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Nandrolone was synthesized in 1951 and it is 19-nortestosterone. The prefix 19-nor means that there is no methyl group in the 19th position in the testosterone molecule. Hence, the other, also very common, the name of nandrolone is 19-nortestosterone. This drug actively stimulates androgen receptors, due to which cells can produce several times more protein, which means that their growth is significantly accelerated. But as a fact, Organon already in 1957 created the drug Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, which immediately became incredibly popular among sports athletes. Organon gave its brainchild the name Durabolin, and after some time, the same Organon in 1962 launches a new “bomb” – Deca Durabolin Organon! Perhaps this is one of the most famous bulking steroids in the world. Many pharma giants from different countries now support this name.

Nandrolone is a classic anabolic. As many studies have shown, nandrolone has the longest effect on the cellular receptors responsible for anabolic processes.

In clinical practice, Nandrolone is used in the treatment of dystrophy, during recovery from injuries, operations, heart attacks. In women’s treatment, Durabolin injection 100 mg raises the level of hemoglobin in the blood and decreases the loss of calcium from bone tissue. Ballet and circus artists, movie and theater stars also use injection cycles with it.

In sports, nandrolone, testosterone, and methandrostenolone were always used in the 60s and 70s, until reliable and easy-to-operate chromatograph-mass spectrometers of the American company Hewlett-Packard adapted for serial analysis appeared in anti-doping laboratories.

So far, opponents of the modern concept of anti-doping fight, conducted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), bring nandrolone and its spectrum of positive effects on patients as an argument for the controlled use of this highly effective and relatively low-toxic drug. According to them, nandrolone was simply slandered and then banned, as a result of which athletes were forced to use other anabolics, either poorly understood or of dubious origin.

Deca Durabolin 100mg

Deca Durabolin Cycle and Dosage

How to apply? This is precisely the case where genetic differences play a decisive role. For some athletes, nandrolone is simply an excellent steroid, while for others; its use (especially of “long” nandrolone esters) will bring nothing than problems. And it’s not even that they purchased some kind of “the wrong drug”. These “others” are athletes with increased content of certain enzymes in muscle fibers or with increased sensitivity to progesterone. That is why there are athletes (mainly beginners) at different forums who write that when using Holland nandrolone, they did not feel any effect.

The first of the “others,” however, may try to replace nandrolone decanoate with phenylpropionate. The second is to limit yourself to weekly dosages of the drug, not exceeding 300 – 400 mg, or to use stanazolol together with nandrolone. For the rest, nandrolone can give very impressive results in a mass gain.

True, the dosage for this should be higher than in the case of testosterone – over 600 mg per week. Even with small dosages, nandrolone promotes water retention by the body, not only no worse but in some cases better than all the same testosterone. In the period of “drying” and preparation for the competition, Nandrolone Decanoate is inexpedient to use.

The use of nandrolone also has a beneficial effect on the joints.

The “cycle”, which uses, for example, only trenbolone, Winstrol and Drostanolone, has all changes against the background of hard training to deliver a sufficiently strong strike to your joints.

It should be noted that progestins and estrogens (at high plasma concentrations) have anti-inflammatory properties.

Regarding muscle strength growth, nandrolone does a good job of this. However, we must not forget that nandrolone strongly suppresses the production of endogenous testosterone, and this can cause a violation of erectile function (people say “Deca dick”). This side effect of nandrolone can be minimized if any strong androgen, at least the same testosterone, is used with it. Therefore, in order not to kill your libido, Deca Organon from Holland should be used in a 1: 2 ratio in favor of testosterone.

It must be said that the effective dosages of the Deca Durabolin Organon start with 200 mg. per week and incrementally. There are professional bodybuilders and some athletes who use 800 mg in a day!

Of course, you should not set yourself such a bar, because not everyone becomes a professional athlete, and not everyone has the possibility of constant medical monitoring, and the rates are not the same, health is still more expensive.

Nandrolone Decanoate Effects

For the best effect, Holland Deca, of course, is used in various combinations with other drugs. The use of Deca in combination with methandrostenolone (Dianabol) is considered classic. But in terms of effectiveness, the combination of Deca with testosterone 1: 2, still gives the best result. Also, a classic cycle is the use of the Deca 100 mg injection with Dianabol. From the entire group of steroids, only a couple of drugs can be used alone: ​​testosterone and trenbolone itself.

In no case do not use stand-alone combinations of Deca Durbalon injection with other drugs! Since the drug is so effective, it is also moody. This can bring you various side effects. Be sure to get expert advice from a specialist before experiments of this kind. Our specialists will help you for free if you will contact us.

Summarizing what was written, we can safely say that Organon Deca Durabolin from Holland is a classic steroid, and he rightfully took this place. It has good, pronounced anabolic properties, and it goes well with other steroids. The most important distinctive feature of Deca is that all those side effects that are undoubtedly present in all synthetic drugs are suppressed when they are taken with other steroids while allowing you to take higher doses of the steroid.

Many scientific studies have proven that this steroid can have a positive effect on health, such as the level of lipids, the content of minerals in the bones, the immune system, and much more. Therefore, Deca Durabolin can be a very useful drug against many health issues.

Although Deca Organon Durabolin is recognized as a safe steroid, there are certain tricks to be aware of, since if you do not follow the cycle recommendations and do proper PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after, those few side effects that nandrolone decanoate has will manifest. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask questions, our specialists will definitely prompt and will help you.

And yet, those who have the risk of being tested for doping should avoid taking Deca Durabolin 100mg, as it is a very tenacious steroid that can be found in the blood a few months after the last injection, and in some rare cases, it can be found even after a year.

So to summarize:
Deca Durabolin Organon from Holland

  • Deca Durabolin 100mg, a classic steroid synthesized in Holland in 1962 by Organon Company;
  • Deca Durabolin Organon is an excellent tool for gaining mass and strength;
  • to obtain a positive effect, it is used only in large courses, from 10 weeks;
  • Deca Durabolin Organon in reasonable dosages, is practically safe, non-toxic, does not inhibit the liver;
  • It retains water and minerals in the body, has beneficial effects on joints;
  • Deca Durabolin 100mg, due to genetic differences, may not be suitable for all athletes;
  • It is also not suitable for those athletes who are subject to doping control at least once a year;
  • Deca Durabolin Organon goes well with other steroids;
  • the recommended doses for use are from 200 to 600 mg weekly.
  • After Deca Durabolin Cycle it is necessary to conduct PCT.

Memo for novice athletes: never try to compose courses for yourself or someone else. Remember that such actions can cause irreparable harm to the user’s health. Get help from professionals! is the right store! Only here you will receive a free consultation from specialists!

Good luck with your shopping and new achievements in sports!

We do not urge anyone to use anabolic medicines and testosterone-based drugs. The above material is only an attempt to objectively examine the question from various points of view.

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