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Primobolan Depot is a very popular AAS which starts its history back in 1962. It’s sold under different names such as Methenolone and Primo.

Methenolone Enanthate is considered one of the safest steroids due to its lowest impact on side effects on your body.


Let’s review more in detail what is Primobolan Depot and how does it work.

Primo injections are reported as a long-acting anabolic due to their methenolone long ester with smooth effects and the lowest androgenic properties. Primobolan Depot injections have an acting life of 10-14 days. So, one of its benefits is that you can do injections only once a week.

The other form of a steroid is oral and known as Primo tablets. The active life of tablets is 4-6 hours because of its short ester Acetate. As an oral Methenolone, it has the lowest impact on your liver comparing to other AAS.

Primobolan gains are much lower than from Testosterone or Deca Durabolin if to compare them on the equal dosage. So, it’s best to use steroids on the cutting cycle. If to compare Methenolone and Masteron, Primo takes advantage of it and is considered a stronger steroid. It shows a good result in maintaining your muscles on a low carbs diet.

In combination with other AAS, it’s better to use it closer to the end of the cycle if you do a bulk course. At the same time, you can take Primobolan Depot from the beginning if it’s a cutting cycle.

Since Primo does not aromatize during the cycle you don’t have to run any Aromatase Inhibitors or SERM’s. Consequently, you should not worry about gyno. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, it was even used as a gynecomastia treatment by bodybuilders.


The minus of Primobolan is its high price. It’s one of the most expensive AAS in the market. Since it is quite weak AAS the dosage should be 600-800mg weekly if you want to get good results.

In combination with other anabolic products, Primo dosage can be reduced to 400-600mg weekly. The oral form of Methenolone should be 75-100mg daily.

As it’s considered the safest steroid women can also take it. Usually, it’s advised to use only oral form. The average dosage for women athletes is 10-20mg. It’s better to start at the beginning with a smaller dose and later on to increase it.

Primobolan Injectable Dosage


Will write you some examples of cycles below.

WeekPrimobolan AcetateWinstrolN2Guard
1100mg ED50mg ED7 caps ED
2100mg ED50mg ED7 caps ED
3100mg ED50mg ED7 caps ED
4100mg ED50mg ED7 caps ED
5100mg ED50mg ED7 caps ED
6100mg ED50mg ED7 caps ED
7100mg ED50mg ED7 caps ED
8100mg ED50mg ED7 caps ED
WeekPrimobolan EnanthateTestosterone EnanthateAromasin
1600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
2600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
3600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
4600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
5600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
6600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
7600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
8600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
9600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
10600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
11600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD
12600mg EW250mg EW25mg EOD

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  1. Corey D.

    Best Primobolan Depot! Mixed it with Anavar also from Magnus. Amazing cuts! Recommend

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