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Everybody knows it as tren enanthate, tren e. Its anabolic-androgenic ratio is 500 to 500. So in comparison to testosterone which is 100/100 you can see that this drug is more powerful. Now, this doesn’t mean that it is 5 times more anabolic or 5 times more androgenic than testosterone that isn’t quite as literally as that. But it does mean it’s a more powerful drug. Half-life is 10.5 days. If you followed will know that half-life varies from person to person vary when you reach hemostasis in the hormonal level in the blood. So back into the cycle we talk probably about half-life 4.5 – 5 days of this steroid. The detection time of the steroid is 5 months. Doses vary massively. As little as 100mg per week and as high as 1.5 g but I would not recommend this one to anybody. It all depends on how do you suffer from side effects.

Tren E and Testosterone

And the negative effects of trenbolone can be particularly rough. No one advises this steroid for females. It’s quite effective for females but we talking about 20 – 30 mg a week with a very low dose. Trenbolone is very happy in an estrogen environment. This is why it will work particularly for women. The other thing that you need to bear in mind is that if you get the hormone testosterone while you are on tren enanthate your estrogen level would be through the roof. That’s because the more commonly used hormone test cannot tell the difference between trenbolone and estrogen. So, as a result, it will see tren as estrogen and it’s not common for people running trenbolone enanthate to have estrogen levels reaching up thousand. Obviously, that’s very scary levels. So you’ve got to be unfortunately when it comes to tren, you just need to listen to your body a little bit and looking at what side effects you are suffering, seeing if there are any estrogen-related side effects going on. Trenbolone itself does not aromatize but it’s generally run with testosterone. You can run low testosterone and high tren dosages. That’s anyone’s personal choice. I would say when you use a low testosterone dosage with tren enanthate you need to have Nolvadex, Arimidex, or Aromasin because you will better evaluate estrogen level. So it’s really better to block the receptor to stop estrogen side effects and leave high estrogen flow around your system. Cos Trenbolone prefers that environment.

Side Effects

Trenbolone is a veterinary drug. It was never designed for humans. Tren hex is also known as Parabolan and that one did exist for humans for a few years. But Enanthate, Acetate, all these versions of trenbolone they never been used for medical purposes. It’s genuinely of all steroids that we use are the most powerful. And as a result, it’s gained a lot of popularity because of that. It’s part of the Nandrolone family. So what we discussed in over article with Nandrolones can affect your short memory. It can affect mood. And it can be depression when using tren. Past studies showed that it can have an effect on kidney tissues and on brain cells. That studies are not related to human studies and in fact quite often not at all. But when you will speak to the trenbolone user he will tell you about very vivid dreams. Now regards the tren cough we don’t always come with an actual definite definition of what cause is it. From what I can see it has something to do with the restrictive nature within the lungs. Very similar to Prostaglandin F2-alpha aspirates in the lungs as a post-injection as is benzyl alcohol and you get constrictions in the lung in your airway which results in a cough. Tren is more persistent. Obviously, as a Nandrolone, it’s shut down your endogenous testosterone production. A lot of people report a very high libido while on tren cycle but in an aggressive, dangerous way where sexual appetite is very rough and lax of morality. Personally apart from the cardio deficiency, I don’t really get much of the side effects of trenbolone. Some people getting particularly bad. Also taking Taurine 500 mg will prevent sperm mutation. A lot of people are really struggling with a psychological point of view. People are reporting anxiety issues and mood all those things which are in these lines. And you gonna think at the end of the day if the steroid has a severe effect on your dreams at the point where you are having very vivid, very realistic, and genially quite sick and twisted dreams there is messing around your brain chemistry. So it’s not surprising that it could potentially do some harm to our brain or to our psyche. You might not probably be aware that our brains actually produce testosterone. It has quite a lot of impact on our personalities. I believe that the Nandrolone family has a direct impact on testosterone production. This is localized in the brain and that’s why we have these potentially anxiety mood-related issues with Nandrolones and particularly with trenbolone because it’s so powerful. It does bound progesterone receptors. I haven’t really found too many people having big issues with progesterone side effects of using tren enanthate since been more common with its causing on Deca. But the possibility is still there.

There are some studies said there are showing some direct impact of tren on the kidney. But these are animal studies and yet I would say it’s not proven. But I do think that we need to be very concerned about it. If you are using tren e for a long period of time or in high doses that would be much pressure on your kidneys.

Effects of Trenbolone

This is a very powerful steroid. It genuinely produces hard lean gains. No aromatization, so no water retention, good for strength as well. Tren is popular in the strength community as well. It is very suppressive like all nandrolone. You do need a pretty brutal PCT to bring yourself to normal after this. Actually, suppression from tren is 3 times more than testosterone. So there you go.

It is a very popular steroid. It’s probably the same as testosterone with popularity in use. But the scare and horror stories with side effects with this stuff, I don’t really think that positives are way more than negatives with tren. In my opinion, if you use it, do it at a low dose.

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