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Oxymetholone LA Pharma Tablets for Muscle Gains

What Is Oxymetholone?

Oxymetholone, commonly sold under brand names like Anadrol 50 or Anapolon 50, is one of the most potent anabolic-androgenic oral steroids used today for explosive muscle mass gains when bulking or powerlifting strength enhancements.

How LA Pharma Oxymetholone Works

As a derivative of DHT, oxymetholone binds to androgen receptors in the body triggering boosted protein synthesis and nitrogen retention that rapidly repairs and builds bigger, stronger muscle cells when paired with demanding weight training stimuli.

Standard Doses

Most men see substantial mass and power gains in the range of 25-100mg daily taken over 4-6 week cycles of LA Pharma oxymetholone use before post cycle therapy.

Maximizing Oxymetholone Absorption

Splitting the total daily oxymetholone dosage into smaller doses taken every 8 hours ensures steadier blood concentrations and higher bioavailability for continually activating muscle growth signaling.

Expect Dramatic Strength Gains

Skilled powerlifters adding a short course of LA Pharma oxymetholone 50mg tablets leading up to competing often report incredible strength improvements such as:

**Faster Peak Power **

Users frequently gain 20-40% almost instantly on heavy core lifts like squats, bench presses and deadlifts during just 4 week cycles as overall power output soars.

More Weight Hoisted

The tremendous boost hitting heavier new personal records each session builds true strength gaining years of new max potential in short order with Anadrol 50 support.

Train Heavier Longer

Delayed fatigue allows crushing out more high intensity volume sets and reps before requiring rest days thanks to oxymetholone offsetting rigors of overreaching training demands.

What Lean Muscle Mass Gains Emerge?

Even beyond leveraged performance enhancement uses, steady lean tissue accrual occurs from oxymetholone when nutrition supports growth:

Enhanced Nitrogen Retention

Improved nitrogen balance ensures no hard training fuel gets wasted converting more calories and protein directly into structural muscle tissue instead of fat storage.

More Androgen Receptors

Research indicates Anadrol 50 actively proliferates androgen receptor counts especially in fast twitch muscle fibers allowing other steroids to trigger even greater growth.

Phenomenal Vascularity

As muscle cell volume increases up to 20 pounds over brief 4-6 week bulks, vascular networks must expand leading to paper thin skin and intense roadmap vascularity appearance.

Best Stack Options

While powerful alone, oxymetholone stacks well with injectables for greater effects:


Longer acting Cypionate or Enanthate esters amplify oxymetholone mass building capacities for retaining more lean gains post cycle.

Deca Durabolin

This synergistic combo piles on tremendous amounts of new tissue thanks to activating different muscle growth pathways. But also carefully monitor health markers.

Primobolan Depot

Adding this versatile injectable mirrors some oxymetholone mass boosting traits but also accelerates fat loss potential allowing cleaner bulking cycles.

Mitigating Side Effects

Despite muscle building prowess, several side effects may emerge requiring oversight:

Liver Toxic Strain

As an alkylated oral steroid, high doses or extended oxymetholone usage taxes liver function markers necessitating organ support tactics be followed during and after cycles.

Blood Pressure Issues

Cardiovascular strain resulting from water retention often emerges by week 4-5 prompting considerations like Lisinopril to control blood pressure rise.

HPTA Suppression

Like all anabolics, exogenous oxymetholone administration suppresses natural testosterone levels. This requires PCT implementation after each use period for restoring hormonal balance slowly over subsequent months.

The Verdict

Incorporating Anadrol strategically under medical guidance gives bodybuilders seeking immense muscular size a formidable shortcut for achieving elite freaky mass nearly triple normal genetic limits in astonishingly brief periods.


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