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Anavar – Oxandrolone Bayer

Oxandrolone is a very soft steroid usually used on the cutting cycle. It comes as oral form tablets. Each Anavar tablet contains 10mg of the active substance. Due to its safety of use, it is very popular among female bodybuilders.

Anavar is a brand name behind the steroid with the active substance oxandrolone. A poisonless anabolic agent refers to moderate steroids. It is good for both men and women.

Oxandrolone was developed for the treatment of:

  • Anemia
  • Turner Syndrome
  • HIV infections

The steroid was also used to restore skin after a burn and to strengthen bones. Anavar from Bayer has low androgenic and high anabolic activity. It is one of the safest oral AAS. It has no effect on the liver and is not converted to estrogen.

Bayer Anavar Effects

The drug is widely used by bodybuilders and athletes of the lightweight category. Anavar 10mg creates a surge of strength and maintains body weight. Unique steroid:

  • Increases muscle strength
  • Improves relief
  • Increase in power performance
  • Burn body fat

Anavar Dosage

In the first week, the Anavar dosage is 20 mg per day. It should be taken twice daily. After 7 days, the dosage should double. Anavar average cycle is 8 weeks. The maximum allowable daily dosage of Anavar is 90mg divided into three equal doses. Experience athletes usually use a dosage of 50 – 100 mg daily. Post-cycle therapy is optional. To restore your own testosterone production, it is enough to take 10 mg of Tamoxifen for 1-2 weeks. The daily dosage of Anavar for women is 10-20 mg.

If it’s your first cycle then try Oxandrolone tablets as a solo cycle if you are an advanced user then it can be good in combination with Stanozolol or Testosterone depends on your goal.

Anavar 10mg will be good as not too many steroids to use as a bridge between the cycles. If you don’t want to lose your gains and at the same time recover your testosterone level then you can stay on medium Anavar Dosage.

The possibility of Anavar side effects is minimal. However, to prevent the appearance of virilization, it is not recommended to exceed the dosage.

Side effects of Anavar

Anavar is not toxic to the liver. Side effects with the correct steroid use are extremely rare. Anavar does not affect testosterone. It does not cause gynecomastia and water retention. After a long Anavar cycle with a high dosage, it is recommended to use gonadotropin. Oxandrolone tablets help athletes who are preparing for a competition with the following effects:

  • Support to do heavy workouts
  • To maintain body weight
  • Increase strength performance.

One and the only unpleasant Anavar Side Effect is the price. Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive and you need to spend quite a good amount of money to feel its full potential with the required dosage.

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