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Anavar is a synthetic steroid. The chemical name is Oxandrolone. It is a heterocyclic compound in which 1 carbon atom in the ring is replaced by oxygen.

The steroid is characterized by a high anabolic index, but a low level of such manifestations as masculinity, increased production of sebaceous secretions with the formation of acne, hirsutism in women, testicular atrophy in men.

Anavar steroid improves the immune processes in the body. The sensitivity of tissues to insulin increases on the background of the steroid

Anabolic Ratio Androgenic Ratio
400/100 25/100
Convert to estrogen no
Release form tablets
Liver toxicity low
stays in the blood up to 16 hours
Can be found in the system up to 60 days

Anavar tablets Gains:

Anavar steroid is not used for the bulking cycle. The drug is intended for experienced athletes with enough muscle mass and a low percentage of body fat.

Anavar helps to create a beautiful shape and to remove excess body fat.

Anavar Effects:

  • improvement of the body shape, hardness, and elasticity of muscles;
  • increasing growth hormone production;
  • lower the amount of adipose tissue in the body;
  • tissue tropism improvement;
  • reducing the risk of osteoporosis, muscle dystrophy;
  • increase weightlifting results.

After you stop taking Anavar, adipose tissue does not recover. If there is no muscle stress then up to 17% of body fat will be returned within 3 months. To start seeing the results from Anavar steroid 1.5 month should pass.

How to use steroid Anavar Cycle:

To improve the relief, it is recommended to take Anavar tablets for 2 months. The dosage during the cycle should be increased. The starting dosage is 20 mg per day, divided into 2 equal doses: in the morning one and in the evening the second.

After 7 days, the initial dosage should be increased to 40 mg, the maximum – up to 80 mg. It should be taken 3 times daily. If there are no side effects, you can continue with the highest dosage for the next 6 weeks.

To restore the production of your own testosterone, you have to start your PCT 2 days before the end of the Anavar cycle. On PCT Tamoxifen should be taken at a dosage of 10 mg per day. The duration of PCT is 1-2 weeks. It is also important to choose the proper diet.

To reduce side effects, you can make a mix steroid cycle. Anavar steroid can be mixed with the following anabolics:

  • Testosterone Propionate.
  • Sustanon
  • Methenolone
  • Primobolan

If you are taking Anavar tablets in combination with other steroids then the maximum dosage of oxandrolone should not exceed 50 mg per day.

Women are recommended only a solo Anavar cycle.

Anavar tablets Side Effects:

  • pain in the epigastrium;
  • allergy;
  • insomnia;
  • depression;
  • compression of the mammary glands;
  • gynecomastia;
  • contravention of spermatogenesis;
  • painful and long erection;
  • decreased gonad function;
  • increased production of urine;
  • pain in the organs of the musculoskeletal system;
  • increase of white blood cells in the blood.

Taking 20 mg of Anavar tablets per day for 3 months does not affect the level of liver enzymes. However, their level should be monitored. If the number of hepatic transaminases is 3 times higher then you should stop Anavar cycle.

Summary of Anavar Steroid:

Anavar has a high anabolic index.

It does not cause side effects of Testosterone that’s why it is allowed to use by female athletes.

You can see the result after a few days of taking it. Muscle gains will be especially noticed in the first 6 weeks of use.

It can be used as a solo cycle as well as in the mix with other steroids.

Improves the drying effect, can be taken as a fat burner. Lost adipose tissue is practically not restored.

Review of Anavar Steroid:

The opinions of athletes are different. Some say the effectiveness of Anavar is low and recommend solo cycles for women who want to quickly get in shape.

Men athletes prefer to use Anavar tablets in combination with other steroids. In the mix cycles, it is possible to increase muscle mass and to make a beautiful relief.

The drug is well assimilated. Almost there are no side effects. There were no complaints from women about menstrual irregularities, hirsutism, or increased sebum production.

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