HCG | Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

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Today, HCG is widely used in bodybuilding.

What is gonadotropin used for?

On the course, Gonadotropin is used only for one purpose, for the prevention of testicular atrophy. Gonadotropin has a gonadotropic lionizing faliculostimulating effect. That is, during the use of anabolic steroids, the arc of the hypothalamus-pituitary – testicles is inhibited. Naturally, prerequisites are created for a decrease in work, atrophy of testicles, namely Leydig and Sertoli cells. And so that they do not die completely, that there is no complete atrophy, and for their partial stimulation, gonadotropin is put on the course.

There are several ways to use Gonadotropin on the course.

1 way. This is once a week in a dosage of 500 IU to 1500 IU throughout the course. It is possible in another way. Every 5 – 6 weeks of the course, depending on the dosage, put 250 IU every other day.

2 way. This is a weekly chart. Gonadotropin is used weekly depending on the dose of steroids. A dosage of Gonadotropin is selected from 500 iu to 1500 iu weekly. And put gonadotropin throughout the course so.

There is another way to use 5000 iu, but this is not the most common practice and is usually practiced when gonadotropin is completely absent. You can inject 5000 iu once every 2 weeks.

During the course, it is used if a course of steroids is planned for 10 weeks or more. If the duration of the steroid course is 6-8 weeks, then it is enough to use it only after the course to energize the testicles. Therefore, the use of gonadotropin during the course is advisable, justified, and necessary. The use of gonadotropin after the course is the same. This is the first. the preparatory part of the PCT is aimed precisely at invigorating the testicles, invigorating the Leydig and Sertoli cells. That is, it is precisely after the course after arc suppression that the prerequisites for atrophy of the testicles, namely of these Leydig and Sertoli cells, are created. And so, to revive them a bit, stimulate them, just before the start of the point, gonadotropin is used before starting the arc. It must also be able to be used on time and correctly. If a long-term ether was used in the course, then after the injection of the most recent ether, Gonadotropin begins, and, depending on the duration and severity of the course, 5 or 10 injections are given. Dosage is also selected according to the duration and severity of the course. If this short ester is permissible propionate, then the last 5 injections of propionate should be combined with 5 injections of gonadotropin. The only way to use it correctly, and not in another way. And this will be the first, preparatory part of the PCT. After this, a small gap is made and after this, the PCT begins with Clomid and Tamoxifen. Thus, apply Gonadotropin during and after the course if necessary and necessary if you want to keep your testicles and not be surprised then why half a year, a year has passed, and I have testosterone at the lower limit of normal, and the spermogram is in zeros. This is what gonadotropin is needed for, just for that. A subjective orientation is that I injected gonadotropin, my eggs were swollen. This is done not for the eggs to swell but for more serious purposes.