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Maxpro Propionate 200

Propionate 200 from Chinese pharma company MaxPro. Propionate is a short ester of Testosterone (the main male hormone). Testosterone is produced in the human body naturally. It plays a big role in human life and is responsible for a lot of processes happening in our bodies. In other words, without testosterone, we won’t be able to function normally. Unfortunately, with age, our body produces fewer hormones and we have to take it additionally from the outside to maintain the same performance and feel well as when we were young.

MaxPro is a Chinese company producing sport pharma products since 2004. The company is specializing in the production of both oral and injectable steroids. The products respond to the British Pharmacopeia and United States Pharmacopeia standards.

Test Prop 200

Testosterone Propionate or Test Prop is widely used in different kinds of sports. Test Prop from MaxPro has twice more of the active substance. The regular dosage of Testosterone Propionate is usually 100 mg/ml and MaxPro Propionate has 200 mg/ml. And at the same time, it’s not so expensive. Test Prop is usually used on the cutting cycles but ester doesn’t really play the role. It’s the same testosterone. The real matter here is the frequency of the injections. So you can easily bulk on Propionate the same as on Enanthate or Decanoate just you will have to inject prop each day or each other day. If to consider mg per ml from all off testosterone esters propionate will be the most expensive. What do I mean by saying that? Test Enanthate 10 ml will cost approximately $40 – $50 for 250 mg/ml and now compare test prop will cost you $25 – $40 for 100 mg/ml. That means that to get 250 mg/ml you need to take 2 and half times more of test propionate. MaxPro Propionate in that matter will be a very good choice since you are already getting 200 mg/ml of active substance and price-wise it’s not more expensive than other brands of Propionate that have 100 mg/ml in the vial.

Test Prop Dosage for Bulking

Let’s talk about what dosage should be used for bulking? To consider the dosage of steroids it should be taken into consideration a lot of factors. Dosages vary from 500 mg and up to few grams even. Depends on the athlete’s age, training experience, overall health conditions, experience with pharma, and if the bulking purpose is for personal goals or is necessary for the competition. Some gyms users are able to bulk even from 300 mg – 400 mg of Test Prop weekly meanwhile for others would require 1 gr. and up. You should understand that you don’t grow from Testosterone Propionate either any other steroid. You grow from food and your diet. Steroids just help to increase your metabolism and to make you more hungry. So taking more calories that’s what’s make you huge. Knowing this you can understand that taking a small dosage of Test Prop will make you grow the same as you will take extra huge dosages just keep an eye on your diet.

Propionate 200

Propionate 200 is a good choice for any cycle. You should consider testosterone as your first choice in any cycle. Testosterone should always be your base steroid and around it, you can build any cycle. As with any steroid, testosterone has its own side effects. Bear this in mind when you will be deciding on your Propionate dosage or combinations with other AAS. Detection time in the body after Propionate 200 Cycle is approximately 1.5 – 2 months. If you are a competing athlete and you need to pass a doping test consider the timing detection. Since Propionate is a short ester that has to be injected ED or EOD then it would be perfect to combine it with the same steroids that have also short half-life Masteron, Trenbolone Acetate and any oral steroid. The oral form of steroids is the best choice when it comes to injectables such as testosterone. The reason behind this is that orals are able to release more free testosterone which makes the cycle even more effective. And again more drugs are used on the cycle the less should be the dosage of each.

Hope we have helped you to somehow understand some aspects of Testosterone Propionate. In case if you have any questions feel free to write us via our contact form.

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    Joshia P.

    Propionate 200 is a good deal. Double dose for the almost standard price. I’m using maxpro for a few years already and can say it’s a good working brand. Never had harsh sides from it.

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