavar is very expensive. And I believe Bonavar costs that money. But for a proper cycle I need to spend like 600$ only for Anavar which is insane.

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    Deby Kaulitz

    Bonavar es lo mejor de la mejor oxandrolona de todas las demás marcas. No malgastes tu dinero en esteroides UG falsos.

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    Claire Horan

    Bonavar Oxandrolone is the best to lose weight and to get some muscles. I used a tab per day which is 2.5mg and I got an amazing results. Can’t imagine how others girls take 20 mg and more.

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