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Trenbolone Enanthate Injection 200 mg Genesis Meds

Tren Enanthate 200 mg is an anabolic with the androgen type. It doesn’t have negative estrogenic effects. In general, it has similar pharmacological properties as Trenbolone Acetate. However, the period of action of enanthate ester is 10 days. Tren Enanthate 200 mg gained popularity mainly because it is not able to aromatize into estrogen under the influence of aromatase. We offer to order trenbolone enanthate from the top steroids manufacturers. We get the anabolic from first hands and that’s why the price for it is very attractive.

Genesis trenbolone enanthate injection was the last steroid that came to the pharmacological market. Hoescht and Roussel had tried a series of studies in the 80s and were able to bring the steroid to the most popular ones. However, first, its effectiveness was noticed in the veterinary field. The American FDA did not approve anabolic steroid trenbolone enanthate injection so that people can use it. Over time, athletes at their own risk began to use the steroid and with experience were convinced of its power.

So Tren Enanthate 200 mg by reviews began its triumphal procession. However, the year 1988 was marked by the fact that the release of the substance was discontinued. Tren has gone from the sales, and its tablet alternative Finaplex couldn’t compare with Trenbolone Enanthate Injection. Today, a number of manufacturers have revived the release of this substance, so it is available for bodybuilders. Anyone can buy Genesis Trenbolone Enanthate at the best possible price in our online store.

Tren Enanthate 200 mg Profile:

  • Anabolic activity – 500% of testosterone (very high)
  • Androgenic activity – 500% of testosterone (very high)
  • Low Impact on the Liver
  • Increased estradiol: no
  • Increased prolactin: yes (requires taking Dostinex during the cycle)

Genesis Trenbolone Enanthate Effects

Trenbolone enanthate is a derivative of Nandrolone endogenous hormone that belongs to the class of 19-nortestosterones. Scientists made two changes to the structure of nandrolone, thanks to that were created such powerful steroid as injection trenbolone enanthate.

  1. “Tren” of group “E” is a universal steroid that works equally well on both mass and drying. At the same time, it goes well with any other steroid.
  2. Increases the level of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) by 200%.
  3. It promotes the fat burning effect both independently and by stimulating the secretion of growth hormone.
  4. Significantly reduces cortisol levels.
  5. Due to the high anabolic and androgenic indexes, it contributes to a significant increase in strength performance, but at the same time a moderate increase in mass (since it does not aromatize and practically does not retain water).
  6. Daily injections are not required as in the case of Trenbolone Acetate.
  7. After the cancelation of tren enanthate 200 mg, it will work for at least another 10 days.

tren enanthate 200 mg

Trenbolone Enanthate Injection is a powerful tool for immediate strength increase.

Trenbolone Genesis Enanthate Cycle and Dosages

The optimal Trenbolone Enanthate dosage for an athlete is 400 mg per week that is 200 mg of the substance twice a week or 2 injections. For example, on Monday and Thursday. Since a “tren” of group “E” is a long-playing ester unlike its “brother” Trenbolone Acetate, it is necessary to make a cycle at least 8 weeks.

Weight Gain Cycle
For eight weeks you have to take Methandienone in combination with Trenbolone Enanthate Injection.

  • “Dianabol” is taken throughout the cycle in a daily dose of 30 mg.
  • For the first four weeks, put Trenbolone every seventh day in 400 mg dosage.
  • During the fifth and sixth week, reduce tren dosage to 300 mg, and in the seventh to 200 mg

This cycle is designed for bodybuilders who have been training for at least five years and have already completed several light anabolic cycles.

Cycle for gaining quality mass
The only difference between this cycle and the one written above is the presence of Testosterone in it.

  • Use Dianabol as described above.
  • The weekly dosage of Genesis Trenbolone Enanthate is 300 mg, and it must be taken from the first to the sixth week.
  • Testosterone Enanthate is used from the first to six weeks as well in an amount of 500 mg.

In the seventh week, you begin to put 100 mg of testosterone propionate every second day. For an excellent “drying” cycle, you can take this as a basis cycle above and instead of Dianabol to replace it with Stanozolol. Take Winstrol in a daily dosage equal to 40-50 mg. The scheme of application of the rest of the steroids remaining unchanged.

Given the higher half-life, an anabolic steroid should be used in the mass gain cycle.

Trenbolone Enanthate Side Effects

Anabolic does not interact with aromatase. Thanks to this, you will not have estrogen-related problems. However, like any powerful steroid, tren enanthate 200 mg, unfortunately, has its own side effects. The only low dosage will make it possible to reduce genesis trenbolone enanthate side effects on the athlete’s body. It always should be reminded that injection trenbolone enanthate is for experienced athletes, and not for beginners, which is better to start with lighter steroids. Except for the androgenic type side effects, the use of trenbolone injection might increase irritability and aggressiveness.

This concern is related to athletes who have the disposition to such type of behavior. Another serious side effect is the suppression of the pituitary arch work. To help the body to recover from the cycle, it is necessary to run proper PCT protocol with full responsibility. Scientists have not yet discovered why all trenbolone so aggressively suppresses the production of Testosterone especially if long ester Enanthate of trenbolone genesis does not convert to estrogen. We can only accept the fact of the presence of this negative effect.

Many athletes noted that during Trenbol Enanthate 200 mg cycle their sleep patterns are disturbed. Scientists cannot explain to us why this phenomenon happens. To normalize sleep, take supplements containing L-theanine. Trenbolone cough occurs in the case of the use of any trenbolone ester. The reason for this is the following. A small portion of the oil enters the bloodstream through small capillaries. The body wants to get rid of foreign matter and uses the lungs for this.

Athletes who first time use Trenbolone Enanthate injection very often are very concerned about this phenomenon if they do not understand the reason for it. Asthmatics also suffer. When using large doses of the steroid, the concentration of prostaglandin F2-alpha rises sharply and the problem with this disease becomes worse.

If you don’t have asthma, then this side effect will not cause serious problems. Otherwise, you should choose a different steroid or act appropriately. Many athletes think that the dark color of urine during the trenbolone enanthate cycle is associated with the wrong kidney function. However, in practice, this is completely wrong. It’s all about the metabolites of the “tren” described group.

During the research, scientists have proved that even long duration cycles can not affect the kidneys. The toxic effect of the steroid doesn’t have an impact on the liver. Unfortunately, the side effects described above are not limited during and after the tren cycle are possible progestogen “side effects”. They remind estrogen side effects in many ways, so you will need to use Dostinex during your cycle to eliminate them.

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