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Testex Depot 250 mg
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Testex Depot 250 mg (Q Pharma)

Testex Depot 250 mg stands for Testosterone Cypionate. Test Cypionate mainly is used on the American market meanwhile in Europe is more common for Testosterone Enanthate. There is just a small difference in one atom of carbon in the structure between these two testosterones. By effect on your body, they are pretty much the same. Someone is telling that testex cypionate has less water retention and starts kicking a bit faster than enanthate. Testex Depot 250 mg is a long ester and more preferable for bulking cycles. But you can use it for cutting as well. For those who don’t like very frequent injections like test propionate then depot 250 mg Testex will be perfect. It is more than enough to make 2 injections per week. You can handle your cycle even with 1 injection due to prolongatum cypionate half-life. The dosage of Testex Prolongatum 250 can vary from 500mg weekly to 1mg and even to one and a half mg respectively. Everything above 1mg of testex cypionate is not recommended to avoid side effects that may occur. Everything depends on your experience and genetics. For better results achievements, you can combine prolongatum testex with other steroids. To get more mass to combine Depot Testex 250 mg with a bulking group of steroids such as Deca or Anadrol. To get leaner try combinations of testex cypionate prolongatum with cutting steroids such as Winstrol or trenbolone etc.

2 reviews for Testex Prolongatum 2ml / 250mg

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    Atila Perin

    Testex Depot 250 is an amazing steroid. I personally prefer more test cyp either enanthate. As per my experience, there is less water retention (IMHO). Delivery to Brazil took a while but testex came in its original box well packed. Was worried a bit cos the parcel is non-trackable but finally, I’ve got it and can recommend using asngear.cn

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    Joshia P.

    The most what I like is that it’s coming 2ml ampule. It definately has 250 mg. Used twice this Cyp and can confirm amazing quality gains, strength and overal results. From minuses is only it’s price. Comparing to others testosterone cypionate Testex is really costly

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