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Balkan Pharmaceuticals Testosterone Enanthate

Balkan Test E Description

Balkan Test E is probably the most widely used form of testosterone by both athletes and bodybuilders. Although there are no statistics on this, pretty sure this testosterone form is the most commonly used on the market today. It is very effective for creating muscle and force, burning fat, and is cheap and easily available.

Enanthate is almost identical to Cypionate. Both are testosterone compounds attached to a large ester. The Cypionate version has an active half-life of approximately 36 hours longer, but the 36-hour difference is meaningless when talking about the 8-days half-life.

There are several reasons why Test Enanthate is so popular:

  1. Easy to control intake;
  2. Gives minimum side effects when used by healthy adult males;
  3. Tremendously powerful and provides a great performance boost if combined with good nutrition;
  4. Test Enanthate is cheap.

Perfect for all levels of steroid experience. Balkan Test E can be used successfully to boost low testosterone, out-of-season mass recovery, cutting cycles, and of course, increasing athletic performance. Balkan Pharmaceuticals Testosterone Enanthate, which is equally anabolic and androgenic, is the pure definition of a versatile anabolic steroid.

Balkan Test E Action in the Body

It presents the most basic solution for testosterone deficiency in an average man’s body. After it was injected into the body it converts to testosterone over time. Testosterone promotes health and general well-being. It promotes fat loss, increases energy levels, and strengthens immunity.

Typically injected every 1-3 weeks, the release time varies from 8 to 19 days. Some users prefer to inject twice a week. Some of the reported side effects of this treatment include hair loss, gynecomastia, and acne. However, the correct dosage is critical in compensating for side effects and in overall beneficial results.

The minimum required for bodybuilders is 500 mg a week. The reason why it is usually mentioned under Balkan Pharmaceuticals Testosterone Enanthate name is that solution comes in 250mg ampules, which makes it easier to inject the right dosage.

Balkan Test E in combination with other AAS

Although all benefits can be achieved by Balkan E Test solo cycles, in most cases it should be paired with other steroids. For example, Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin will be the most suitable option for volume gaining. For fat burning, there are options such as Winstrol, Masteron, and Anavar. Users should check the basic blood levels when using testosterone enanthate once or twice a week. Generally, in a cycle, the testosterone share in terms of milligrams is more or equal to other steroids.


Enandrol effect will be visible only 20 days after injection, but this is just the beginning. The Enandrol cycle will make you feel the full effect only after 50 days. If someone tells about the quickness of Enanthate, probably he is the one trying to get money out of your pocket. The benefit of Testosterone E. is to prevent the loss of libido or other mess that appears with possible testosterone suppression when you use other steroids. You could have heard something about balls shrinking. Yes, there is no way to prevent this. HCG can make testicles run to a certain extent, but this trouble will always happen when using testosterone. Don’t worry! Your testis will recuperate after PCT.

Where to buy Enandrol?

If you buy Balkan Test E, you can expect a high-quality product received directly from the manufacturer. On this website, you will find only genuine high-quality AAS with delivery to the USA. Besides volume, the price will depend on the brand. Since it is very popular, this drug is more susceptible to counterfeit. There are a few brands that produce high-quality Testosterone Enanthate. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is one of those few in the industry that produces sports pharmacology according to all medical standards. The quality is explained by the fact that it is an official organization supported by the government with a staff of highly qualified specialists. It is also worth noting that quality is complemented by low prices. Cheap Test Enanthate from a reliable manufacturer is just a godsend for every athlete.

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