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Ansomone 100iu is a recombinant growth hormone that comes as a powder and is identical to the endogenous analog of the human HGH. It is a polypeptide of the anterior pituitary gland by chemical structure. Athletes mainly use it for the formation and high-quality muscle growth (but also can be used in a wide range of purposes in sport and medicine from stimulating linear growth to strengthening bones). You can buy Ansomone online in the original packaging and at the best price in our online pharmacy. We deliver to any corner of the USA, UK, and Europe.

HGH Ansomone

The first available growth hormone, which was pituitary extracts, appeared in medicine more than a hundred years ago. Modern HGH (recombinant) appeared recently, in 1981. Initially, it was used only in medical practice, but have proved their highest effectiveness in sports doping, they quickly became popular among amateurs and professionals. For an athlete, HGH Ansomone has anabolic, anti-catabolic, stimulating, and restorative effects.

With the properly planned cycle, Ansomone 100iu contributes progressive quality muscle growth, fat-burning effect, better relief, and muscle thickness, prevents fiber destruction, increases strength performance, endurance, and working capacity.

Ansomone HGH has far a lot more positive features. Such as better functions and strengthen the skeletal system, ligaments, and joints of the athlete, increase the healing rate of the injuries, strengthen the immune defense, have a rejuvenating effect (skin/hair/nails), stimulate energy potential.

Ansomone 100iu

The cycle duration of Ansomone 100iu will be effective from 3-6 months (and longer with good tolerance). For most athletes who use HGH for sports purposes, such a period is enough to get the results. Effective Ansomone China dosage is selected individually for each athlete. The average recommended dosage is 5 – 15 i.u daily. Smaller dosages (up to 7 units per day) are considered ineffective in terms of muscle growth and relief. At the beginning of the HGH cycle, it is recommended to start injected China Ansomone with a minimum dose and then gradually increase it up to the optimal one.

Long Ansomone 100iu cycles can lead to a slight decrease in your own GH production. But it’s not major and the balance will be returned back once you will stop the HGH cycle. The rest duration between Ansomone or any other HGH cycles can be from 1 month and more.

Ansomone 100iu in bodybuilding, and other sports disciplines, for better results, are usually used in different combinations with insulin, thyroids (T3 and T4), all kinds of steroids, as well as Clenbuterol and other sports fat burners. Growth Hormone and insulin are a mandatory combination if you are using HGH at a high dosage. Thyroid hormones enhancing the GH effect and preventing its side effects.

Ansomone China

Ansomone China growth hormone comes as a powder and can be stored for 5 years that is written on the box. New generations HGH can be kept at the temperature of 30+ degrees up to 30 days without damage.

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