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Testosterone Propionate dosage
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Testosterone Propionate Dosage – 150 mg/ml

Testosterone propionate is one of the most demanded anabolic steroid among bodybuilders. With the help of the drug, you can increase muscle size, improve strength performance. Test Prop is mostly used on the cutting cycle.

Test Prop Reviews:

  • significant increase in muscle mass
  • a decrease in body fat percentage
  • increased muscle relief
  • improved strength indicators, increased stamina
  • a positive effect on libido
  • lower level of cholesterol
  • less risk of developing coronary disease and cardiac ischemia.

Testosterone propionate is a short-acting steroid. When Testosterone Propionate dosage is followed it doesn’t accumulate water in the body. Therefore, there will be no fast increase in muscle mass.

From the testosterone propionate cycle, you will get quality pure muscles. They can stay with you after the cycle without a rollback if you follow the correct diet and workout. Test Prop is suitable for everyone both beginners and professional athletes.

Testosterone Propionate Dosage

Test Prop can be used as a solo cycle and in combination with other steroids. Beginners are usually advised to use a dosage of 50 mg every other day. Experienced athletes put 100 mg daily.

Testosterone Propionate is injected only into muscle tissue. The drug can not be placed in a vein. The injection is put into the gluteus muscle or deltoid muscle. For injection into the chest muscle, you need to have enough muscle fibers.

The injection site should be sterilized with a cotton swab and alcohol. The ampoule is also recommended to be wiped with alcohol. Before making an injection, make sure that there is no air left in the syringe. Your task is to enter the ester as deep as possible, and at the same time not to touch blood vessels with nerve endings.

Syringes with a volume of 2-3 milliliters will be good for injection. Also, the oil base of test prop requires that the steroid should be warmed up in the hand before injection. This action will make him more fluid.

Testosterone Propionate Cycle Length:

  • the syringe is held at an angle of 45 degrees (remember how to hold the pen)
  • to insert the needle, make one quick press
  • the needle is inserted at ¾
  • pull out the plunger and slowly inject ester – 1 cm3 in 15 seconds
  • sterilize the injection site and massage it.

To become more cut, it is recommended to add Trenbolone, Masteron, or Stanozolol to your cycle. Mixing testosterone propionate with other steroids can give not only a more pronounced effect, but also reduce the side effects.

Side Effects of testosterone propionate dosage

Side effects most often occur if you are not following the recommended dosages and do not do PCT.

The male hormone increases aggression. Also, many users complain about the pain and irritation at the injection site. But the main side effects are aromatization of test prop into dihydrotestosterone and into estrogen. Also with an irresponsible approach to the use of the steroid occurs:

  • acne
  • gynecomastia
  • head baldness
  • enhanced body hair growth
  • enlarged prostate.

Before you buy testosterone, you should understand that it significantly suppresses the production of your own hormones. Therefore, at the end of the cycle, use gonadotropin. The required dosage is calculated based on the results of the analyses.

You can order the original Testosterone Propionate from us with delivery to any country. Send by mail within 2-4 days. We guarantee reliability and anonymity.

2 reviews for Propionate 150 ElitePharm 10ml (Test Prop)

  1. User Avatar

    Adam Powell

    Amazing stuff! Prop 150 is something really strong. I was getting only 1 ml E2D and it was more than enough to put 2 kg of quite lean mass per month. Additionally was taking oral winny. I strongly believe that Propionate from Elite definitely coming over 100mg per ml.

  2. User Avatar

    Craig Lawton

    Best Testosterone Propionate from all the rest. Maybe Testolic can be considered as well. But nothing like Concentrex Propitrex can be compared with elitepharm propionate. It’s really overdosed. I tried it many times and each time getting the same perfect result. Strongly recommend this prop!

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