Stanozolol Injection Genesis 10ml × 100mg

stanozolol only cycle
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Stanozolol Injection 100mg

Solo Cycle: Stanozolol Genesis (active substance stanozolol) + Clomid Genesis (active substance clomiphene citrate)

The cycle includes: 3 vials (10ml) of stanozolol and 40 capsules of Clomid for PCT (post-cycle therapy)

Duration: 8 weeks + 4 weeks PCT

Stanozolol 100mg Injection (Winstrol) is a synthetic steroid, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Initially, the steroid was developed for horses; to improve their speed performance. But after some time it catches the athlete’s attention and was successfully implemented into the athlete’s training program. Now it is one of the most popular anabolic steroids, which is used both in bodybuilding and athletics.

For whom is only stanozolol cycle suitable:

This cycle is suitable for people who have enough body weight with a moderate-fat percentage.

For athletes who are doing martial arts, running, swimming, and do not have long term goals in building the perfect body with the help of pharmacology, I will recommend reducing injection dosages to 50 mg (0.5ml) each other day. This will be enough to achieve good performance and endurance.

The effect of stanozolol only cycle:

  • muscle relief (the main effect for which this drug is used)
  • venous
  • significant increase in strength and endurance
  • fat burning
  • almost no rollback effect
  • removing water from the body (the main side effect is associated with this is the risk of joints and ligaments damage)

Only Stanozolol Cycle is not the cycle that is used to bulk; this course is intended primarily for relief, strength, and endurance. You will gain an average of 2-3 kg of lean muscle with proper nutrition.

How to take the cycle of stanozolol only:

Stanozolol 100mg Injection needs to be done each other day. Only 50 mg per day.

Clomid (clomiphene) is taken as PCT. The first 19 days, two pills per day (1 in the morning and 1 at night), then 4 days, one pill at night, the rest of Clomid you need to take one pill at night every other day. Slowly the dosage needs to be reduced.

Why do you need to use Clomid rather than tamoxifen for post-cycle therapy? Because the last is more toxic and can lead to undesirable side effects (erectile dysfunction and the possibility of cataracts)

Stanozolol Injection Side Effects:

  • joint pain, risk of injury
  • increase of blood pressure
  • liver toxicity

Let’s review more in detail the Side Effects of Stanozolol Injection.

Stanozolol does not aromatize, which means there is no gyno on cycle. Many beginners are afraid of this, so I decided to mention this separately.

The drug does not retain water only “dries”, firstly, it does not allow swelling to develop during the cycle, which is not bad, but at the same time, it has a negative effect on ligaments and joints. To solve the issue with joints, many recommend taking chondroitin and glucosamine while you are on a cycle, which is not entirely correct, these drugs accumulate in the body and begin to act in full force only after a month of intake, so it is useless to start drinking them on the course. Moreover, it has been proved that they will not give the proper effect against the “drying” of joints, even after a month. Some recommend taking creatine, which holds water in the joints, but it will also not be effective, as well as flaxseed oil (which can be harmful in this case, but this is a separate topic). In general, the problem with ligaments and joints is almost inevitable on the stanozolol cycle only, this should be taken into consideration during a workout. That is why many experienced athletes recommend using stanozolol together with testosterone, which neutralizes the negative effects on the joints. We have such a cycle plan, for those who will be interesting to avoid side effects with ligaments plus gaining 6-8 kg of pure muscles. Just simply contact us and our experts will help you with that for free.

The problem with blood pressure is easy to solve by taking antihypertensive drugs.

Toxicity to the liver is minimal, and fears that your liver will fall off after the stanozolol cycle are fabled. A healthy human liver can withstand up to 900 mg per week of stanozolol injection without a problem. If your liver is not healthy and you feel unwell, then after the PCT, drink the drug liv52 or N2Guard. If you suffer from pain on the course, then use the drug Cholosas – an extract of rose hips. This is a choleretic drug that will help to relieve pain in the cycle.

In general, this course is quite safe, 90% of people should not have any side effects.

You need to train 3-4 times a week, every other day. Standard training program 45 min. But look at your condition, some do not have time to recover during this time and you can reduce the number of workouts.

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    Alex Cr.

    Quite strong. It dried me till the bones literally. I would say it’s crashed my joints. You should be careful when using this Stanozolol injection. Better take some support like Glucosamine or chondroitin.

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