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Stanozolol from UK Company Elite Pharm

We are glad to offer you oral Stanozolol from the UK company Elite Pharm. The manufacturer is also in the UK. Elite Pharm is quite a new company but has already gained a strong reputation in the steroid market for its quality products. Elite Pharm is also famous for producing steroids with a high dosage of the active substance. So choosing a British Company you will get more mg per ml with superb quality.

Dosage of Stanozolol tablets from UK lab

UK Company Elite Pharm produces Stanozolol tablets at the regular dosage of 10mg. Each tablet has exactly 10mg of the active substance. Elite Pharm also produces Winstrol depot or Stanozolol Injections. The injection form comes at a higher dosage than the regular one. Stanozolol injection comes at the dosage of 80mg per ml. UK lab has vials 10ml and also ampules 1ml (10 ampules in the box). The tablets are coming in 100 tabs per box. The package is very quality and looks quite expensive.

Oral Stanozolol Dosage in Bodybuilding

Stanozolol is widely used in bodybuilding. It is used on the cutting cycles mostly. Oral Stanozolol is a classic PED. It appeared on the market back in 1962. Later on, it was banned to use in sport as any other performance-enhancing drug by the doping committee.

In bodybuilding oral Stanozolol is used as any other oral steroid form as an add-on to the main steroids cycle which mostly consists of oil-based compounds. It binds to SHBG and releases more free testosterone. So instead of injecting tons of oil-based steroid you take stanozolol tablets and go for a minimum dosage of the other compounds but performance and result wise you will get the same.

Actually, the dosage of oral stanozolol in bodybuilding is different. It starts something from 20/30 mg and can go up to 150/200 mg daily. The regular gym used will use something in the range of 20 – 50 mg daily. The Pro athlete will use Winstrol at the dosage of 80 mg and up. Stanozolol is not advised for female athletes. Anyway, most women use oral stanozolol at the dosage range of 5 – 25 mg daily.

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