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Oil Based Stanozolol

Stanozolol injection from ElitePharm comes as an oil-based solution. The oil-based solution is more preferred than the Stanozolol suspension. By active substance release in the bloodstream, oil-based Stanozolol will be slower than suspension but it’s way less painful. No one likes to inject suspension due to its pain effect. And it’s really very painful either it’s Testosterone Suspension either Stanozolol. So oil-based Stanozolol solves that problem with the pain and makes it more attractive to use injection vs oral form. Everyone knows that the Stanozolol injection is more powerful in terms of mg per mg of the active substance than the oral one.

Stanozolol Benefits

There are a lot of benefits when you are using Stanozolol, especially from such a company as ElitePharm. One of the benefits is that Stanozolol doesn’t retain water in the body. So you don’t have to be afraid of gyno or high blood pressure during or after your Stanozolol cycle. Another benefit is that Stanozolol from ElitePharm comes at the dosage of 80 mg (regular is 50 mg). So 80 mg plus oil-based allow you to inject every other day. So for example, if you are using on your cutting cycle propionate or acetate ester of any steroid you can inject them in one day. Also, oil-based Stanozolol will allow you to put all your gears in one syringe which is a very huge benefit. Instead of doing multiple injections, you can do only one EOD. And of course, we can’t mention the quality of Stanozolol injection from ElitePharm. As per our clients’ feedback and many other customer reviews on the internet, ElitePharm produces very high-quality products and Stanozolol is one of them.

Stanozolol injection Cycle

Stanozolol injection can be included in most of the cycles and even bulking. Some bulking cycles which will include Trenbolone Enanthate can have and Stanozolol Injection. As it’s known Stanozolol has the best synergetic drug effect with any trenbolone ester. Best cycle combinations with Winstrol Depot for cutting will be:

Test Prop + Stanozolol Injection

Test Prop + Stanozolol Injection + Masteron

Test Prop + Stanozolol Injection + Tren Acetate

Also, you can play around with substances and use for example Test Prop and Stanozolol injection, and any other oral steroid for cutting. If you are not a competing athlete we advise you to not use any Thyroid drug. It’s not healthy and can have a lot of irreversible consequences for your body. The stanozolol injection cycle can last from 6 weeks to 12 weeks. But we advise making a cycle with Stanozolol not longer than 8 weeks.

Stanozolol Post Cycle Therapy

Post cycle therapy after Stanozolol is a must. Unfortunately, injectable Stanozolol as any other steroid is suppressive. So if you want to get back to normal you should run a proper PCT protocol. Depending on your cycle components you should plan your Post Cycle Therapy. But as a regular protocol after any cycle, it should be used Nolvadex and Clomid. Since the Stanozolol Cycle will be with short steroid esters Post Cycle Therapy can be started directly after your main cycle within a day or two. In case if you have used any Trenbolone ester it’s better to include Gonadotropin to your Post Cycle Therapy. And you should start PCT first with HCG and only then include Nolvadex and Clomid. The length of the Post Cycle Therapy can be 3 to 4 weeks.

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