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Testolic Injection 100 mg Body Research

Let us review testolic propionate from Thailand Pharmaceutical company Body Research. Testolic – is a brand name with the active substance testosterone propionate. Of all testosterone (cypionate and enanthate) – propionate is the shortest ester, which is definitely an advantage. At the same time, propionate, among testosterones, does not accumulate water in the body, which is also an additional advantage. On our website, you can find a large variety of different types of testosterone. On this page, this is Testolic Injection – the trade name of the steroid, based on testosterone propionate. Testolic comes at the dosage of 100 mg per 2ml ampule.

Features of Testolic Injection

This steroid stimulates an increase in muscle mass and endurance, strengthens the bone-ligamentous system. Testosterone is a male sex hormone and is responsible for physical and psychological male qualities. It affects the presence of a grosser voice, stimulates sexual desire, and promotes muscle development. Propionate helps to retain more nitrogen in the body, which helps muscles to synthesize protein better in the body, which promotes increasing muscle volume.

All these and many other features of testosterone are very beneficial in the sport. Testolic (Testosterone Propionate) is considered a classic cutting steroid. Testolic injections won’t fit people who don’t like frequent injections. Due to the short ester Propionate, the half-life is only 1-2 days. So you have to inject it every day or each other day. But at the same time, it is a benefit. Because of the frequent injections, you will make your hormonal background more straight and stable. The less you have hormonal ‘dips’ in your body the better it is for you and your progress.

Testolic can be also used by athletes who want to increase their muscle density, strength, the quality of muscle, to become more relief but at the same time not change their weight class. Testoslic is a classic steroid that can be used for different sports purposes and in a massive variety of cycle combinations combined with other AAS.

Testolic Side Effects

The other side of testolic steroid as any forms of testosterone is that it is able to aromatize in the body and turn into estrogen. When too much estrogen accumulates in the body, begin to appear female symptoms type – obesity, loss of sex drive, inhibition of testicular function, and other side effects.

To avoid the negative effects of testosterone, you must use the correct dosages of testolic. The most common dosage for this drug is 50 – 100 mg every day, with a weekly intake of 300 – 500 mg. For women who want to use testolic propionate, a dosage of less than 25-50 mg per week is possible.

Any side effect which has testosterone is applicable here more or less. It all depends on the dosage of use. Another good way to avoid most side effects related to high estrogen levels is to use the Aromatase Inhibitor. Such drugs as Arimidex, Aromasin will help you to avoid any side effects from Testolic use related to estrogen and gyno. You can also use Proviron for this purpose. It’s even better to use Proviron on the cycle and I’ll explain why. Proviron has the ability to increase more free testosterone levels in the body. This will lead to the use of less dosage of Testolic injection and at the same time to achieve better results. Less amount of the main steroid means fewer side effects. But you have to start using Proviron at least 2 – 3 weeks before your cycle. Otherwise, it won’t prevent you from gyno.

Testoslic Propionate Review

Reviews of Testolic steroid are always positive. First of all, Testolic is a product of a Thailand Pharmaceutical company Body Research. Body Research conquer the steroid market a long time ago and till now is keeping one of the leaderships regards the quality of products. So buying any product from Body Research you can relax and be assured that you are buying 100% high-quality products.

As per the reviews Testolic is best to combine with such steroids as Winstrol or Trenbolone. Such a combination provides a great synergetic effect of active substances which leads to the best possible sport results. If you are not a competing athlete we advise you to skip using these steroids due to the high amount of side effects. It will be much smarter to replace them with Primobolan Depot, Masteron and if you wish to get really ripped you can add Cytomel (T3) and/or Clenbuterol. Such steroid combination works very well, which is constantly tested by many athletes.

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