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Stanabol 50 British Dragon
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Stanabol 50

Stanabol 50 is a Winstrol Depot from a well-known company British Dragon. The company starts its history in 2000. Produce quality gears. British Dragon had a rebranding in 2008. Dozens of different reviews about this company and the quality of its products are available on the internet.

Stanabol 50 is an injectable Winstrol gear. It comes at the standard 10 ml vial and has a dosage of 50mg per ml. Stanabol was always preferred on the cutting cycles and most of the time is a part of such a cycle. British Dragon also has an oral Stanabol with a standard dosage of 10mg. Injectable gear Winstrol is more advantageous but will review it below.

Stanabol 50 Side Effects

Stanabol is a cutting agent but it comes with a lot of sides. One of the biggest minuses of Winstrol is that it dries out the joints. The other one is that Winstrol is it will cut your HDL in about 3 days.

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid. It’s a derivative of testosterone but it’s not testosterone in a molecular sense. Winstrol mimics testosterone enough to shut your natural production down. Winstrol is just enough of androgen in a molecular sense to shut down the hypo pituitary-gonadal axis but at the same time if you are not taking testosterone (biologic testosterone esters or gels or some type of testosterone) you won’t gonna have testosterone. That’s why it’s a common practice to take Winstrol with testosterone. Actually, testosterone is taken with any steroid as a fundamental drug. Of course, there are more reasons and this is only one of them.

The exception here is women. Female athletes take Winstrol as a solo (alone). What happens? They can lose their hair, can get secondary male characteristics in the face and the clitoris grows. This is androgenic effects.

British Dragon Winstrol

So what to prefer oral form or injectable gear? Injectable Winstrol is better in the sense that is bypassed or what is called the first pass of the liver. This can change Winstrol into other metabolites. The injectable is definitely far better than oral. The only negative here is that Winstrol comes as a suspension and its half-life is very small so you will have to inject it fairly frequently. At least every other day and you will have to use a large-bore needle.

Dosages of Winstrol are ranging from as little as 50 mg injectable to as much as 150 mg every other day. If the woman still decided to take Stanabol it’s better if she will choose the oral version. First, it would be much easier to take a small dosage. Another benefit is that tablets can be divided into equal portions throughout the day. And the last one in case of side effects after canceling the drug they will go quite fast in the case of the injection of Stanabol gear the process will take longer.

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With the development of E-commerce, it became very easy to buy any steroids online. With the more choices that you have in terms of online shops, the more chances are to buy the fake product. British Dragon is one of the most counterfeited brands. It’s one of the most available comparing price to quality and because of this reason, it’s very popular. The more popular brand leads to a higher amount of fakes available on the market. Be careful when you are buying British Dragon gears from a source that you don’t know.

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