Stanabol Tablets British Dragon 100tabs × 10mg

Stanabol Stanozolol 10mg
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Stanabol Tablets British Dragon

Buy Stanabol Tablets from British Dragon on our website. Stanabol is a brand name of Oral Stanozolol. Some other oral Stanozolol brand names are Stanol, Azolol, Winstrol tablets, Strombafort, Stanozolol tablets, etc. Stanabol is a very well known steroid being on the market for a long time.

British Dragon Pharmaceutical is a pharmacologic company based in Thailand. British Dragon Pharmaceutical is always confused with other similar companies “British Dragon Pharmaceutical Limited”(Ltd), based in Hong-Kong.

The history of British Dragon starts in 1999. Then after the owners of the company were arrested in 2008 officially the company does not exist. But on the official website, you can see 2008 year mentioned as a rebranding. There are rumors that the new owner of the company is the same as Asia Pharma. What is known for sure is that the company has changed the layout of packages. Now they become more professional. Also, the logo of the company was modified 3 times. The company became very popular in 2006 and until now it is very well known for its products. It has always produced only steroids.

Stanabol Stanozolol 10mg

Stanabol (Stanozolol) tablets are the product of British Dragon Pharmaceutical. Stanabol comes at the standard dosage of 10mg. In the package, there are 100 tablets. Each tablet contains 10 mg of the active substance Stanozolol. Since the company is Thai-based it guarantees the high quality of Stanozolol. All Thai companies are famous for their steroid products especially such as British Dispensary, LA Pharma, Black Dragon, etc.

Stanabol Cycle

Stanabol can be included in a huge variety of cycle combinations. Usually, Stanozolol is used on the cutting cycles but there is also a practice to use it on the bulking. Stanabol as any other oral steroid is best to use as an additional steroid on your cycle. And the injectable should be the main (base) steroid on the cycle. Stanabol has the ability to release your free testosterone which means that you can use less mg of the main steroid. On the Stanabol cycle, you don’t need any aromatase inhibitors since it does not convert to estrogen and does not cos any gyno or water retention. The only problem with Stanazolol is its ability to dry your joints more than any other drug which makes them very breakable. So in case if on your cycle you use Stanabol at the dosage 80mg at above we advise you to include Deca-Durabolin to this cycle. The dosage of 200mg – 300mg weekly of Deca-Durabolin would be enough to not get bloated with water and at the same time to preserve your joints. As an example, a good cutting cycle would be Test Propionate + Stanabol + Clenbuterol or you can do Test Propionate + Stanabol + Anavar. You can play around with different substances to found out what is the best cycle combination that would be exactly for you. All people are individuals with different genetics and body types. So if one Stanabol cycle combination will be good for him it doesn’t mean that you will get exactly the same results as your friend let’s say. If you want to use Stanabol at the high dosage we would recommend you instead add to your cycle Drostanolone Propionate and to reduce the dosage of Stanazolol. First of all, you will get the best synergetic effect but with no or very minimal side effects. The cycle scheme can be like this Test Propionate (300mg weekly) + Drostanolone Propionate (300 – 400mg weekly) + Stanabol (20 – 30mg daily).

Stanabol Review

Reviews of Stanabol and British Dragon products in general mainly are very positive. We are talking about the original British Dragon, not the fakes which are all around the market nowadays. You should understand that the British Dragon always was and would be an underground lab. But it doesn’t mean that UG can’t produce quality products. If UGl takes care of their reputation and wants to conquer the steroid world they must produce only quality stuff. And British Dragon had proved it. The other side is that this brand as many others is counterfeited a lot. Reviews of many athletes have shown that they could achieve very impressive results using Stanabol and other products of British Dragon. We can only say that as per the laboratory tests Stanabol has shown that some batches had even more active substance Stanozolol than it was written. Not 10mg but 12 and sometimes 14mg which really very rare especially from Pharmaceutical Grade products and here we are talking about UG lab.

Buy Stanabol

Buying Stanabol online as any other steroid is very risky. First of all none of the online sources can guarantee you that you will get the original product and not the generic one. But you should understand one thing that in the end it’s not about the brand it’s all about the active substance that you buy and the quality of the raw materials. So if you buy Stanabol with the active substance Stanozolol and you get it then the effect from the cycle would be the same if that is British Dispensary of British Dragon brand. We advise you to buy only from a trusted quality source. Find the good one, make research about this shop, place the first order small, and check how it will be delivered and how the products look like. If everything is served in a professional way stick to this source and buy from him to not get frauded.

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